Keeping strong, carrying on with food and hospitality in NYC 
In NYC, we have transitioned to a sense of normalcy, in a sort of post-pandemic, COVID- cautious community. It feels as if we are in a time warp in some ways, riding bikes vs. riding the subway, cooking at home vs. dining inside...but thankfully it is summer and a cool breeze of imagination and ingenuity is in the air offering 
al fresco experiences.
And on the national front, we've been watching the webinar space for innovation in our food, wine and wellness world. In these unusual times of virtual reality from workouts to wine tastings, entrepreneurs are finding creative solutions.  
Specialty restaurants are becoming retailers, kitchens are ghosting for good, and Uber is now eating up delivery market share. Semi-homemade cooking is here to stay and we're looking to super-immunity ingredients to keep us strong and safe.   
1. Home Cooks Need Hacks 
Sales of premade items are up and as cooks continue to get more savvy in the kitchen.. from DIY pizza kits to pre-made flavor boosters from restaurants. COVID-life continues and will include birthdays and holidays like Halloween in the fall. Marketers can help by making special moments easier with simple and creative solutions. C heck out this online mixology kit from from Perrier and Nestle Waters.  
2. Rx for Health and Immunity
We need nutrient-rich foods to protect us from vulnerability to COVID-19. Watch the rise of recipes using honey, turmeric, mushrooms, ginger, fermented foods and fruit juices as ingredients. Read more here: Immunity boosting ingredients popular during pandemic
We also need products to help us cope with stress, anxiety, sleep, mood and mental focus. Efficacy claims will be needed to prove price points.  
Disrupting the market:  
Plant-based (shelf stable and sustainable) 
Vitamins & Supplements  
Probiotics and pre-biotics
Antioxidants & Adaptagens  
CBD, botanicals, flaxseed oil, DHA/omega 3, echinacea, green tea extract, coffee. 
3. Ghost Kitchens for Good:  

Restauranteurs like super star Chef Jose Andres are reactivating their kitchens and putting  talented people back to work to help feed the hungry. His World Central Kitchen led the industry by using common sense and a commitment to good to create
Ghost kitchens push restaurant cost structures toward delivery rather than in-person dining, and the reduction of employees that comes with a delivery-focused model can significantly bring down rent and staffing costs for restaurants with thin margins.
4. Special Delivery: Uber is eating market share, Sweetgreen delivers with DoorDash and
Specialty restaurants are becoming specialty food retailers: 
Uber desperately needs its meal delivery division, Uber Eats, to make up for the huge losses it's been experiencing since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Bookings in its Uber Eats division grew +54 % vs. last year, thanks to increased demand for food deliveries.  
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