From the President

I can’t stress enough how impressed I am with our membership working so hard at tackling the tough task of fundraising during these difficult times. We have been hit with multiple restrictions causing angst, but for every bit of bad news I get, I only have to wait a few minutes to hear reports that a KV Golf Outing occurred and was very successful, that craft groups are finding ways to sell their goods at venues in their communities, or that project forms keep being submitted with unique and clever ways to get our jobs done and that groups are finding non-traditional ways to meet. Turn that frown upside down!! Let’s keep making HAPPINESS happen! Thank You!

Let’s make SPOOKY happen too!  Tracy Smith, Chair for our Fall Event:  Virtual Haunted Barn, has planned a fun time for October 22-31.  This is our big citywide event so let’s support our Halloween-loving Tracy and her committee later this month!  I can’t wait to see all the costume pictures! 

We aren’t going to be able to hold our two KV Kraft Shows at CCHMC this year, but Chair Diana Peters has “plan B” lined up so we can still sell our fall crafts. “Plan B” makes HAPPINESS happen! Thank you Diana, and thanks to all the groups who have been busy crafting. Details about the changes are in this newsletter. Get those calendars marked for November 7th for the big KV Krafts Show at Seton High School.

Be happy! Push aside those feelings of disappointment and frustration since we can’t do things the way we normally do, and instead, pat yourselves on the back for finding ways to still make a difference!

Katrina Smith
Kindervelt City President
Promoting Childhood Mental Health through Prevention

By Kyle Caldwell, M.Ed, LPCC-S

I am a clinical mental health counselor and in my job I primarily complete risk assessments to help determine the appropriate level of care for children and adolescents with psychiatric emergencies as they  present to the emergency department. I hear a lot of different stories and listen to the concerns of many parents as they come in. There's often a lot of confusion when it comes to mental health in terms of what diagnoses mean, what their symptoms are, and what to do about them. I spend a lot of time dealing with these things after they have already begun.   For now I would like to instead focus on the topic of prevention and offer some basic ideas that can be helpful in reducing the risk of future mental health distress. Listed below are some three simple areas that you as a parent/caregiver can focus on.

Promoting a sense of safety and security can be incredibly helpful as a preventative strategy.  When children face adverse childhood events (ACES) they are much more likely to experience difficulties with their mental health throughout their lifespan. Adverse childhood events can include such things as family substance use, physical and sexual abuse, neglect, and witnessing of domestic violence. It is very important to provide your child with an environment that communicates safety and security.    

Positive Relationships and Daily Routines
Make sure to engage with your children and be present with them. As adults it’s easy to become distracted and overlook the fact that our children need our time an attention. Be consistent in your expectations of them (rules, discipline, etc.). Take care of yourself and be aware of your own limits and needs so that you can effectively be there for them. Maintain consistency in your daily routines as children will thrive on this. Examples of this may include regular dinner times, bed time rituals, etc. These things create stability inside the home which helps the child face challenges outside the home.  

Good Health Practices
Encourage your child to stay active and decrease their screen time. Staying active regularly can help to improve their overall energy level, mood, and sense of wellbeing. Exercise has been shown to be helpful in reducing symptoms related ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, and even Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. For many reasons an active lifestyle is conducive to maintaining good mental health. Regular sleep is also incredibly important. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends 11-14 hours of sleep per night for children ages 1-2, ages 3-5 should get 10-13 hours, ages 6-12 should get 9-12 hours, and teenagers should get 8-10 hours of sleep per night. Lastly, it is important to ensure that your child gets nutrition-rich foods that are free of such things as sugars and saturated fats.  
Upcoming Events
Fall Event - Virtual Haunted Barn
Click on image to see the flyer full size.
Group participation checklist can be found HERE.
Questions, contact Tracy at
Kindervelt Krafts 2020

Unfortunately, I must inform you that the KV Kraft dates at the hospital have been canceled due to hospital restrictions. A new date and location has been secured at St. Simon Church, Saturday, October 10th. In addition, we have reached out to Findlay Market and we might add dates there. Also, several groups have branched out and taken their crafts to local sales.

We have also been offered the possibility of selling at the hospital via Center Link. We are working on the logistics, with more information to come.
As 2020 is presenting it's challenges we are exploring all options. If you have information of a local sale, please let me know and I will share with the groups.

October 10th, Outdoors at St. Simon Church, 9 - 3, 825 Pontius Road, 45233
November 7th - Our Big Sale, 10 - 3 at Seton High 3901 Glenway Ave – 45205
December 5th & 6th at Findlay Market! Krafts Only.

