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Did you know that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual? Leverage digital signage today to make your message stand out!

Signage ONE - Digital Signage Solution

Signage ONE takes the complexity out of Digital Signage by delivering an all-inclusive and simple process for creating great digital content and publishing great messages to improve communication with students, staff, and parents. The magic of digital signage at your fingertips, no more cork boards!

It’s simple, send us your idea for a digital message, we create the message, you proof, and we schedule the message to play on existing TV’s on your campus, both indoor and outdoor! This modern digital communication platform enables everyone in the organization to contribute to the signage playlist without ever having to create the content. Deliver messages across campus including lobbies, cafeterias, gymnasiums, outdoor monuments, and anywhere digital signs are present.


All of this bundled into one monthly fee!

Our team at Signage ONE does all the work for you! No need for Graphic Designers. We create and manage the content - you just sit back and reap the benefits.

Does your Signage need a Pep Talk?


Events & Sponsorships

Student Highlight

Mass Notification

Ad Monetization

Menu Board

Staff Recognition

Benefits of Digital Signage in Education

Improved Communication

Digital signage can be used to improve communication with students, staff, and parents. Messages can be easily updated providing up-to-date information about school events, schedules, and announcements.

Increased Engagement

Digital signage captures the attention of students and staff with engaging content such as videos, images, and interactive displays. This can help to promote school spirit, encourage learning, and create a sense of community within the school.

Time and Cost Savings

Digital signage reduces the time and cost associated with traditional printed materials, such as posters and flyers. Instead, messages can be quickly and easily updated and displayed on digital screens throughout the school.

Safety and Security

Digital signage can be used to display emergency alerts and other important safety information to students, staff, and visitors. This can help to ensure that everyone is informed and prepared in the event of an emergency.

Data-Driven Insights

Digital signage systems can provide valuable data insights into how students, staff, and visitors are interacting with the content displayed on the screens. This can help principals to make informed decisions about future messaging and content.

Corporate Sponsorships & Partnerships

Partner with local businesses and display their logos or advertisements on digital screens in exchange for their financial support. This can provide businesses with increased visibility in the community while generating funds for the school.

Overall, Signage ONE can be a valuable tool for K-12 principals to improve communication, engagement, and safety within their schools while also saving time and costs associated with traditional printed materials.

Your message, digitally delivered.

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