Kindervelt's 50th Jubilee
Celebrating 50 years of Making a Difference
We are looking for past sponsors of Kindervelt and Kinderklaus Markt. If you have any old programs that could help us out, that would be great. We would just need a photo of the sponsor pages.

Also for one of our grand raffle items, we are considering a special piece of jewelry. To help us out in this, if anyone has some old gold jewelry they are no longer using, consider donating to Kindervelt. It will be melted down and used for this wonderful piece.

Mary Beth Young, Fall Event Chair
Check out the article about Kindervelt on page 30 of April's Movers & Makers magazine!
Get a hard copy at a location near you. Find one HERE.
From the President
“Kindervelt is unique. It is one group among many; it is many groups within one. It is next to impossible to number the people affected by Kindervelt and its association with Cincinnati Children’s.” What a great opening line of the essay submitted to The Enquirer for their Annual Women’s Clubs Contest in 1973. Kindervelt made it to the finals and actually finished in 2nd place to The Catholic Women.  Even in our earliest years we were making an impressive impact in the community. Kindervelt is indeed unique; I think that’s what I like best about it.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Nominating Committee for a job well done in preparing the Slate of Officers for next year. Many groups are represented and I’m so appreciative of the ladies that agreed to give their time to serve, and I look forward to working with them.

Please don’t forget to get nominations in for the Barbara Fitch Award by April 20th. Also, please check out all the events going on and promote and support them anyway you can as we work hard during these last two months to boost the amount of our first gift to The Division of Critical Care and the PICU!

Happy Easter!
Katrina Smith
Kindervelt City President
Telemedicine in the new PICU
By: Dr. Ken Tegtmeyer
While “telemedicine” in some form has existed since the 1970s at least, and regular use and support of telemedicine has been growing over the last two decades, it took the pandemic to really push the limits of what is possible, and allow so much of the general public to understand its potential. Telemedicine will also play a big role in the new critical care building, and in particular the PICU. All of the beds for the PICU, CICU, BMT and complex airway unit are pre-wired for telemedicine, similar to what was set-up for the Liberty campus. Meaning there will be a camera able to focus on the patient, and the large LCD can convert from TV viewing to a monitor for telemedicine. The camera will default to being off, and turned away from the patient to maintain privacy while not actively in use.

So why telemedicine in our new unit? Lots of reasons. A couple of the obvious ones, we have a lot of patients who are far from home, usually leaving a lot of family members behind, sometimes for extended periods. One of the ways we envision using the telemedicine set-up is to help patients both stay in touch with their families, but also those distant families to participate in the care, get updates from the ICU team and consulting teams, and overall help with communication. One challenge we frequently have with our international patients is arranging time for an interpreter. The telemedicine set-up will include ease access to remote interpreters who will be able to see the family and patient as well as the care team, and be rapidly available for timely communication.

The telemedicine set-up will allow for several other possibilities, some of which we are just beginning to explore. We have used telemedicine successfully to help our resuscitation efforts at the Liberty Campus from the PICU, and while we will still have the same response to sickest patients in the PICU, the telemedicine set-up can allow for additional eyes and ears to help guide patient management. It will also help with our response to the other units within the new Critical Care Building, particularly the complex airway unit and the bone marrow transplant unit, when they have patients they may feel need transfer to the PICU. We are just beginning to explore the possibilities for what Telemedicine within the PICU might allow for patients and families, as well as the medical team, but are excited for the possibilities.
A Look Back - The 80's
by Claire Kupferle #3
While the 1980’s came to be known as the “Me Decade,” the Kindervelt community bucked that trend with a strong spirit of philanthropy. Membership and participation grew, and Kindervelt’s profile in the community rose. Leadership and skills training helped develop a strong organization capable of taking on complex tasks.

A test of that strength came in 1983, when Kindervelt was approached to co-host the 1987 World (yes World!) Figure Skating Championships, should Cincinnati be selected as the host city.  It was, and Kindervelt joined with the Queen City Figure Skating Club and The Skating Club of Cincinnati to stage the successful event.  Kindervelt was rewarded with international acclaim and earned almost $200,000 for its participation. Please see the article by Nancy VanBuskirk for personal recollections of this monumental undertaking from Sharry Addison, past KV president and Chair of the event.

