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Rob Vetter | Tomoko Suzuki

 August 3 - 27
KOBO at Higo | Japantown

Meet the Artists
First Thursday, August 3 | 5-7pm 

Rob Vetter | Paintings
Rob Vetter has been dedicated to the landscape for twenty years. He received a BFA in painting from Western University, and continues to make landscapes in various locations throughout Seattle and the Northwest. He is  known by some only as the creator of the 2x4 Landscape, a tool he employs to keep art accessible to all.

Tomoko Suzuki | Sculpture
Porcelain sculptures by artist, Tomoko Suzuki.  They are the predominant icons in her art and her visual interpretation of the Bodhisattvas.  These Bodhisattvas are struggling and suffering to advance to enlightenment while helping others to do the same, in the muddy pond of earthly desires.
Upcoming Event at KOBO
2017 SS Collection

Mi eko Mintz | Textiles

July 22 - August 20, 2017
4 Weeks Only

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Seattle Art Fair 2017

August 3 - 6, 2017 | CenturyLink Field Event Center
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