SC&I Welcomes Jonathan Holloway, the 21st Rutgers President
Dean's Note
It is my pleasure to begin this newsletter by formally welcoming, on behalf of SC&I, Jonathan Holloway as the new President of Rutgers University. Like me, I expect you have viewed some of his thoughtful presentations. I am impressed by the steadiness that he has brought in this challenging environment and believe he will thoughtfully address the profound issues raised by the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. These issues will require energy, focus, and creativity for years to come; SC&I can be an important source of positivity and engagement. The president has arrived during the world’s worst health crisis in over a century, one that has transformed how we work and how we relate to one another. There will be tough decisions to manage, which will likely come to shape the success of his presidency. He will need all of our help.

Back in May, SC&I made the decision to plan for the likelihood that fall teaching would be delivered online. We didn’t make that decision lightly. Teaching in this way presents huge challenges to faculty and staff as we reconfigure what we offer to provide our students with pedagogy of the very best standard. None of us wanted to go down that route; the crackle of engagement in the live classroom is central to our experience as academics. Nevertheless, the safety of faculty and staff was our number one priority. I don’t underestimate how much effort has been involved for all faculty reinventing their courses and for the staff supporting this move. This is combined with the huge pressure on staff managing the new financial processes and preparing buildings for a limited but safe return. We have consulted with all groups within SC&I to ensure it is secure for all. My sincere thanks to all involved for their effort and sacrifices.

As the fall semester begins, excitement builds as we welcome a brilliant new set of colleagues. We have been joined by six special new faculty members. Please visit our website and view their expanded profiles: Tawfiq Ammari (LIS), Shawnika Hull (Comm), Yonaira Rivera (Comm), Megan Threats (LIS), Maria Venetis (Comm), and DaJung (DJ) Woo (Comm).

While we will not be able to have the usual face-to-face welcome event in September, please clear the morning of Wednesday, September 9, for an online welcome event which will be exciting in its own way.

Our school is extremely thrilled to announce our new master's program in Health Communication and Information (MHCI). We have accepted several MHCI students already and look forward to the inaugural semester in January 2021. The MHCI is the result of a long planning process and collaboration across SC&I’s departments and areas. It celebrates our special collection of strengths. The program addresses those areas of health behavior, communication systems, information retrieval, and health data management that lead to successful health outcomes. At the same time, it provides an important bridge between SC&I’s researchers and the medical community of New Jersey in a way that will catalyze new research thinking and provide new project opportunities. Given that we are in the middle of a pandemic where the outcome is based on much more than clinical practice, it could not be more timely. I am enormously excited by this program and I believe this will be a huge success.

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