June 2023

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The End and the Beginning with Hebrew Practices in the Middle


Yahrzeits May 28-June 3

(will be read June 2)

Elaine Cutler Becker

Gibbi Cox

Philip Heines

Louis Kerzner

Sylvia Melnick Laider

Leonard Lewin

Judith Menaker

Irving Park

Pauline Powell

Clara Sagansky

Faith Ward

Yahrzeits June 4-10

(will be read June 9)

Phyllis Bass

Barbara (Bobbie) Greenfield

Elaine Hirsch

Gilbert Hite

Dave Tibbets

Gertrude Sorell

Yahrzeits June 11-17

(will be read June 16)

Gloria Barkan 

Sylvia Weiss Cohn

Joe Eskenas

Harry Fierverker

Martin Greenfield

Rose Fuchs Herman

Catherine Holladay

Robert Perry

Melvyn Radner

Bernice Rothstein

Leta Wettreich

Yahrzeits June 18-24

(will be read June 23)

Dorothy Brahm

Jessie Ginsburg

Hyman Indorf

Simon Kasowitz

Bruce Mizen

William Monsky

Linda Navy

Paul Penfield Jr.

David Rosenberg

Janis Scharf

Robert H. Sohn

Mae Tack

Arthur Weisberger

Yahrzeits June 25-July 1

(will be read June 30)

Wilma Ruth Carrick

Edie Friedlander

Grace Iannini

Sylvia Katler

William Lasky

Evelyn Rodman

Roy Rubin

Fred Schutzman

Donation Acknowledgements:

The following donations were received from April 1, 2023 through April 30, 2023. All donations are very much appreciated – thank you!

Donations from our members

Reeds Ferry Shed Fundraiser

Rob & Deb Berkovitz

Bill & Joan Bernstein 

Laura Boerman & Marc Shaponick

Deborah Cohen

Fred & Nancy Cohn

Peter & Liz Denly

Marilyn Frank

Bruce Goss & Julie Beck Goss (in memory of Jerome Perry)

David & Judy Graber

Stephen & Marcia Gross

Jesse & Bonnie Heines (in memory of David McHugh)

Terry & Phyllis Howard

Mitch & Joanne Hyatt

Arthur & Cathy Karp

Eugene & Dina Katz

Arnold & Joan Kerzner

Don & Heidi Levi

Brian & Sandy Moore

Ilene Order

Hale Powell & Shoshana Perry

Jackie Santangelo

Marc Scolnick & Irma Cole (Thank you Rabbi Perry and Laura & Paul Rodman for the warm welcome on April 21)

Nancy Scolnick

Fred & Esther Wikander

2 Anonymous Donors

General Fund

Jesse & Bonnie Heines (Yahrzeit of Max Rambach)

Brian & Sandy Moore (for all members who lost loved ones this year)

Capital Building Fund

Stuart & Susan Bernstein (Yahrzeit of Marcia Kasowitz)

Brian & Sandy Moore (for their family Yahrzeits)

Fred & Esther Wikander (in memory of David McHugh)

Education Fund

Seth & Jennifer Skolnick (in memory of David McHugh)

Martin Ames Memorial Social Action Fund

Neal & Margie Berenson (in memory of David McHugh)

Deborah Cohen (in memory of David McHugh)

Peter & Liz Denly (in memory of David McHugh)

Dan & Janet Dubner (in memory of David McHugh)

Rick and Pat Karpeles (in memory of David McHugh)

Ilene Order (in memory of David McHugh)

David Penfield & Becky Bronson (in memory of David McHugh)

Jackie Santangelo (in memory of David McHugh)

Music Fund

Matthew & Becky Abrams (in memory of David McHugh)

Gary Green & Heather Hill (1-year anniversary of Samantha’s Bat Mitzvah and Ari Strasser’s beautiful music)

Bruce & Anne Rosenberg (in memory of David McHugh)

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Ron & Linda Eskin (in memory of David McHugh)

Gary Green & Heather Hill (1-year anniversary of Samantha’s Bat Mitzvah and Rabbi Perry’s part in that day)

Darren & Staci Landress (in memory of David McHugh and Harvey Myers)

Bill Menaker

Helping Hand Fund

Mitch & Joanne Hyatt (in memory of Kara E. Nicholson)


Donations from friends of Congregation Shalom

Reeds Ferry Shed Fundraiser

Karen Ellis (in appreciation of Mitch & Joanne Hyatt)

General Fund

Paul & Karen Bibo (in memory of Harvey M. Myers)

Martin Ames Memorial Social Action Fund

Cynthia Gale (in memory of David McHugh)

Gerald Pacht & Elizabeth Delaney (in memory of David McHugh)

