Dear Valued Members,

Welcome to summer! It officially started on June 21, but as we all know here in the PNW it really does not start until July 5. But there are exceptions to every rule. Nice warm weather starts on the 4th of July and is supposed to be in the low to mid 80’s for the next week. I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July. I am hoping we never have a 4th like we did several years ago. Funny story now but at the time it was a bit scary. We had some kids bring in a life-size stuffed teddy bear in the upper parking lot stuffed it full of sparkler bombs and set it on fire. There was no property damage except a singed tree but there were body parts of the bear all over the parking lot when they decided that was not such a good idea after all. It took me a minute to determine what kind of animal it was, but I finally found the head. We have not had any issues since that year, and we hope for another year of being “marked safe” from a teddy bear attack. LOL

We did some community events in June which got our name out. We have Summer Memberships available and camps that have started and are off to a good start. Please spread the word about our Morning Swim Lessons and Summer Tennis Camps. They are a great way to get your kids engaged in lifetime skills and sports. We still have spots open and scholarships available for the Tennis Summer Camps. The Summer Memberships are a great deal because if you extend it out into a regular membership, we waive the joining fee. 

The Whaling Days Parade is fast approaching and is on July 27. We need volunteers to walk in the parade with us. I am looking for all areas to be represented; tennis, pickleball, fitness, swimming, and racquetball players! It is a fun day to showcase KTAC and all that we do. Please sign up at the front desk and you will get your free KTAC t-shirt. Remember to practice your princess waves! We are also sponsors for the Silverdale Rotary Duck Race on Sunday. If you have never seen this event, it is worth coming out to root on my winning duck! LOL. 

Please check the Fitness Schedule for some new fitness classes that have started this month. We have also made changes to the pool schedule to add morning swim lessons and more public swim times. Friday tennis drills are back with our new tennis Pro, Vince Lopes. They go from 10:30am to 12pm right after Tennis Mini Camp. We look forward to having him take over these drills. Please sign up at the front desk. 

DRUM ROLL PLEASE! THE HOT TUB IS OPEN. It has been up for a few weeks with a soft opening to make sure there were no issues. We are having some intermittent problems with the jets, but we are working on figuring it out. For those of you that have been, patiently waiting, thank you. It has been a journey to say the least. We are keeping it to a four-person limit for now to keep the chemicals balanced so we can all enjoy the tub during various times of the day. 

As always, I appreciate every day I get to spend here at KTAC. It is a privilege and an honor to be your manager. I hope to see you around the center; I also utilize this great facility and you will see me in many different areas.


Katrina Fulkerson

General Manager

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Tennis & Pickleball Social

Free for Members and Non-Members

Join us on Friday, July 12, from 5-8pm for a tennis and pickleball social. KTAC socials are a great way to play tennis and pickleball, and meet new friends! It is a group activity where players are paired and rotated every 20 minutes (approximately), allowing you to play with and against a variety of different players. 

Create a UTR account - Click here and enter your information. Premium accounts are available for a fee which will provide discounts on all events and leagues, as well as the ability to see a more precise rating on all players. 


Join the KTAC UTR Digital Club - Click here and join the KTAC Digital Club. On this page, you will see all KTAC events and digital club members. 


Volunteer @KTAC

Help us support the development of an active, healthy and connected community by sharing your time, effort, and skill. For more information, contact Katrina at 360.692.8075.

B@KTAC Monthly Donor Program is a simple way for those who are able and so desire to provide a continual level of support for our mission to B@KTAC.

Donors can access our fundraising platform now by clicking here, or by clicking on the Donate Now buttons or menu links on our website at

Brown Bear Carwash Fundraiser

KTAC has Brown Bear Carwash Tickets for sale for $12 (Cash or Check) or $13 Credit Card. Call the front desk at 360.692.8075 to arrange purchase and delivery.

KTAC Tote Bags

What better way to show your KTAC spirt than with our tote bags! On sale now at the front desk for $8.

Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Visit Fred Meyer's Community Rewards page to sign up to donate your shoppers rewards to KTAC! KTAC's rewards code is QS877. Click here to learn more about Fred Meyer Community Rewards.

We are so very grateful for all of your support and simply because you are a member of our community!

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