The 1980s also saw the inauguration of the annual Tennithon, a tennis marathon in which children from twelve Indoor Tennis Association Clubs played tennis in a marathon overnight session to earn pledges. Kindervelt was also involved in the Mason-Dixon Steeplechase event in 1987 and 1988. Kindervelt, along with Booth Memorial Hospital, were co-beneficiaries of the event, and allied KV with a Kentucky hospital.

While the city-wide events drew publicity, the local chapters were busy sponsoring imaginative events and “having fun while raising funds.” The autonomy granted to the individual chapters led to an explosion in creative ways to generate funds. Events included selling shamrocks at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, golf outings, plant sales, bunco parties, casino nights, and much more. 

The money raised through the 1980s helped fund a new Division of Infectious Diseases and provided endowments for establishing a new Cardiovascular Institute and a professorship of Pulmonary Medicine.

Look for a piece about Kindervelt in the 1990s in next month's newsletter! 
Kindervelt in the 80's
The World Skating Championships
by Nancy Groves-VanBuskirk #29
“When 2000 women came together to create a lot of positive energy.”
Karen Hadden KV City President 1982-1984
The decade got off to a whopping start with a rapidly growing membership and the addition of a new city wide event - Tennithon. The KinderKlaus Markt continued to grow and expand, and the neighborhood Kindervelt groups kept coming up with many successful, fun projects and events. Kindervelt attracted women, who like our founder Barbara Robinson, wanted to be more and give back to our community.

And then along came a once in a lifetime opportunity - The World Figure Skating Championships.

That quote from Karen really summed up the attitude and talents of the Kindervelt membership. It was magnetic and paired with the outstanding leadership of Sharry Addison - KV City President 1976-1977- and Co-Chair of the 1987 World Figure Skating Championships, we made an unbeatable presentation to the US Figure Skating Committee and then the International Skating Union.

Of course we were not the only ones competing to be co-beneficiary with the two Cincinnati Figure Skating Clubs for this prestigious event. The Junior League of Cincinnati was also interested. And then Cincinnati had to compete with Indianapolis for the site city. City officials, business leaders, CCHMC, Riverfront Coliseum along with Sharry from Kindervelt and Nancy Meiss of the Cincinnati Figure Skating Clubs were all involved in wooing the ISU members. Sharry said she was able to get the Comisar Family to print the Maisonette’s menu in 6 languages which impressed the ISU members. There were teams from 24 countries attending the Championships.

Sharry was part of the delegation from Cincinnati that went to Colorado Springs in 1984 where it was announced that Cincinnati was the chosen city. Sharry immediately began setting up her committees - 12 major committees with 180 KV members chairing these and the various sub-committees. It took two and half years of planning to make sure no detail was overlooked and that included building a practice ice rink in the Convention Center. Cell phones, PCs, the internet were not around then, so to communicate they used “bag phones” (portable phones in a bag), pagers, walkie talkies, and Fax and Telex machines.

Kindervelt members were in charge of: Housing(for skaters, judges, officials and visitors), Hospitality, Transportation, Medical Support, Printing &Sales, Promotion, Public Relations, Volunteers, Theme & Decor and Finance & Administration. Kindervelt was a MAJOR part of a very big event. We put smiles on people's faces and created a wonderful experience for all.

The entire city was excited to be a part of this event. Businesses big and small donated their time, money and facilities. Doctors, nurses, and physical therapists volunteered at the skating sites; and police, cab and bus drivers were all trained in what to expect. Hotels and restaurants accommodated the needs of their international guests, the media both international and national, as well as the FBI and the KGB. And CBS Sports televised the first live coverage of the Women’s Final.

