We Must All Work to Keep the Construction Industry "Essential"
BIA Members:

Prior to yesterday’s announced “Surgical” shut down of activities on Oahu, the Governor and Mayors of all counties were discussing which areas of the economy should be shut down.

They were reconsidering the exemptions for construction workers. This was based on the positive COVID-19 tests of two construction workers from Oahu who were working on Lanai, the Governor and Mayors were considering what types of contractors should not be exempted, especially when they are not performing the essential activities.  

Luckily all construction activities were allowed to continue. We’re working with GCA on reminding our members to follow CDC guidelines and the Sample Jobsite Policy developed in April. We need to ensure everyone remains vigilant and aware of what is truly at stake here. The Construction Industry is one of the only sectors of the economy that has been allowed to continue throughout the Pandemic.

Please remind everyone in your company to remain vigilant so our construction industry can continue during these unique times.