Kindergarten Parent Guide
Student Health Check
Please complete Student Health Checks Daily Starting Monday, October 5th.

If you have multiple children at the school then you just enter their student ID numbers, separated by a comma.
If you have completed your child’s health check before school:  
For parents who complete the daily health check, their child will move right into line to ease transition into the building.  
If you have NOT completed your child’s health check before school: 
Mullan Road staff will stop and ask your child these four questions: 
Health Check Questions 
Attending school today? 
Symptoms Present? 
Has your student been in close contact with anyone suspected or confirmed COVID-19 within the past 14 days? 
Has your student had any medication to reduce a fever before coming to school? After the questions, then your child’s temperature will be taken before transition into the building. 

We would rather you be a few minutes late and have your health check complete than show up on time without a health check done.

Visitor Health Check
If you need to access the building please fill out a visitor health check before arriving to the building.
A/B Rotation Schedule
A/B Rotation Schedule:  We are excited to welcome our Kindergarten students back in person. For the first eight (8) school days we will be on an A/B rotation. Phasing students back in small groups will help support the transition and training of students on safety protocols. Kindergarten teachers will relay which group you are. Below are the dates for Group and A and Group B. 
Group A  
October 7th, 9th,13th ,15th

Group B 
 October 8th, 12th, 14th, 16th 
ALL Kindergarten Students will begin in person Monday, October 19th, and will no longer be on an A/B rotation. 
School Day Bell Schedule

Start : 8:30 am *please do not drop off your child before 8:20am
Recess: 12:00-12:30
Lunch: 12:30-1:05
End: 2:25pm

Each week Kindergarten students have each of the following specialist:
  • Music
  • PE
  • Science
They will also have one alternating specialist each week

School lunch is brought to each Kindergarten Classroom

All Kindergarten Students are receiving free lunch until December 31st

Please let your child's teacher know if you are not interested in school lunch

If you believe you will qualify for free and reduced lunches for after December 31st meals please register on the link below
Morning Drop Off Protocol
You will drop off your student on the EAST side of the building. Parents please stay off the black top as this is already marked for your students social distancing. Students will walk to the black top, and there will be signs labeled with each Kindergarten teacher. Students will line up on a socially distanced white dot behind a classroom sign. Student health check will be next before students can enter the building.
We have divided the play spaces into quadrants – Students will remain in that quadrant for play for the entire day.  We will spray paint lines to divide the quadrants.
(Please note Kusel and Hagood are on the North Side of the Building)
When picking up your students please remember to wear your face mask and social distance off the black top area.
Available Parking for Pick Up Options: 
A.     East Side of the 63rd Street on both sides of the street
B.     LDS Church Parking Lot Across 63rd from Mullan Road
C.     Both sides of 63rd – please avoid parking lot entrances and exits due to bussing

Please call contact your child’s teacher to let them know of the consistent way they will be getting home. This communication is really important for your child’s safety. If it varies by day of the week, please indicate that as well, and who will be picking them up each day.

Students will have a tag on their backpack to inform which bus they will be riding.

Students will also have a wrist with their bus number.

Busser will be walked to the west side of the building at the end of the day. White dots are sprayed on the blacktop which will align with what bus each student will be on.
These materials will be brought home every day and returned to school each day:

·      Water bottle
·      Laptop & Charger (Starting October 19th)
·      Backpack
· Tennis Shoes for Health & Fit
·      Clothing outdoors (All weather conditions)

We would appreciate any donation of disinfecting wipes