A frequent descriptor of an idea that has gained traction is that it has legs. The Keep Iowa Beautiful “Karras Cart” initiative has wheels. Previously, our invitation to assist local communities connected with RAGBRAI was located on the 237th page of the overnight manual for host communities. In 2022, Keep Iowa Beautiful will be encouraging trail and park litter removal as an exhibitor at the official RAGBRAI XLIX Announcement Party to be held in Des Moines on January 28.

The partnership with the Iowa cycling community honors RAGBRIA Co-Founder John Karras, remembered as an avid cyclist and passionate outdoorsman. The booth will feature:
  • Karras memorabilia display at our booth, including his beloved carbon fiber bicycle.
  • For sale, with a portion of proceeds benefitting Keep Iowa Beautiful in Karras' memory, are two RAYGUN t-shirts with famous Karras quotes.
  • Those growing fleet of “Karras Carts,” a bicycle cart attachment allowing for easier litter removal on trails.