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SBDC 40th Anniversary

Continuing to grow Kansas - one small business at a time!

In October 1983, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), along with higher education institutes, established the Kansas Small Business Development Center (Kansas SBDC).

The Kansas SBDC helps new entrepreneurs realize their dream of business ownership and assists existing businesses in their efforts to remain competitive. SBDC services enable Kansas business to make better, more informed decisions, to avoid costly mistakes, and to prepare thorough and complete business plans needed both to obtain financing ad to effectively mange their operation.

The fundamental goal of the Kansas SBDC is to Help More People.

SBDC's impact

As small business owners navigate an ever-changing landscape, Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) continue to support and elevate their clients through innovative training programs and advising strategies. Small businesses that partner with their local SBDC get solutions and results that help them thrive.

According to the most recent Chrisman Survey, which collected data from clients in 2020-2021, America’s SBDCs clearly provide measurable economic results. Nationwide SBDCs helped generate; 85,094 jobs, $10.1 billion in sales growth, $7.7 billion in capital investments, and started 14,487 new businesses proving that SBDCs are leaders in job creation and economic growth. SBDCs helped create a new job every 6.2 minutes.

America’s SBDCs help make the dreams of small business ownership and growth a reality for more Americans — creating jobs and opportunities that reimagine main streets throughout the nation.  See the America’s SBDC Annual Report online at www.sbdcimpact.org

Kansas SBDC Client Spotlight

Kaila Mock approached Kansas SBDC to help with creating an effective and efficient business plan for her startup. Kaila deeply values the community and never misses a chance to showcase the same. She explains, “Treating the artists I represent with respect, shoppers like friends, employees like family, and my competitors with dignity builds more than just a gallery and shopping destination but brings a community together around art.”

The client worked with the SBDC and was able to create a concrete business plan. Her advisor, Lisa Brumbaugh assisted her by coming up with an organized business plan, financial statement, and cash flow projection documents. Kaila said, “I was provided with tools and resources for scenarios that didn’t even know existed.” The client was able to make her idea of a diverse and inclusive space for artists of all backgrounds a reality. She succeeded in opening a gallery space for the underserved community of artists in the area and received the capital she was seeking. 

Her business opens the door for young artists, new artists, experienced artists, and creatives of all kinds to have their work recognized publicly, in a professional setting without the perceived stuffiness or exclusivity of other regional galleries/gift shops. Her advice for new business is, “Know your resources. Get to know your community; what you can do for them, and what they can do for you. Link up with the SBDC, MainStreet, the Chamber of Commerce, Community Foundations, Schools, local Non-Profits, businesses you frequent or admire, and community leaders. There are so many free opportunities to get support. Find those resources, lean on them, and know that you’re not alone.”

About Trox Gallery: To learn more about the business, visit their website at www.troxgallery.com. You can also check out their social media handles- https://www.facebook.com/troxgallery and https://www.instagram.com/troxgallery

To learn more about how the Kansas SBDC can help your small business, visit https://www.kansassbdc.net

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