Music Fund

Tim & Rochelle Steinberg (in appreciation of the Moore family including them at their family seder)

Oneg Schedule

June 2- 7pm - Family service Teacher Appreciation

Berkovitz, Robert & Deborah; Green, Gary & Hill, Heather; Maltby, Michael & Michele;

Wahlberg, Brendan & Gilmore, Marsha; Weiner, Jordan & Amanda; Rosen, Neil & Valarie

June 9 -6pm - Shpiel

Worden, Robert & Linda; Graber, David & Judy; Kreithen, Daniel & Goldman-Kreithen, Susan; Lathrop, Leslie; Myerson, Peter & Heather

Jun 16- 7pm - Installation

Maguire, James & Cayla; Myers, Joanna & Cory; Rosenberg, Bruce & Anne; Segal, Larry & Helene; Szabo, Bernard & Wexler, Tamar; Newlon, Jay & Rothstein, Lynne

June 23- 6pm

Eskin, Ronald & Linda; Himelboim, Kobi & Twombly, Kathy; Holladay, David & Navy, Caryn;

Janoschek, Robert & Michelle; Smith, Richard & Lori

B'nai Mitzvot

June 3 Lauren Lazar Bat Mitzvah

June 17 Ally Schertzer Bat Mitzvah

June 24 Rachel Newman Bat Mitzvah

Please note that B'nai Mitzvah services are open to all members either in-person or virtually. While all services will follow the current Congregation Shalom COVID 19 restrictions and policies, each family may choose to add additional restrictions. Individual service details will be shared in the Weekly Updates.

New Member

No new members this month.

Thank You

Thanks for your help.

We didn’t know, many years ago when we joined Congregation Shalom, that we would also become part of a warm and loving family. Over time, our Synagogue has became a place of joy and growth for all four of us. We have shared celebrations and sadness, because that’s what families do.  Now, it’s a place of solace as we mourn the lose of our son, David. We thank our Shalom family for helping us through this time and cannot thank Rabbi Perry enough for being there for us throughout these difficult days.  

With gratitude, Susan, Dennis and Ben McHugh

We would like to thank everyone for the donations and condolences made in memory of my father, Harvey Myers. It is comforting to know we have such a caring and thoughtful community. 

Ruth, Richard and Rachel Laider

I would like to thank all those who made donations to the temple to wish me a speedy recovery after knee surgery. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated and reminds me how fortunate I am to belong to such a caring extended family at our temple. 

With much gratitude, Margie Berenson

Committee Chairs

College Committee: We want to thank Sandy Moore as outgoing committee chair and welcome Dina Katz and Katie Wolman as the new chairs (with assistance from Jen Skolnick.)

Social Action/Social Justice: We want to thank Susan McHugh as outgoing committee chair and welcome Tina Kemper as the new chair.

Thank you Sandy and Susan for your time, passion, and dedication over the last several years!

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday June 13 at 6:30 PM on Zoom. Please save the date. More information will be forthcoming.

All members are encouraged to participate in this important business of Congregation Shalom. 

And Don't Forget...

Grocery Cards

Grocery cards are available for Hannaford, and Stop&Shop, and the Temple earns a 6% profit. This leads to thousands of dollars for our programs, with no extra out-of-pocket money from you. Contact Toby Sedgwick,

giftcards@congregationshalom.org to sign up for the monthly program, or to just get a few cards when you are doing a lot of shopping, and then start giving back to Congregation Shalom while you fill your fridge. You can have grocery cards sent to college students too!

Order Bookplates for our High Holiday Prayerbooks

We are always pleased to accept bookplate orders at any time of the year. One set of bookplates costs $36.00. Since there are 2 bookplates, you do not have to have the same name on both plates. Use this LINK to obtain the order form. Please send the completed form and check (addressed to Congregation Shalom) to Laura Rodman at 35 Digital Drive # 201, Nashua, NH 03062.

This is a beautiful way to remember lifecycle events.

Caring Committee

The Caring Committee is always available to provide meals or transportation to those members and families who need a little help. Please don't hesitate to email Katie Wolman at caringchair@congregationshalom.org or Rabbi Perry at rabbi@congregationshalom.org, or feel free to call Katie at home.

Youth Scholarships

Throughout the year, there are many enriching Jewish experiences available to our youth through our synagogue or the community.These include, but aren't limited to, summer camps and trips to Washington, New York, and Israel. Fortunately, there is some scholarship money available through the temple to those families in need of financial assistance for these opportunities. Please contact Margie Berenson at 

scholarship@congregationshalom.org with any questions and/or for an application form. 

Changed your address? 

Notify us at emailchange@congregationshalom.org and we'll make sure all the right organizations at the Temple are informed. Please include your full name in your request.
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