“This event set the stage for Cincinnati to be a Global player. This would never have happened without Kindervelt”. Sharry Addison

The Pins - several different pins were available. The two pictured show the KV logo in the flattened out world globe and the other is the white tiger mascot, Blades- of the 1987 Worlds . It was designed by Marilyn Riegert’s (KV #29) son John, a student at St Xavier High School.
Annual Barbara Fitch Award Nominations
It's time for our annual Barbara Fitch Award nominations. The committee is looking for an exemplary individual to honor, so please consider for nomination any current Kindervelt member in good-standing with at least 5 years service.  This person should be dedicated and committed--one who is an ambassador for Kindervelt in the community, who is an active contributor to her local group, and who gladly gives her time, talents and energy to promote our cause.  The nominee should represent the true spirit of charity as well as embody the mantra "others before self".

The 2020 award winner will be honored at this year's Annual Meeting on May 19th.
The 2021 award winner will be honored at the Fall Event: 50th Jubilee event.
Upcoming Events
Virtual Hospital Tours!
April 14th - 10am - 11am

CCHMC is taking us on a virtual tour of the Division of Critical Care Medicine. Tour will be via Zoom. Registration is required so that an email reminder and the Zoom link can be sent prior to April 14th.
Click on image for full size flyer.
Lunch at the Links, Virtually!
April 10th - April 25th
KV #19 is holding their Annual Lunch at the Links Silent Auction virtually again this year. We plan to have a limited silent auction, the famous Booze Cart Raffle, the Wine Pull and Donations using the Givesmart app. 

Link will go live April 10th!
Perfect Mother's Day Gift
Sterling Silver Kindervelt Logo Pendant

1" Diameter cast sterling charm with bezel, high polish finish
$50.00 includes tax

Most Credit Cards & PayPal accepted
Pendant will be mailed upon receipt of payment

To Order contact Libby Baker at or 859-739-1121
Kendra Scott Gives Back to Kindervelt Online Event
April 28 (12:00am) thru April 29 (11:59pm)

20% of your purchase using code GIVEBACK-143T will benefit Kindervelt
To place a phone order call (513)206-8127 and mention Kindervelt at checkout.
"Let's Roam" Gives Back
"Let's Roam" is partnering with Kindervelt 78 to donate 60% of your ticket price if you purchase through our link. Their team of explorers has carefully crafted exciting experiences in 400+ cities across the globe. With wanderers like you in mind, they created digitally guided Scavenger Hunts, Bar Hunts, Ghost Tours and more. Each adventure is designed to help you explore, laugh, discover, and connect.
Deck of 52 Gift Card Raffle” 

Kindervelt's West Region is happy to announce their Deck of 52 gift card raffle is back again this year! Gift cards will be valued from $10 to $50 and will include dining, shopping and services gift cards. Members from groups 8,16, 20, & 68 are currently selling chances.

1 ticket for $5
5 tickets are $20
Winner to be drawn May 3rd.
KV #57 Foodie Decks
Now available online, mailed directly to you within 2 business days. They make great gifts
KV #68 Invites you to
"Tee-Off for the KIDS"
Friday May 14th
12:30 - 5:30pm
Aston Oaks Golf Club

Learn all about Participating, and sponsorship opportunities through the flyer. Click on image.

Questions, contact Bonnie at or (513)235-1122
Save the Dates!
May 19th - Kindervelt's Annual Meeting
July 17th - KV #77 Annual Fashion Show
Slate for 2021-2022 Board of Trustees
On behalf of the Nominating Committee with Board Approval, I present the following slate for the Kindervelt Board of Trustees 2021-2022 and the Nominating Committee 2021-2022, which will be voted on at the Annual Meeting. Thank you to those who have graciously volunteered their time. -Ginny Myer, 2020-2021 Nominating Chair

President - Katrina Smith 78
President-Elect - Cindy Burger 16
Vice-President - Kelly Anderson 8
Secretary - Stacy Durr-Stainton 65
Treasurer - Debbie Linneman 56  
Annual Meeting - Sue Crosby 22
Communications - Mary Beth Young 78
Donor Relations - Kim Tepe 12 
Internal Auditor - Charlotte McBrayer 8/22 
Membership - Linda Deters 16
Nominating Chair - Nancy Groves-Van Buskirk 29
Projects - Caroline Cox 3
Publicity - Karen Tepe 98
Technology - Tracy Smith 57
Region Leaders - North - Kim Lucken 22
East - Lisa Robison 78
West - Diana Peters 68
South - Suzanne Nemeth 65

