Kindervelt's 50th Jubilee
Celebrating 50 years of Making a Difference
Introducing our 50th year logo. It was created by a 4th year DAAP student, Bridget Davis. In addition to her studies, she volunteers her creative skills at Cincinnati Cares.

I have started planning and forming my committee. If anyone would like to join us or has any suggestions, please let me know.

Mary Beth Young, Fall Event Chair
From the President
Recently I was informed of the sad news that Janet Davis, one of our founding members, had passed away. I did not have the pleasure of ever meeting Janet, but after speaking with her son and several other Kindervelt members involved in our beginning years as an organization, I quickly determined I missed out on personally knowing a dynamic woman.  She led an incredibly active life and that included serving on the first Kindervelt Board of Trustees as Treasurer.  She was instrumental in creating the initial financial policies, trained several future treasurers and later served many years on the board at Cincinnati Children’s. 
Talking with some ladies that worked with Janet during Kindervelt’s formative years I heard how dedicated she was to everything she was involved in with descriptive words like, “focused, active, business minded, serious, bright, wise, impeccable professionalism, admirable work ethic, and firecracker!  She was a great inspiration to many, especially in her career when working with the young realtors. She was a doer and her nickname “Sarge,” fits her “take charge” attitude perfectly.  I was told she even made an impact on the study of handicap accessibility and kept public facilities up to code with her “tromps to restrooms!” These often took place during monthly lunch gatherings she and a group of Kindervelt friends have had for the past 40 plus years, without repeating going to the same restaurant twice!  Janet always made time to meet with her Kindervelt friends over the years despite her busy schedule.  How wonderful that those ladies’ friendships have lasted all these years; a perfect example of how Kindervelt provides a foundation for lifelong, meaningful relationships as well as making a difference in the lives of children.

Special thanks to Rodger Davis, Sharry Addison, Barbara Fitch, Nancy Hancher and Barbara Havlovic for chatting with me and sharing fond memories of Janet and the early years of Kindervelt.   We’re so thankful she and the other founders persevered and got Kindervelt off to such a great start, one great enough to sustain 50 years, with many more to come!  Please see more about Janet’s wonderful life by clicking the link to read her obituary. 
Katrina Smith
Kindervelt City President
Catharine "Janet" Rodger Davis
Catharine "Janet" Rodger Davis, age 86, passed away peacefully on November 17, 2020 at her daughter's country home in Oregonia, OH surrounded by her loved ones, Cary's 6 dogs, 11 cats, 7 horses, and several other farm animals. Janet fell just short of her stated goal of working until she was 90. 
Managing Anxiety in Early Childhood
By Kyle Caldwell, M.Ed., LPCC-S
Believe it or not, anxiety is relatively common in early childhood. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, about one out of every eight children suffers from an anxiety disorder. This is to say that if you have children, there is a strong likelihood that you will encounter difficulties with anxiety at some point. To be clear, just because a child struggles with anxiety does not necessarily mean that they have an anxiety disorder because that would suggest that their symptoms are impairing in their overall level of functioning, which is not always the case. Anxiety can actually manifest in a variety of ways, and many of them are not so obvious. Overt signs of anxiety in children can look like such things as shaking, heavy breathing, a child expressing specific fears or worries, and distress in certain situations. Some of the more subtle presentations of childhood anxiety can look like shyness, clinginess, rigidity, quirkiness, irritability, tantrums, poor sleep, and even stomach aches.
Annual Barbara Fitch Award Nominations
It's time for our annual Barbara Fitch Award nominations. The committee is looking for an exemplary individual to honor, so please consider for nomination any current Kindervelt member in good-standing with at least 5 years service.  This person should be dedicated and committed--one who is an ambassador for Kindervelt in the community, who is an active contributor to her local group, and who gladly gives her time, talents and energy to promote our cause.  The nominee should represent the true spirit of charity as well as embody the mantra "others before self"
Message from our Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee has been working to fill the Board of Trustees positions for the fiscal year 2021-2022 and still looking for suggestions. Please take a few minutes to look at the Qualities & Requirements by clicking on the image below, for a Board position. Would you be interested in talking with me about one of these positions? Or maybe you know someone that is a member of your group or city member that would be a good fit. If so, please contact Ginny Myer at
I am looking forward to hearing from YOU!

Thank you,
Ginny Myer
Nominating Committee Chair 2020-2021
Kindervelt Krafts - $34,225.86 !!!
We are thankful for the venues outside this year, St. Simon Church, Burger Farm and garden Center in addition to Seton HS and Findlay Market.
Kindervelt Krafts is proud to announce their final total for 2020 - $34,225.86!!!

This is such an awesome number in spite of Covid-19. Thank you all who participated in Krafts this year. I also thank everyone for your support these last few years.

And now moving forward – KV KRAFTS 2021!

Let me introduce you to the Krafts Chair for 2021. Sue Hammel of KV #56 will be leading us this year. She is an enthusiastic crafter and ready to get started with plans for our upcoming sales. As hospital sales may still be in jeopardy she is looking into outside events as we did in 2020. If you have questions about Krafts 2021, Sue can be reached at or 574-202-0347. Just a reminder, keep crafting ladies. Be sure to check the newsletter for more KV Krafts information. I end with some good news …..

we have been invited back ….

