...or how would you describe the typical PA Snowmobiler? And how does PSSA best serve the PA Snowmobiler?
I was enlightened several years ago on this topic. At a club meeting of our local club we were discussing where everyone rides. It was surprising to learn that over half the club members had never ridden on a groomed trail. Many of our club members simply ride from their back yard thru a series of connected farm fields. No map, no signs, but restaurants and gas on the way. Many didn’t have a dedicated snowmobile trailer and they may have rode the local Prince Gallitzin’s State Park’s 15 miles of ungroomed trails but that was the extent of their state park experience. If there’s no snow in the back yard, they don’t ride. And there hasn’t been snow in the back yard for 2 years. Let’s call these sledders “Locals”.