Chair - Nancy Groves-Van Buskirk 29
President - Cindy Burger 16
Immediate Past President - Katrina Smith 78
Immediate Past Nominating Chair - Ginny Myer 8
KV Krafts Chair-Elect: TBD
Gala KV Fall Event Chair-Elect: TBD
Let The Good Times Bowl Chair: Andi Mapes 3 is 2022 & 2023 Chair
Past Board Member - Mary Anne Stenger 45
North Region Rep - Nancy Sanchez 49
East Region Rep - Melissa Wu 50
South Region Rep - Libby Baker 56 
West Region Rep - Pat Wahl 68 
Autism Awareness Month
Tara Dale, LISW-S

April is Autism Awareness Month, so we wanted to share some guidance for supporting loved ones with Autism and resources for additional guidance for caregivers. Autism (also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a complex developmental disability that can impact social skills, communication skills and present behavioral challenges in an individual. Autism is typically diagnosed in early childhood, in children as early as age 2 although many children are diagnosed after the age of 4. In 2018, the CDC reported that the prevalence of Autism among children in the U.S. was at 1 in 54. Autism is also four times more common in boys than girls.[1] Seeking early interventions and knowing how to best support your child with Autism can positively impact their daily life and help them thrive at home and at school.

A child with Autism might:
  • not look at objects when another person points at them
  • have trouble relating to others or not have an interest in other people at all
  • avoid eye contact and want to be alone
  • have trouble understanding other people’s feelings or talking about their own feelings
  • prefer not to be held or cuddled, or might cuddle only when they want to
  • appear to be unaware when people talk to them, but respond to other sounds
  • be very interested in people, but not know how to talk, play, or relate to them
  • repeat or echo words or phrases said to them, or repeat actions over again
  • have trouble expressing their needs using typical words or motions
  • have trouble adapting when a routine changes
  • have unusual reactions to the way things smell, taste, look, feel, or sound [2]
How you can support someone with Autism:
  • Seek medical guidance first if you suspect your child may have Autism. Take some time to learn about Autism yourself and seek resources online and locally to support you and your child.
  • Talk to your child and learn about their interests and dislikes. This will help you to find common likes to strengthen your relationship. If they struggle with verbal communication, learn how they best prefer to communication.
  • Be patient and allow time for responses and reactions to requests and questions. Give options whenever possible to allow choice in how they can respond to your request. Be sure to provide clear and concise directions. 
  • Children with autism do well with clarity and structure. Find opportunities to develop a consistent routine and daily structure to build feelings of comfort and security with daily life.
  • Talk to them about situations that make them feel anxious and what helps them to feel safe. Support them by identifying sensory activities and items to help sooth them when feeling overwhelmed. This may look like having a “calming corner” or quiet room in the home that they can go to when they need quiet and space. You can also advocate for spaces like this in their school.
  • Take care of yourself. Schedule time to relax and engage in your interests and hobbies. It’s important to practice self-care so that you can be your best when caring for others.
Additional resources for support and information:

[1] Centers for Disease Control. Data & Statistics on Autism Spectrum Disorder (2020).
[2] Centers for Disease Control. Autism Facts. (2020).
April 3rd - Janie Dolan #30
April 9th - Eleni Zaferes #30
April 15th - Amanda Gibson #78
April 26th - Jill Guenther #78
KV #16 is wishing Bonnie Geiger a healthy and speedy recovery from her recent knee surgery.
KV #30 would like to thank all the Kindervelt groups and friends for the tremendous support we received for our Easter Cookie event. This was a group effort and we had fun doing the 3 B’s -Baking, Boxing and Bowing the orders (34 in total). That’s about 1,400 cookies. It was the first time in many months that we saw each other face to face (well almost - we did wear our masks). It was a joyous gathering. We, of course, had to sample some of the cookies. We wanted to be certain that they received the KV Group #30 Bakers stamp of approval. Thank you to all ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

KV #8 would like to thank Kristen Gettins and Char McBrayer for chairing and all their hard work on the Egg My Yard fundraiser.