Key characteristics of server room flooring
The server room has become the lifeline for many companies. That places a premium on housing your server racks in the right environment, monitoring everything from the climate control system to, yes, the flooring you choose.

Over the course of the next few newsletters, we’ll delve into the key topics involved in selecting the right flooring for your server room. And where better to start than static control?

Static control
Servers are highly-sensitive electronics, and static electricity can severely damage them and the data they store. To prevent this type of damage, the floors of a server room should be designed to prevent the buildup of static charges. Static-control materials, such as conductive tiles or carpeting, are often the solution to static buildup.

Fire and Moisture Resistance
Servers can run pretty hot, and fire is a real risk in server rooms. Server rooms typically have fire suppression systems, but fire-resistant flooring helps to prevent a fire from spreading. Floors in a server room also need to be moisture-resistant and prevent water or other liquids from penetrating the surface. Vinyl or epoxy tiles are common materials that create a sealed surface resistant to spills and leaks.

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ESD flooring or footwear?
To meet the most stringent ESD requirements, such as ANSI/ESD S20.20, you have to have ESD footwear to provide an electrical connection between you and the floor. Don't be fooled by companies that claim that their floors don't require ESD footwear. If you aren't electrically connected to the floor, then you aren't properly grounded and you don't meet the requirements of a proper ESD Protected Area. In this video, SelecTech’s Tom Ricciardelli explains why.
OhmStyle ESD™ Carpet Tile
OhmStyle ESD™ carpet flooring tiles will help to provide an ESD-free work environment, while offering you a decorative look and comfortable floor to work and walk on.

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