  • A donation of  2 - $5 Gift Cards and 1 - $10 Gift Card or $20 cash for the GIFT CARD GAME at Seton HS. Please mail to: Kindervelt Krafts Diana Peters, 1205 Linneman, Cincinnati, OH 45238.
  • Your group could hold a RAFFLE. If you wish to do so please let me know ASAP. We already have a Jewelry Raffle and Wagon of Toys Raffle. Raffle tickets can be sold in advance. Winners will be drawn November 7th at Seton.
  • Lastly you might want to VOLUNTEER. We will have a site for you to check out dates, times and kinds of volunteers needed.

If you have any questions, please contact me,
Diana Peters at or 513-451-1750 H or 513-368-3031 C

I thank you all and look forward to a great year for KRAFTS 2020!!
Diana Peters
KV Krafts Chair
KV #8 Holiday Wreath & Green
Online Pre-Sale
Pre-Order your holiday wreaths & greens by October 18th for pickup at the end of November. Our Annual Christmas tree sale will be held December 5th & 6th with limited quantities of wreaths & greens.

"Road Rally for the Kids"

Join Kindervelt #8 for our first, family friendly and socially safe, no contact “Road Rally for the Kids” 2020. Each driver, navigator and friends/family in the vehicle will go on an Observation Rally with a route to be followed with clues for directions and clues to answer questions during the rally. Mark your calendar for the afternoon of Saturday, November 14th to begin your adventure at 1:00. Registration is $30.00 per vehicle. Location, times, online registration with more details will follow soon.  

Together, we can make a difference.

Questions contact Char at
Everything you will need to stock your holiday bar!
Tub on a decorative stand filled with: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Fire Ball, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Tito's Vodka, Woodford Reserve, Frangelico Liquere, Bailey's, Kahlua, Bacardi Rum, Maker's Mark, Patron, Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist, Rittenhouse Rye Whisky, Chivas Regal Scotch, Beefeater's Dry Gin, Olives, Cherries, Lime and Grenadine.

1 Chance – $ 5.  /  5 Chances -  $ 20.

To be raffled at the
Fall Event: Virtual Haunted Barn Oct 31st

For Chances Contact Bonnie 513-235-1122 or Diana 513-451-1750.
Large assortment of toys to be raffled off, including an EZ-fold Red Flyer wagon with canopy, filled with an assortment of toys for boys & girls. Just think of all the Christmas gifts that could be taken care of if you win this package. Need not be present to win.

1 Chance – $ 5.  /  5 Chances -  $ 20.

To be raffled at Seton High School
November 7th during our
Kindervelt Kraft show.
For Chances Contact Bonnie 513-235-1122 or Diana 513-451-1750.
Ongoing Projects

All Ongoing Projects can be found on our website HERE.
Sampling of Ongoing Projects
KV #11 Logo Pins
KV #12 Notecards
KV #45 Granite cheese boards and cork trivits
KV #49 Hand tied fleece blankets, download flyer HERE.
Condolences to KV #65 member and Board of Trustees member, Stacy Durr-Stainton and her family on the passing of her mother-in-law, Lauris Stainton.

KV #56 would like to send congratulations to longtime member Terri Mitsch and husband, Jim on their 50th wedding anniversary. Continued happiness to you both.

KV #56 Sends best wishes to Jane and Roger Auge on the late summer wedding of their son, Stephen and his bride, Keri. Congratulations as they are starting their future together and living in Anderson.


KV #56 sends many thanks to their past president, Sue Hammel for her suggestion that KV #56 participate in a fundraising event at Triple Crown Community in Union, Ky. Our group set up craft and goodie tables and sold our hand crafted decorative items, bake goods and jumbo jelly beans. Thanks to Libby, Carolyn, Sue, and Sue's daughter and KV member Tammy and granddaughter Brooke for working Sat. Sept. 26. Also thanks to our bakers: Libby, Sue, Carolyn and Nancy. Thanks also to Debbie Linneman for getting the credit card app all set up.
October 25th - Sylvia Suhar #30
October 28th - Helen Nicholas #30
Group Updates
Membership Reminder: Our Membership chair would like to remind everyone to pay your Kindervelt membership dues by October 15th to your group membership chair. If you are joining as a citywide member, the dues are $35 and can be sent to the citywide membership chair or renew online. Also, please spread the word about Kindervelt to see if you know of anyone who you think might want to be part of Kindervelt. Questions, contact Linda at

KV #77 Met for the first time since Covid started.
KV #30 met for the first time at Swaim Park in Montgomery on September 21st. It was great to see everyone after so much time. We discussed plans for the fall events with Citywide. We are planning to meet again at the park in October. Happy Halloween everyone!

KV #78 has been busy crafting in members garages. Held their first Zoom meeting this September!
KV #22 met in a park!
KV #16 is very excited to share the news that they have another new member in their group -- Ms. Beverly Martin. Bev has been supportive of so many of their fundraisers throughout the years and is now an official member of KV #16! Thanks for joining Bev -- KV #16 will never be the same but we love you Bev!