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Bits and Pieces

February13, 2024

Oh, boy, are we all gonna' make some kitties and doggies feel some love from SVQ! We had a great time Saturday, with some wonderful volunteers, binding and serging the rescue quilts. One volunteer serged on our air threader for the first time, she picked serging up very quickly, and got a bunch finished for us. Another has a serger, and she completed a large stack of both smaller and larger quilts for us. I was able to refresh another's skills on how to easily bind totally on the machine and get beautifully mitered corners. And of course, we used the Laura Star ironing system for the process, emphasizing how easy it is to bind with crisp, flat, dry binding strips. One of our kind vols. said she'd come back to the shop on Monday when the class is Open Sew, and she'd finish up any of the quilts that needed finishing. There were three that got mis-placed and not finished, but thanks to Laurie, those will be completed Monday. And then we played: we completed 26 for Four Paws Cat Rescue in Youngtown, cut to sizes to meet their needs, and 29 larger quilts for the Arizona Humane Society on Dobbins Road for their larger rescues. HOORAY for ALL OF US!!!  

We will be repeating this again over Labor Day at the 3 day quilt show at Westworld, and my goal is to do even better! With all the positive response we had, I think we can meet this higher goal. You know, everyone at the show and every volunteer just made my heart swell with gratitude to be able to call myself "a quilter". We have such a great bunch of men and women whom we can call out to when help is needed, and we have never been disappointed by the response. I think back to "covid days" when the call went out for masks, scrub hats, and such, and we-the-quilters filled the needs, responding quickly and bountifully! No one can thank you enough for your generosity, talents, and heart....you are THE BEST!!! I am even encouraged to purge myself of unused towels and sheets, dog leashes and collars and halters that I/we no longer need, old but unused puppy toys, some treats that my bunch won't eat, things that the rescues will be grateful for. I bet I cleaned off at least 5 large shelves of things that they can use. I just had to get motivated to gather them all up. So, thank all of you who participated in so many ways!

Wed. and Thursday, Lynn M. is here for Bags: Camp. Bring your unfinished bag of choice, or the pattern of your choice to work on in camp. Lynn has done nearly all of the Bags by Annie, and we have ample patterns and supplies in the shop for you, including webbing, mesh, fasteners, etc. So pick out your prettiest fabrics and lets become Bag Ladies

Now, an FYI for those of you interested in software: Ramona and I put our heads together, with your suggestions, and we've done some re-vamping for you. We will continue with a monthly Software: Get Savvy class, and this will be an instructional project class, so bring your computer, machine, embroidery module and hoop so you can make an In-The-Hoop zipper bag! Class will be from 9:30-12 and cost is $28. You should leave with a lot of knowledge AND a finished bag.

If you purchased your software from us at SVQ, you will be getting a FREE Software V9 BERNINA Camp, which will include your Mastery class plus beginner's info. on your software. If you have Creator or Designer Plus, this introductory 2 day camp will get you on your way. If you purchased your software somewhere else, you are still welcome to join the class, but there will be a fee attached. That's just another reason we encourage you to buy at SVQ! This class will likely be a pre-requisite for the Intermediate and the Advanced classes, to ensure that everyone is on the same learning level. Any exceptions will be made by Ramona, the instructor. Check the website for more info., or give me a call. This Beginner camp will be March 21 AND 22. There is a lot of info. for you, but you will be given the basics for you to practice with and to make your machine embroidery so much FUN!

The Software:Intermediate Camp dates are April 5 and April 12. This gives you time to study, practice and learn monogram samples, fancy fills, lacework patterns, rotating, aligning, and much more. You are familiar with your icons and such, so this is a fun how-to class for you. Check the supply list Ramona has for you

The Software: Advanced class will cover digitizing, traveling, stitch types, templates and more. For this class, you must be familiar with software, since the pace will be faster and more advanced. This class, like the Intermediate class, has a fee attached, like any other class has.  

These classes are all in addition to the Software: Get Savvy project classes that Ramona teaches, and if it is too fast paced for you, then you'll backup and take the Beginner's 2 day camp above to learn the basics. Software is fun, creative and unique to your desires, but only if you learn how to use it, so let's get into that "comfort zone" with Ramona.  

On Monday, Tuesday and Wed. (2-19-21), Jan is repeating Embroidery: Edge to Edge Quilting. Those who took it last year learned a lot, were thrilled with all they learned to do, and asked for a repeat! High recommendations, indeed, so don't miss out on this class. Sign and pay to reserve your spot, and get the supply list.

The Door Banner Kits for March's Easter banner are now available for purchase. We only have a limited number for each month, so don't miss out! Whoo-Hoo...I think you're going to love our Special of the week! Just give us the code: TULA15 and get 15% off your purchase this week of all our Tula Pink fabrics. We have pre-cuts (fat quarters, 2.5" strips, etc.) in Tula also, and the code will include all of these!!! Her spring colors are scrumptious, and I'm not generally a spring-color-type-of-person, but I LOVE these. I plan to cut my own strips from her fabrics at 6" or the width of my ruler, to make a wonderful and fast strip quilt. In doing this, the fabric itself becomes the focus, and not the design. I love to focus on the fabrics always, and especially with this collection. Check them out and see what I mean! Then I'll tell you how I do a king size quilt and pillow topper or foot runner, and both pieces dress the bed, are easily washable, and allow for Murfee play on them.  

Have a great week; I intend to do the same! Hope to see you soon, and thank you for all you contribute to us at SVQ!

Barbara and the crew at SVQ

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