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January 2014

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Happy New Year to you!

The KSHP Board of Directors 


Future Our First University Graduate  
Sponsored in high school, Winny Omwa received her BA in Media Studies & Journalism from Nairobi University last month. 
The youngest daughter in a family of 9 children, Winny's education was destined to end at grade 8 after the death of her father - until Polly Connell gave a helping hand to sponsor Winny's high school education.   
In this choice, we celebrate The Power of a Sponsor's Caring to change a young person's life.  Winny will multiply her sponsor's investment a hundred fold during her lifetime and secure her own children's education.

More than 80% of KSHP sponsored students graduate with honors and receive tuition-free university educations. A double return from a sponsor's early partnership and caring.  
We need sponsors now for hopeful new students.  For that young person, it will be the most important choice you ever made.  
Learn more about the rewards of being a KSHP sponsor.  Enroll today!
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Christmas Cakie and More
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Fifty sponsored students found reason to celebrate during our annual sponsor's Christmas party, which marks the close of the school year.
A 'Christmas bush' with paper lights and tinfoil ornaments stands in a pail filled with cotton ball snow.  Almost-green balloons deck the walls and 'gifties' of sweets wait under the tree.
Older sponsored students, now in university, busily serve a traditional meal while doling out good humor and 'elder' advice to their younger peers 
Finally, the Christmas 'cakie.'  A nine-pound fruitcake frosted in project colors: blue and gold.  For many, their first cakie ever.  Consumed to the last crumb.   Christmas Cakie

And the highlight for every student is the joy of returning home, laden with gifts for the family: packages of rice, oil, maize flour and beans - giving each family great reason to celebrate YOU this season.


Thank you! 


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This year, donors like you helped us to complete the construction of our eighteenth primary school latrine.  This achievement has improved the health and quality of life for thousands of Kendu Bay schoolgirls. 
Further, 100% of adolescent girls at these partner schools receive Dignity Kit supplies and weekly Girls Club education. 
These simple solutions: latrines, supplies and education resulted in zero incidences of teenage pregnancy and dropout at these schools.   


Help adolescent girls stay safe and stay in school.  KSHP needs your support to expand Girls Club education and Dignity Kits to the remaining five primary schools in 2014. 


Donate to Girls' Social Empowerment  

criticalCritical Need: a Sponsor's Helping Hand

Ian Jordan Juma is the firstborn of four children.  The father works as casual labor to provide the family's basic needs.  His income of $50/month leaves no money for education.

Ian is a confident and outgoing boy, whose excellent performance on the KSPE standardized test gained him admission to a top-ranked national high school.  Ian chose this distant school to escape his violent home life.  He currently lives with his step grandmother in a one room, mud-walled house in Kendu Bay.


Ian is an articulate and strongly motivated young man whose life holds great promise if he can gain a high school education.  Ian needs our assistance.  Be that helping hand! 



Ian is not alone.  His circumstances mirror those of most applicants.  Right now, we need sponsors for eight top-qualifying students for high school beginning in February.   


Be that sponsor!  Talk with friends and colleagues or form a group.  Your student and his family will thank you for the rest of their lives.
Sign up today to Sponsor a Student.    
Student selection is January, 2014