A Note from Scott and Marsha
February 4, 2021
Well, how about that light dusting of snow we had melt off by noon?? Now that is how we like it in North Carolina. We don't want to shovel or remove ice and snow from our car windows. And we certainly don't want to see our maintenance crews leave with snow plows on the front of trucks. We would do it if we have to, but only for you. We like you that much.  

As we venture into February and all things are green, pink and red with googly eyes and heart emojis, this is absolutely my favorite month for two reasons. One, it means March follows and everything is going to burst forth with beautiful yellows and pinks. Second, it is the month of love. It's also my birthday and anniversary month. Cough, cough. Scott, this is your PSA.

Since we are talking about love, I am introducing my new best friend, Ben. Ben is the owner of Benjamin Hale Builders, and we have become fast friends. No, I cannot provide you a link to his website. Why? Ben is old school and I love it. He provided an estimate, and we shook hands on it.  He is a straight shooter, and he is an expert with old buildings, old home remodels and anything else others wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.  He has already worked with me on the chapel, but that's for another story.  

What is he doing now? Y'all. He is adding on to the "little white house" at the garden center! I am so excited, I could wet my plants.  This space is going to be another reason to bring your own personal chair and sit in a corner in the sun and breathe in fresh oxygen. I am thinking about moving my office into a small 2-3' spot in the corner when it is finished. You won't even know I'm there behind the huge plants we are going to have. It will be glorious.   

We are adding roughly 900 square feet to our indoor space. Do you know what that means? More houseplants, more tropicals, and more gorgeous pottery.  More love.  It was a hard decision to make and a lot of hoops to jump through, but we are really excited to offer this new space come spring.  

We are doing it because of you. So it's really kind of your fault part of the garden center looks like a bomb went off. (Insert eye roll here.) But seriously, I could not have convinced Scott of this without your help and support. You really do help my visions become reality.  We will keep you posted on Instagram and Facebook, so follow along all the fun we are having. And hopefully this will not turn into a TV drama or reality show where Scott and I are wrestling in the mud! I'm sure none of you argue with your partners. You are probably as perfect as a houseplant.  

Come see us for some love. We have the absolute best ideas for living things for a special someone. While I do love cut flowers, I also love a plant with roots to enjoy longer than a week! Anything with roots really. That time you bought a tree and added a bow? Yes, we can do that too. #bringgreenhome 
Garden Center Features
Peperomia come in many different varieties, but all of them are pet-friendly, which we love! The foliage comes in many shapes, colors, and variegations. They need medium to bright light for best success, but some varieties can tolerate lower light conditions. Allow soil to dry out between watering.
There is no way to miss this golden goddess of a shrub in spring. She bursts into yellow blooms on every branch for an impressive display sure to delight. Forsythia shrubs can grow up to 10 feet tall, so they can be used for screening or hedges.
Candytuft is a low-growing evergreen perennial with white blooms in spring. They are often used along walkways or garden edges with their low-growing habit, beautiful flowers and foliage. The Candytuft we have in stock is blooming (since it was grown in a greenhouse), but typically blooms in March and April.
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In case you missed it last week, our latest blog post is a must-read for those new to seed-starting and growing vegetables from seed. There are many vegetables you can start now and even plant in the soil.
Spring Wreath Workshop
Let’s decorate a grapevine wreath to welcome spring to your front door! Class includes design principles and instruction, wreath, greenery, flowers and novelties to build your one-of -kind creation! Click here to register.
Presenter: Debbi Barrett
Class fee: $45

Repotting Your Plants
Your potted plants love spring's longer, warmer, brighter days! This class teaches how to give them the attention they need for healthy growth. Debbi will review repotting and fertilizing practices to help your indoor and outdoor potted plants flourish. Bring in a plant you can carry yourself, and we will demonstrate repotting dos and don’ts.
Presenter: Debbi Barrett
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