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WELCOME! You are receiving this newsletter as a KMB member, friend, volunteer or supporter to stay updated on KMB news, events, and volunteer opportunities. YOU make KMB activities possible, and through your actions every day, you help keep our community clean, green, and beautiful. THANK YOU!

Photo by April George Remy in captivating Crescent.


New Innovative Levels for Involvement! TOGETHER WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

We’re looking forward to kicking off sweeeeet summertime at our

local library! Spotlight book will be THE FLYING DEBRIS by Ed

Hose and Lisa Liguoru.

”Make a bird feeder

From a big water jug

Or find a new home

For a slug in a mug.”

Written for the UGA Marine Extension Service made possible with several grants. See y’all June 12!

“This story comes from the artist's imagination, but scientists have actually discovered places in the middle of the ocean where currents bring trash from far far away. Debris really does form giant masses of floating trash in the ocean, like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch...”


Champney Park & Boat Ramp

June 15, 2024


All supplies provided. Litter grabbers, vests, gloves, bags & water.

Keep America Beautiful and Keep McIntosh Beautiful proudly support the “Secure Your Load” campaign, aimed at reducing road debris caused by unsecured items in vehicles, which can lead to potentially dangerous travel conditions for drivers.

JUNE is SECURE YOUR LOAD Awareness Month. Goal is to reduce litter on roads. As a nation, we spend approximately $11.5 BILLION to clean our roads and it is estimated that 20-40% of road pollution comes from unsecured loads.

This crucial “Secure Your Load” campaign originated in 2016 following a devastating incident involving the daughter of founder Robin Abel. While driving to work, a heavy object crashed through her windshield, resulting in severe injuries initially deemed non-survivable. Determined to prevent such incidents from happening to others, Abel has dedicated herself to this cause.

“Secure your load as if everyone you love is driving in the car behind you,” emphasizes Abel. Join us in our mission to promote cleaner, greener, and safer roadways by securely loading your vehicles.


Jake and his little girl Silvya picked up 8 bags of trash today on Smith Road. THANK YOU! Jake, wife Liz and 5 year-old Silvya joined KMB pretty much as soon as they moved to McIntosh County last year. They’ve helped as a family with Rivers Alive; Liz volunteered at KMB’s last Oyster Roast; and Jake & Silvya often head outdoors to pick up trash LEFT BY OTHERS.

Everyone deserves to live in a clean, green & beautiful community! Silvya regularly wears princess costumes (sometimes superhero) and thinks trash is “disgusting” so she does her part to keep her home “pretty”. If a 5 year-old can do it, so can you! #BeTheChange And help this princess by not throwing your trash out! Keep your trash in your car until you get home or to a gas station where you can put it in a trash can. And SECURE YOUR LOAD so trash doesn’t fly out and “ugly” up this kiddo’s home!

EVERY piece of trash picked up MATTERS! #makeadifference If we spent just one hour today picking up trash, you would potentially remove thousands of pieces of trash, beautifying the area while also protecting wildlife, plant life, waterways, soil and ecosystems from toxic and dangerous chemicals and materials they shouldn't be introduced to.

Two full bags picked up along Blounts Crossing today! Thanks JD

Get Up, Get Out – Celebrate National Outdoors Month!

The nature of the modern family has changed, as in, there’s not much nature in it! American families have moved indoors over the past two decades, taking a toll on today’s population. Spending time outside is good for mental and physical health. Even more, it’s FUN and helps families build a lasting connection to nature and to each other.

Some say it takes a village to raise a family. This month, discover why we say it takes a backyard, a playground, a park!

Studies show that families that spend more time outside are more likely to live an active lifestyle, have higher vitamin D levels, display more empathy and less stress, have better mental health and have increased attention spans and improved critical thinking skills.

Great Outdoors Month 2024 is upon us bringing with it boundless opportunities to satisfy those cravings for fresh air & sunshine! From misty mountain peaks to sandy seashores, these amazing places are as close as a step out the front door. Even the smallest amount of fresh air can help to strengthen your connection with nature and have lasting health benefits.

Remember, too, that you don’t have to travel far and wide to get a dose of the great outdoors. From your own backyard to your neighborhood park, there are dozens of opportunities to “Get Up & Get Out” close to nearly everyone in the U.S.

(@sciencemadefun) #getupgetout


The well-deserving recipient of the 2024 Keep McIntosh Beautiful’s

$1000 Scholarship! You’ll be an outstanding nurse! Study hard. Play a little. KEEP VOLUNTEERING! Good luck in all future endeavors!

A BIG THANKS TO ALL OF OUR ADOPT-A HIGHWAY, PARK OR SPOT VOLUNTEERS THROUGHOUT MCINTOSH COUNTY! There are still plenty of miles and places needing some TLC. Please consider making this a way you help keep our community clean, green and beautiful!



Looking for a way to remove an abandoned building or mobile home from your property? Keep McIntosh Beautiful may be able to help.

Dilapidated and abandoned buildings are eyesores that detract from our community’s appearance and reduce the value of the property where they are located. They can also be unsafe and unhealthy nuisances that are locations for criminal activity. 

To address the problem in McIntosh County, local non-profit KMB offers financial assistance to OWNERS for the demolition and removal of abandoned buildings from THEIR property. We salvage and recycle what can safely be removed.


Thank you to the many dedicated partners that help with this program. You are appreciated!

Our most recent ABP beautification project!

What a beautiful lot in a flourishing neighborhood!



INSTAGRAM for Event Updates!

Join us in helping Keep McIntosh Beautiful! Partnering with KMB benefits you and your business in a big way. We believe in the power of collaboration and are seeking PARTNERSHIPS with people and businesses to further our mission and amplify our impact.

By becoming a partner of KMB, you’ll be directly contributing to our programs designed to enhance the beauty and economic activity in our community. *Land and Water Cleanups and Litter Control *Recycling Events and Education *Community Improvement and Beautification Projects *Our Award-Winning Abandoned Buildings Program that is removing dilapidated buildings and mobile homes.

In return, we offer various PARTNERSHIP Packages tailored to align with your company’s values and objectives. Benefits may include brand exposure through our marketing channels, opportunities for employee engagement, and recognition at our events and initiatives. In the past, we have reached out for Oyster Roast/BBQ Fundraiser Sponsors. Why just one event when we can celebrate our supporters ALL year long? PARTNERSHIPS are the answer!

We understand the importance of meaningful partnerships and are committed to ensuring that our partners receive tangible value and recognition for their support all year long. Together, we can create positive change and make a lasting difference in the lives of our neighbors.

Your support is vital. Keep McIntosh Beautiful is a 501(c)3 non-profit and registered affiliate of Keep America Beautiful and the Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation network, but we receive no financial support from either of these organizations and are one of only a few state affiliates

(out of 73) which receive no local government funding. Learn more about KMB and what we’re doing at

We DO ask that you arrange at least one cleanup yearly. Pick up trash right in front of your business or host a bigger pickup with employees elsewhere in our community. You’ll be given all supplies needed - litter grabbers, safety vests, bottled water, trash bags. What a mutually beneficial bonding activity AND exceptional marketing moment!

Thank you for considering this opportunity. We look forward to the possibility of working together to create a brighter future for our community. Working together for a clean, green and beautiful McIntosh County!

Tracy Sanford, Executive Director

THANK YOU to our PARTNERS! Our KMB Board Members will be heading out soon to discuss which new partnership level works best for our current Partners, and seeking new ones! There's a really great fit for everybody! Are you interested? Call Tracy, executive director, 912.289.1083. I'd love to speak with you! #COMMUNITYSTRONG

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