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The best gift for your company is a PPI summer intern!

Does your company, institution or city have sustainability goals or want to explore pollution prevention opportunities but lack time or human capital? A PPI intern can give your organization the gift of an environmental jumpstart. 

Watch the short video above to learn more about how the program works, the cost of an intern and how to become a host company.

According to the U.S. EPA, 25% more trash is thrown away between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day than any other time of year. This amounts to 25 million tons of extra garbage during the holidays. 

Holidays and celebrations can be just as memorable without all the trash. Use these tips as you gather and celebrate throughout the year.
Kansas Environmental Conference Presentations

The KDHE website for KEC 2022 has been updated. Presentations from this year’s conference are now available.

Hazardous waste handlers are required to complete training annually, and new employees must be trained within six months of taking a position that requires they handle hazardous waste. This training needs to be documented and maintained for at least three years. PPI offers online training that includes a certificate of completion for $50 per user.

PPI Intern Program
Host Company Spotlight: Great Plains Manufacturing

This month, we interviewed Kelly Greene from Great Plains Manufacturing, a Kansas-based agricultural manufacturing company.
How has your company been involved with the PPI intern program?  
So far, we have had an intern locate leaks in the compressor lines for two buildings. We had another look into conventional vs. infra-red ovens, energy savings (she found wind power to be cost effective) and VOC reductions. 

What were the biggest benefits of being part of the program?  
Having another person, even though they’re temporary, to conduct work. And that work is beneficial to the company. 

Have you implemented projects recommended by the PPI intern? If so, what were the results?  
We had the compressor leaks fixed. That showed us how important it is to fix those. It’s literally money going out the door. We hope to get the wind energy project in the budget for at least one plant in 2023. 

How could this intern program be improved?  
Only if they could start sooner.

Would you utilize this program again?