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Newsletter MARCH 2024

WELCOME! You are receiving this newsletter as a KMB member, friend, volunteer or supporter to stay updated on KMB news, events, and volunteer opportunities. YOU make KMB activities possible, and through your actions every day, you help keep our community clean, green, and beautiful. THANK YOU!

Keep McIntosh Beautiful is challenging the whole community to get outside and #CLEANYOURBLOCK! If you have adopted a highway, park or spot, plan a day in March or April for pickup. Or get your own group together and plan a pickup on the waterfront or in your neighborhood.

Would you rather plan something besides litter pickup? Other awesome ideas below. Let me know the date/time of your project and I'll announce it for you in case others want to join in. I'll make sure you have plenty of garbage bags, trash grabbers, vests, snacks and water.

During the Great American Cleanup, Keep America Beautiful affiliates (like KMB), partner organizations, corporate partners and millions of volunteers:

* Remove litter and debris from roadsides, highways, shorelines, and waterways for safer, cleaner communities

* Plant trees, flowers, and gardens to strengthen our community’s green infrastructure

* Clean and restore nature trails, recreation areas, and playgrounds to encourage play and physical activity

* Recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles, electronics, paper products, tires, clothing, and even junk cars to give garbage another life

* Rebuild public spaces in communities struck by natural disasters to renew social connections and

* Restore urban, suburban, and rural business districts and thoroughfares to spur economic impact

KICKOFF Community Wide Roadside Pickup

MARCH 9, 8:30-11:30am

McIntosh County needs a Spring Cleanup! Come out and join us for our KICKOFF Community-Wide Roadside Pickup as a part of the Great American Cleanup National Campaign. SHELLMAN BLUFF ROAD.

MARCH 9, 8:30-11:30.

Our pickup location will be:

Shellman Bluff Road- Meet at Coastal Community Health Services on Shellman Bluff Road at 8:30AM. We will provide supplies, instruction and refreshments for all of the volunteers.


to volunteer or call 912.289.1083. WE need YOU!

Let's PLANT some PRETTY!

MARCH 9, 10am-2pm

Join us Second Saturday March 9! 10am-2pm. ANOTHER GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP KICKOFF EVENT! Let's PLANT some PRETTY! We’ll have biodegradable flower pots, dirt and sun/shade wildflower seeds for you to PLANT your own PRETTY! Take it home and put it right in your garden! #cleanYOURblock


Folks are picking up their neighborhoods, places that they drive by daily that need lots of TLC, waterfronts, and boat docks. NEIGHBORS INSPIRING NEIGHBORS!

Working with a wonderful advisor, Steven (KJ) Roberson started a club for the young scholars at McIntosh County Academy that encourages young people to get involved in our area’s community efforts to better where we live, work and play. Their mission is to enhance the level of teenage awareness and VOLUNTEER participation!

They’re busy making posters and sign-ups for their MAY 11 Great American Cleanup event. They’ll start at 9am and clean the roadway from the turnoff to Mudcat Charlie’s to the bridge welcoming folks to Darien. 1736!

Let’s encourage these young men and women and applaud their willingness to get involved. Will update with more info closer to the event!

Our Oyster Roast Sponsors don't just help one evening. Their generosity helps us keep going all year! THANK YOU to our 2024 PARTNERS! Are you interested? Call the Director 912.289.1083 and let's discuss which partnership level works best for you! There's a really great fit for everybody! #COMMUNITYSTRONG

A BIG THANKS TO ALL OF OUR ADOPT-A HIGHWAY, PARK OR SPOT VOLUNTEERS THROUGHOUT MCINTOSH COUNTY! There are still plenty of miles and places needing some TLC. Please consider making this a way you help keep our community clean, green and beautiful!



Looking for a way to remove an abandoned building or mobile home from your property? Keep McIntosh Beautiful may be able to help.

Dilapidated and abandoned buildings are eyesores that detract from our community’s appearance and reduce the value of the property where they are located. They can also be unsafe and unhealthy nuisances that are locations for criminal activity. Very often, cost is the reason these derelict structures aren’t removed.

To address the problem in McIntosh County, local non-profit KMB offers financial assistance to OWNERS for the demolition and removal of abandoned buildings from THEIR property. We salvage and recycle what can safely be removed.

STRUCTURES MUST BE LOCATED IN MCINTOSH COUNTY, UNOCCUPIED, AND BEYOND REPAIR TO QUALIFY.  *We do not “take down churches” or go after people’s homes or any other such nonsense. 

Thank you to the many dedicated partners that help with this program. You are appreciated! KMB does not receive funding from any local, state or federal entities.




INSTAGRAM for Event Updates!

Fun things happening April 19-22 for EARTH WEEK!

November's COMMUNITY RECYCLE EVENT was so successful, we decided to add another for all of those unusable ELECTRONICS, your scrap METAL... APRIL 27!

KMB needs your support and your volunteer participation. Please join us or renew your membership TODAY! It's easy to do on our website, with a downloadable form or credit card/PayPal.

Keep McIntosh Beautiful is a volunteer-based, self-funded 501(c)3 non-profit affiliate of Keep America Beautiful and the Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation, but we receive no funds from either organization or financial support from any government entity.

Individual and local business support is VITAL for our operation and to fund KMB activities for Litter Prevention and Control; Recycling, Education; Beautification Projects & Abandoned Buildings Removal Assistance Program, benefitting Darien & McIntosh County.

Thank you!  



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