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What is the Kansas SBDC?

The Kansas SBDC is part of America's SBDC network, a comprehensive nationwide business assistance network in the United States and its territories.

Kansas SBDCs are hosted by leading universities, colleges, state economic development agencies, and private partners, and funded in part by the United States Congress through a partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration as well as the Kansas Department of Commerce. The SBDCs provide little- to no-cost business consultation and training to new and existing businesses.

Main services of the Kansas SBDC include:

  • Start: Your local SBDC can help new businesses and startups navigate many obstacles such as establishing business plans, looking at financial projections, and assessing new ideas. New businesses can also get help with registration basics, finding local funding, and even navigate the hiring process.

  • Grow: Established businesses can get help growing through the help of a Kansas SBDC advisor. Advisors can help by exploring strategic planning, evaluating funding options, finding SBA business certifications, looking at marketing and sales opportunities such as online marketing and exporting, helping to understand financial statements and other recordkeeping, and also finding ways to protect businesses in the long run.

  • Exit & Transition: Ready to move on to the next step? The Kansas SBDC can help with business transition and exit planning. Your local SBDC can help create a smooth transition for your business by looking at business valuation and valuation improvement plans. The Kansas Center for Business Transition aims to support the continuity of small businesses with education and resources that benefit both the businesses and their communities.

Specialty Centers:

  • Capital Access Center: A service for current Kansas SBDC clients, the Capital Access Center (CAC) provides banking and capital advice and resources to small businesses from banking and loan experts. The CAC works with many types of loan and financing partners such as conventional loans, SBA lending programs, non-bank financing, and local financing partners. CAC services include loan screen eligibility, test review and lending options, guidance through the loan process, and training and education.

  • Virtual Center (Live Assistance 7 days per week & after hours): Need help with a quick business question right now? Or help to navigate all the information on our Website or Training Video Library? Then the Kansas SBDC Statewide Virtual Center is ready to help you (including Spanish language support reps).  Call (800)949-7661. For Spanish, call (800)707-0580.

  • Kansas SBDC Business Support Center Kiosks: For Economic Development groups (Chambers, Cities, etc) looking for an "Easy Button" Business Support Center located right in your office or community, please check out our Kansas SBDC Kiosk program at

Kansas SBDC Client Spotlight

The historical Parsons Katy Golf Association in Parsons, Kansas was first opened in 1926 by

the Katy Railroad. Built in a time of great prosperity and ingenuity, the golf course debuted

with 150 chartered members and operated as a member association until 2014. The

historical golf course boasts a great-quality, challenging course layout and is a family-oriented setting for both golf and food.

Owner Jeff Perez has been familiar with the Kansas Small Business Development Center, and

regularly referred business owners to the service. Perez approached the Kansas SBDC to

help establish a business plan when he took over ownership. Although Katy Golf had been a

long-established business, Perez needed to reevaluate operations. Kansas SBDC Advisor

Randy Robinson helped Perez create business and marketing plans. On top of that,

Robinson helped Perez create a greater connection to the community by leveraging the

beautiful outdoor space into a venue for events and weddings, updating pricing structures

and sponsorship recognition, and establishing a board of outside advisors made up from

business and community leaders. Perez and Robinson also worked with Jim Zaleski, Director

of Parsons and Labette County Economic Development to work on strategic planning.

Perez’s advice to new businesses is to have a business plan. “I wished I had written a

business plan first thing as a new owner. I thought the existing business was sustainable, but

I was wrong... A business plan is a vital playbook to any person wanting to start a business.”

Overall, through the help of the Kansas SBDC, Katy Golf saw increased revenue. The quality

of the golf course also increased by shaping the venue into an entertainment and sports

attraction venue for events and get-togethers as well as creating a high quality of living for

the citizens of Parsons and Labette County.

To learn more about Katy Golf Club, visit

To learn more about how the Kansas SBDC can help your small business, visit

Upcoming Virtual & In-Person Events

Virtual Events (Free Unless Noted)

  • Sep 7, 12:00 pm - Startup and Start Right
  • Sep 14 to Nov 4, $119 - Start Your Own Arts and Crafts Business
  • Sep 14 to Nov 4, $119 - Start Your Own Online Business
  • Sep 14 to Nov 4, $119 - Start Your Own Small Business
  • Sep 14 to Nov 4, $119 - Start a Pet Sitting Business
  • Sep 14 to Nov 4, $119 - Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business
  • Sep 14 to Nov 4, $119 - Starting a Consulting Practice
  • Sep 14 to Nov 4, $119 - Marketing Your Business on the Internet
  • Sep 14 to Nov 4, $119 - Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring
  • Sep 14 to Nov 4, $119 - Using Social Media in Business
  • Sep 21, 12:00 pm - Creating a Marketing Plan
  • Sep 22, 12:00 pm -  Lending 101
  • Sep 27, 9:00 am, $119 - QuickBooks Online: The Basics
  • Sep 27, 1:00 pm, $119 - QuickBooks Online: The Details

In-Person (Free Unless Noted)

  • Sep 7, 5:30 pm (Topeka) - How to Start a Business
  • Sep 13, 10:00 am (JCCC - Business Foundations: Putting It All Together - $24
  • Sep 14, 11:30 am (Chanute) - QuickBooks Online but Taught in Person
  • Sep 14, 10:00 am (Chanute) - Human Resource Basics for your Business
  • Sep 20, 8:30 am (JCCC) - Going Global Via Exporting - $35
  • Sep 22, 9:00 am (JCCC) - Kansas Sales and Compensating Use Tax for Construction Contractors - $15
  • Sep 22, 1:00 pm (JCCC) - Kansas Retail Sales and Compensating Use Tax - $20
  • Sep 27, 1:00 pm (Hays) - Retail Sales Tax Workshop
  • Sep 27, 9:00 am (JCCC) - Trademark & Copyright Basics - $30
  • Sep 27, 5:30 pm (Liberal) - Steps to Become a Childcare Provider
  • Sep 28, 9:00 am (Hays) - Contractors Tax Workshop
  • Sep 29, 1:00 pm (Iola) - Introduction to Government Contracting
  • Sep 29, 1:00 pm (JCCC) - IRS Small Business Tax Workshop - $45

To register for our upcoming virtual and in-person events, click here

With 8 regional offices and several outreach centers covering the state, no matter where you are, there is an SBDC nearby to help! 

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