May 2022

King Gives Land for New Church Building!
Because there are not enough biblical churches to handle the number of kids coming from the R4L program, we have seven official church plants, along with many “unofficial” church gatherings in homes, etc., and we continue to see more. You will recall that a church was built in Harrismith last year. They are holding services, meetings, and trainings there now. This month, we were blessed when the king in Tugela Ferry gave some land for a church plant there.  (In the tribal areas, land must be allotted by the king.) Thandy said that when the king approved giving them this land, he said “I see many taverns there. People are being destroyed. I have never seen a church there. Anything that brings light is good.” Pictured above is the men's council of the village. (Thandy and Emmanuel are sitting at right.) The men officially approve the land transfer and show them the land they will receive. We will send something out in a few weeks with more details about the church build, and are already collecting funds for this project. To donate, please go to our donate page. On the second page of the payment process, from the "projects" dropdown box, select "Tugela Church." Thanks for your help!
More Flooding Causes Additional Damage
May has been a very challenging month in South Africa. After the damaging flooding in Durban last month, much of the KwaZulu-Natal province was hit by a second round of heavy rain and flooding. Some of the Peer Educators in Durban were evacuated from their homes. The floods affected the program for a few weeks while taxis had to take longer routes around the damaged roads, which led to higher taxi subsidies.

Violence Rising Against Women
With an estimated 500,000 rapes a year, South Africa has one of the highest numbers of rapes in the world. More than 40% of South African women will be raped in their lifetime, with only 1 in 9 rapes reported. As a result, the actual number is much higher than the number recorded by the police. Lately, the killing and rape of women and children is on a shocking rise. Our female peer educators have had some encounters with dangerous people on their way to schools. Please pray that God will protect them as they carry out their ministry. (Image: REUTERS/Sumaya Hisham)
Unified Voice Says God's Word is the Solution
Thandy reports, “This year we are experiencing an amazing partnership between churches, teachers, Peer Educators and “foxes” (student peer educators). There’s a unified voice all over Africa that says, “God’s word is the solution,” and every child of God wants to participate and contribute in spreading the light. In May, we have trained 46 Foxes, 82 Peer Educators, and 54 teachers who have started to lead groups in their school classrooms. This month, we have been focusing on schools that the Department of Education requested we bring the program to, due to the difficult problems they are facing. We started with training in Port Edward in an area called Kwanzimakwe. Participants came from the Eastern cape and some parts of the Free State province." Pictured above are Thandy (second from left) with senior facilitators (left to right) Jacky, Bowazi, and Monica. Below, Pastor Shaun Duma thanks the R4L team for the great training they received.
"Every Day We are Running to Solve a Problem"
Mr. Dube from the Department of Education shares, “Oh I am speechless at what we have learned today. As a department, we admit things are not going well in the institutions due to moral decay of society. I don’t know how many calls a week we get about students stabbing each other or sexual crimes in schools. Every day we are running to solve a problem somewhere. Its no secret that most teachers are terrified of the kids they teach. Reach4Life is the tool we need to bring change. I encourage all churches to get trained, young, and old so we can all attack the devil's schemes in our schools. The training was very informative on drug issues, teen pregnancies, object lessons and gender-based violence.”
Failing Electrical Grid Causing Increasing Problems

South Africa’s power cuts are continuing to impact the program. Communication is critical in the R4L program and dead phone batteries cut off that communication. Darkness increases danger. The lack of traffic lights results in taxis taking longer to get to the schools, prisons, etc., increasing the cost. (This is in addition to the higher fuel costs.) Power outages that last for days are happening regularly throughout the country. In Johannesburg, the electrical grid is collapsing under the weight of almost daily scheduled power cuts by Eskom (government supplier of electricity). The constant switching on and off of power during load shedding is causing further strain to the aging grid. These power cuts are causing huge problems for homes and businesses. One doctor said that doctors have to use their phones for light in sensitive examinations of small children. Residents have been told there is no plan for a near-term solution. Please pray that we will be able to find ways to work around these challenges.
"I'm The Coolest Pastor in Town Because of R4L"
Pastor Cele says, “I have been preaching to school assemblies for years but when I found the R4L book my ministry started to take shape. Now I don’t just shout and attack the kids about their bad behaviors, R4L has taught me to engage the kids. I am the coolest Pastor in town because of the R4L program. God’s word is at work through these great trainings of how to run groups and teach the word. Those supporting this work, we say thank you a million times.”
Trainings and Rollouts
We don't have enough room to show you all the trainings and rollouts that are being done in the four countries! Representing trainings is the group above from Pt. Shepstone.(Thandy is seated front, center.) Representing rollouts is the group below from Bona High.
"I Must Not Go with the Crowds"
"My name is Kwanda, age 16, grade 10 in Gamalakhe. I have committed my Life to the Lord through the R4L program. This bible has answered all my questions and the lessons are addressing all my problems every time I am in my group. In the R4L group I have learned that My body is special, I must not go with the crowds but I must be led by God’s word only and that’s what I am doing.”
"Being a Man is to Obey God"
“My name is Luvuyo from Emakatini village. I have never had a bible before, in my home no one had a bible. But now we have the R4L bible which I got from school, Nombuso High where I am doing grade 9. Being a man is to obey God and to do what is right. I am a child of God and I love attending my R4L groups because they grow my faith.”  
"Reality Bites are the Best"
Dudu Mntambo, Grade 7, Sosinda Primary School, Mafahlawane, Newcastle, shares, “Thank you for giving me my own bible, I love it and I read it every day. The reality bites are the best, they teach me to not give up and to trust in God with any problem I can face.”

Swazi Boys Doing Amazing Work
Senior facilitator Jacky Nhlapo (R4L T-shirt) recently met with these three boys in Swaziland, who are doing amazing things with the R4L program. Each has over two hundred boys they gather every week to teach the program in different villages. They have been asked by schools to launch these clubs. In May, they distributed 1,633 R4L books to boys clubs, who will now be guided by God’s word. 
"R4L Gave Me Back My Smile"
Nomcebo Mkhasibe, Dilizela High school, grade 8, says,“Growing up without parents is hard and sad. But that all changed for me when I joined a R4L group. I learned about the Lord’s will, and I learned how to survive hard time and sad emotions. Reach4Life has healed me and gave me back my smile and joy.”   
"Schools are Ungovernable"
I am Mrs. Buka, and I am a high school teacher. Our schools are ungovernable. Our kids in schools are violent and poorly performing on their grades. As a parent myself it hurts to see many kids who drop out because of issues at home, society or just bad influence. As a child of God, I have decided to be part of the R4L movement. Before I start my lesson R4L has become my devotional tool. I have seen kids' lives change through this grogram and the training has really equipped me to be more effective when I disciple the kids.
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