Thank you,
Diana Peters
Upcoming Events
Participate by calling or emailing the number of squares you want to purchase at $10 each:

Contact Bonnie to reserve your square(s):
KV #68 Super Bowl Split the Pot
Here is how it will work
There are 100 squares available at $10 each

Payout Winners
Score at the end of 1st quarter $50
Score at the end of 2nd quarter $50
Score at the end of 3rd quarter $50
Final Score $100

Also - $250 will be divided up by the number of score changes. (Ex. 5 score changes = 5 winners at $50 each).
KV 8 Valentine's Day Fundraiser
KV #8 has made it easy to spread the love this Valentine's Day. If you order any of the tasty treats in the link below we will provide free delivery to your valentine recipient (anywhere within the I-275 loop). Also, please consider sending an anonymous valentine to a PICU employee as a sign of appreciation for all that they do! Order deadline, February 7th.
KV #50 EBTH Auction
We're excited to announce the dates of our upcoming sale with Everything But The House - EBTH, February 22-28, 2021. We've got lots of unique items for bidding including one-of-a-kind paintings from patients of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for sneak previews of the some of the items! #KV50
Foodie Decks are Back for 2021!
Kindervelt 57 is back with their "Foodie Cincy Deck". Support your local restaurants and receive $5 or $10 off at each restaurant. Now accepted at 22+ for carry out.

Only $20. Can be mailed for an additional $2.

Contact Mindi at 513-324-7640 or
Deck of 52 Gift Card Raffle” 

Kindervelt's West Region is happy to announce their Deck of 52 gift card raffle is back again this year! Gift cards will be valued from $10 to $50 and will include dining, shopping and services gift cards. Members from groups 8,16, 20, & 68 will be selling chances.

1 ticket for $5
5 tickets are $20
Winner to be drawn May 3rd.
KV #3 Logo Masks
Kindervelt Logo mask, only $5 each. Contact Val, Flyer HERE.

KV #3 Kindervelt Logo Pens
The various hospital units always need pens. As KV #3's annual gift, they are offering 20 pens for $20 to donate to the hospital units or purchase for your own use. Contact Val, More info and Flyer HERE.
Applause, Applause
KV #3 delivered 240 logo pens to Critical Care units in January as the first installment of Kindervelt’s annual gift to the units we support. Thank you to all members and groups who donated pens to CCHMC. They were received with appreciation by the units, which are always in need of pens. KV3 coordinates this annual gift, which represents all of Kindervelt, as a way to raise Kindervelt’s profile among hospital staff. Special thanks to member Barbie Giambra, a pediatric nurse practitioner at CCHMC, for delivering the pens to the units.

KV #3 has created a First Thursdays project, which evolved from the Bake It, Make It, Fake It fundraiser. The project allows group members to order various goods and services from one another on an on-going basis. Jean Kachikis makes full dinners, Muffy Kadon bakes English muffins and other goodies, Becky Barnaclo makes organic yogurt and granola, Valerie Taylor bakes bread, and Mimi Dyer sews placemats and bags. Members place their orders via Google Docs, and on the first Thursday of the following month, pick up their orders from each others’ porches. While this project is open to group members only, it can be replicated across other KV groups if desired. It’s a fun (and delicious) way to keep an income stream flowing!
KV #16 A KV #16 member spearheaded a last minute project at the College Hill Coffee Shop where she knitted a pair of "Feel the Bern" mittens to be raffled off through last weekend. A member's brother in law posed with the mittens!

Congratulations to the raffle winner, Erin Toon. KV #16 raised over $500 with this raffle.
KV #8 wants to say a special thank you to our member Kelly Mahle for the great work she did for our annual KV8 tree sale. This was the first year we have sold out for this event and we sold out quickly. Kelly went above and beyond to make this a successful event!

KV #56 would like to say "thank you" to Libby Baker for accepting a position on the nominating committee and working on the EBTH fundraiser. And, to all our KV members who are in warm and sunny places, enjoy! Spring will be coming!

KV #68 sends a special THANK YOU to all KV #68 members that donated gift cards for the West Region's "Deck of 52 Gift Cards" raffle.
KV #3 congratulates member Joanne Shreve on her son’s engagement. His will be the second wedding in the COVID-19 era for Joanne, whose daughter was married in September.
KV #22 Sends their deepest condolences to Debbie Young, and her family, on the passing of her mother. 
KV #3 welcomes new member Claire Hummel Kupferle. Claire has two children, Andrew and Beth, and recently retired from Everything But The House. She has also been involved in the martial arts, holding a second-degree black belt in TaeKwonDo. Claire was Editor of the Mariemont Town Crier for ten years, and has agreed to be publicity chair for KV 3.

KV #77 Save the Date! Annual Fashion Show & Luncheon will return this year on July 17th at the Manor House! More information to come.
Feb. 15th - Terri Defevers KV #77
Feb. 20th - Loy Jonson KV #30
Feb. 25th - Mary Lively KV #30
Feb. 27th - Carolyn Ludwig #30