Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss, (aka Theodore Geisel) reminds us that our community and our world, is shaped by the people who care, and who act. And no one is a better example of that than volunteers – the people who decide to offer their service and time to the community, without charge.

April is Volunteer Appreciation month, and we are thrilled to celebrate some amazing volunteers here at Eblen Charities. Our volunteers serve on our board, help us answer the phones, and help us collect items to give to our community. They set up giveaways and clean up after the fact. We are grateful to the people who care a lot, and who make a difference through volunteer service!

April is National Volunteer Month, and we are deeply grateful for the volunteers who spend their time here weekly as well as all who come together to help out during our events! As you all know, Eblen Charities has navigated some truly big changes both in operations as well as location, and it is not an understatement to say that our transition period has been SO MUCH smoother because of the dedicated service of our volunteers. From organizing our new warehouse to decorating for each of our giveaway events, Eblen’s volunteers have come together to help ensure the work that Eblen has always done remains steady in the face of changes. As Eblen’s volunteer coordinator, I have loved getting to know, work with, and laugh with many of our volunteers. I admire the kindness and generosity of those who come through our doors to support Eblen’s vision and ultimately, those in our community who need extra support and resources. Thank you, volunteers, for the ways you show up and give of your time and love to those around you!

Jennifer Addis, Volunteer Coordinator


Eblen Charities and the Asheville Independent Restaurant Association (A.I.R.) have joined forces to support and educate restaurant service workers in our community. This partnership is intended to support restaurant workers in developing financial strength and stability, and creating matched savings plans to help people reach their personal financial goals. We are grateful for funds to support this project from the Community Foundation of WNC, and Dogwood Health Trust.


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