Volume 331 | June 2023

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President's Note: Curious about Power Outages in KentWoodlands?

After we received an inquiry by a curious member, the KWPOA has been in communication with PG&E as to why sometimes our power goes out when neighborhoods around us retain power. 


We learned that Kent Woodlands is served by the San Rafael 1107 Circuit. This circuit traverses the Wolfe Grade and Laurel Grove neighborhoods across Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. Both areas are located in a Tier-3 High Fire Threat District. Because of this circuit, and Kent Woodlands being a High Fire Threat District, the circuit is protected by Enhanced Powerline Safety Settings (EPSS) which automatically turn off power within one-tenth of a second if an object such as a tree comes in contact with a powerline. These adjustments make PG&E's electric system safer for communities, but may also result in unplanned power outages due to how quickly the power lines turn off. If power is shut off due to a hazard, PG&E must check the lines for damage and potentially make repairs prior to restoring power. 

Following KWPOA's recent inquiry, PG&E took data from seven transformers that serve our neighborhood and looked at outage frequency and cause over the last few years. Most causes they found were related to vegetation (PG&E recognizes that our neighborhood has an abundance of vegetation they look to manage each year) as well as animal related outages (such as birds and squirrels) due to EPSS, and then some equipment issues that may not have been within our community. They also found some “unknown causes” – this is usually where the outage is not equipment related, but the cause is not  apparent, such as an animal or bird hitting the line and it cannot be found during assessments. Some are also planned outages for work taking place. 

Recently, on May 8th, our power went out and those of us with kids in the Kentfield School District received an email before 8:00 a.m. that Kent Middle School would be closed for the day, yet Bacich Elementary School remained open, as this close-proximity neighborhood had power. When I asked about this incident, PG&E said this is what was called a “pothead” in the middle of the primary riser. It was replaced, so it is a permanent fix. PG&E said they experience some equipment failures over time which is normal, but they have seen more frustration over outages because they have also enabled the EPSS settings so with an uptick in safety outages (which can be longer as well, due to the requirement they survey before turning the power back on) the more routine equipment replacements and planned projects become more of nuisance. 

For now, I find it helpful that the KWPOA is now in regular contact with PG&E to insure they stay hyper-focused on Kent Woodlands. 

Heading into fire season, this is a good reminder to stay prepared for outages. Visit this link for more information on outages and preparedness: 




Jeff Leh, President

New Board Member

At the May 22, 2023 meeting, the KWPOA Board of Directors appointed member Ghigo DiTommaso to the vacant director seat.

Ghigo, along with his wife Rocio and son Santiago, moved to Kent Woodlands just over two years ago. Trained at the Florence School of Architecture, he is currently a partner and director at Gehl, where he leads the Urban Design and Development group. His knowledge and experience will surely benefit the entire Association.

We welcome Ghigo and look forward to working with him!


Carbon Neutral Kent Woodlands (CNKW) is an organization created by Kent Woodlands residents concerned about climate change. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and collaborate to reduce our community greenhouse gas emissions. We’ve created an energy survey for all Kent Woodlands residents as an important first step in understanding what members are already doing to be green. 

Please complete the survey by visiting  www.surveymonkey.com/r/FHMYR6S


Staffing Announcement

We'd like to take this opportunity to share a staffing update to the Architectural Committee Coordinator role at KWPOA.

Michael Barber is leaving the position, and we want to thank him for his many years of service to Kent Woodlands supporting the AC, the Board, and most importantly our members. He has enjoyed his work with all the Kent Woodlands homeowners, and now will be focusing on his residential architecture practice.

We are pleased to announce that Kristin Tiernan has been appointed as the new Architectural Committee Coordinator. Kristin and her husband, Chris, have been residents of Kent Woodlands since 2014, and her two children Dylan and Taylor attend Bacich Elementary. She has an in-depth knowledge of the community and is passionate about continuing to see our neighborhood thrive.

Kristin grew up in Petaluma, and her love for the Marin lifestyle and its unique architecture has made her the ideal fit for the position. Her extensive experience in the field, spanning over two decades, has provided her with the skills needed to excel in this role. She is highly organized, creative and, above all, looking forward to working with each of you.

Please join us in welcoming Kristin in her new position. We are thrilled to have her on board! Feel free to reach out to her at AC@kwpoa.com if you have any Architectural Committee business in progress that requires attention.

Party and Music Noise

It’s that time of year! Barbecues, parties, and generally enjoying our beautiful outdoor space. As you celebrate, please be mindful of how noise from your property may affect your neighbors. Sound really travels in our hills and valleys—perhaps more than you realize.

As a reminder, our noise rules state that “no owner shall permit loud and unreasonable noise to emanate beyond their property line that annoys or disturbs the quiet enjoyment of neighboring property owners or residents.” Noise complaints should be directed to the Marin County Sheriff at 415.479.2311.

Rules regarding all types of noise can be found on our website at kwpoa.com/noise-rule.

Gathering for Families with Young Children

Nearly 15 Kent Woodlands families gathered at Ross Common at the end of April for an afternoon of fun in the sun. It was wonderful to meet so many fellow neighbors, with many expressing strong interest in more events and activities going forward! If you missed the event and would like to be notified of future family get-togethers, lunches, walks/hikes, etc., please email Kent Woodlands resident Michelle Varney at mlgezo@gmail.com for more information.

Due to the heavy rains we’ve experienced this year, the fire season will be starting later than usual. This buys everyone extra time to cut high grass and weeds to create 100 feet of defensible space around all structures and at least 10 feet back from the roadway. 

An unusually wet winter and spring also means the fuel load of grass and weeds (fine flashy fuels) that burn fast will be taller than usual. This makes it even more important to limb all trees 6 feet from the ground or 1/3 the height of the tree. 

Do you have any questions prior to the beginning of the annual county home inspections? I’m happy to come to your home at no charge to you and lend my expertise. We’re also still recruiting volunteers for block captains to assist with evacuation planning. To learn more please contact me at Hhill@kwpoa.com.


— Heather Hill, Hazard Mitigation Specialist


Architectural Committee Application Notices

Please direct any Architectural Committee inquiries to the Architectural Coordinator at AC@kwpoa.com.

Next Regular Board Meeting Agenda

Monday, June 26, 2023 at 6:00pm

In Person at KWPOA Office, 1010 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. #200, Kentfield

AND via Zoom (contact jwilliams@kwpoa.com for meeting link)


  • Call to Order
  • Public Comment
  • Fire Safety & Hazard Mitigation Report
  • Approval of May22, 2023 Board Meeting Minutes
  • AC Report and Ratifications
  • Revised Architectural Rules
  • Noise Rules
  • White Houses — “Grandfathered” Approach
  • Roundabout/Safety Improvements Report
  • Entrance Beautification and Acorn Lot
  • Carbon Neutrality Task Force Report
  • Short Term Rentals Policy
  • Insurance Renewal
  • Officer Reports
  • County Update
  • Social Events Update
  • Administrator's Report
  • Next Regular Board Meeting Agenda
  • Adjourn and Reconvene in Executive Session


Executive Session Agenda:

  • Call to Order
  • Approval of May 22, 2023 Executive Minutes
  • Enforcements and Legal Matters
  • Personnel
  • Adjournment  

(Note: This is a preliminary agenda. Final agenda posted in KWPOA office window four days prior to meeting.)

Visit our website at www.kwpoa.com