We're Busting with Motion!
To See the Wonder, 
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Give the Perfect Gift of a Snow Globe, Moving Globe, and/or a Rotating Decanter.
(If You Are Struggling to Find the Perfect Gift for a Feller, These Moving Globes Do the Trick!)

Snow Globes Are $53 each.
Current Selections Are: Blue Snow, Black Snow,
White Snow, Crystals, Butterfly + Cherry Blossoms. More Styles are on the way.

Moving Globes Are $160 each.
Current Selections Are: Various Maps, Moon, Mars, Vesta Asteroid, Titan (Largest Moon of Saturn), Constellations.

Rotating Decanter on a Walnut Stand is $150.
(Also Available: Pair of Rotating Whiskey Glasses on a Walnut Stand -- $75)

And Of Course, We Have A Cornucopia of Other Treasures and A Large Selection of Luana's Collage Prints.

Luana's Art
fragment of Moon and Stars
c2018 Luana Kaufmann
One of Many Archival Pigment Prints of 
Luana's Cut-Paper Collages 
If You'd Like to See the Full, Ample
Array of Luana's Collage Prints,
Please Peruse (on a Device Bigger than a Phone) 
We're OPEN Every Day Except Tuesday
Noon - 7:00 pm
(and By Appointment, if These Hours
Aren't Convenient for You)

We Look Forward to Seeing or Talking to You Soon!

The beautiful music you are hearing in this #7 video tour is by Manuel Wandji and 
Alfred M'Bongo and the album is entitled Radio Trottoir.
We play this CD, as well as other world CD's here at Emporium Collagia and we have some for sale. We may be able to re-order those that we don't currently have in stock. 
I know that many folks don't use CD's anymore (!), but please do inquire if you are interested. 

A Little Navigation Tip.........
If you're driving, you'll need to use Ann Street or Wolfe Street to vsit us. (Thames Street has now become one way westbound, which means you cannot turn left from Broadway onto Thames..)

Warm regards, 
Purveyor of Fine Goods
Collagist of Found Imagery