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September 3, 2020
Dear Friends & Family,
As we approach our opening day next week I want to reassure you of all the precautions we are taking to keep everyone safe with regards to COVID.

First, if you are a new patient or if I have not seen you within the last six months then an initial consultation is in order to get reacquainted with your goals and update your medical history. Consultations are free (as always) and virtual consultations via Face Time are encouraged whenever possible. If you prefer to come in I will ask you to fill out your paperwork electronically via Aesthetic Record

We will ask you some questions regarding your exposure risk and ask you to sign a consent form regarding COVID risk.

In office appointments will be spaced so there will be no overlap of clients.
We ask that you reschedule if you are not feeling well. Please arrive alone and with face washed to reduce our exposure time.

When you arrive:

  • Call the office from your car at 203-210-5626 at which time I will ask you to meet me in the lobby between the hair and nail salon.
  • Please come to your appointment wearing a mask or face covering. You will not be allowed to enter the building without a face covering.
  • Your temperature will be taken. If you have a fever, your appointment will have to be rescheduled and you should contact your primary care provider at that time. Know that those with lung disease, immune issues, over age 60, persons of color, etc. are at greater risk.
  • Please sanitize your hands upon arriving and leaving the office
  • Please touch as few surfaces as possible in the office.
  • No food, beverage, or magazines are allowed in the office.
Hand Sanitizer 1
What we are doing to sanitize the office and keep you safe:
  • Only one person will be seen at a time inside the office. At this time there are no other staff members besides Christine.
  • We are cleaning and disinfecting all frequently touched surfaces and equipment before every patient encounter.
  • Air will be fogged with an EPA-registered NON-TOXIC disinfectant in between all patient visits.
  • All pens and electronic devices will be UV disinfected.
  • As always hands will be washed before and after every treatment and appropriate PPE will be worn depending on the level of exposure
WABI’s UV Sanitizer is FDA cleared as a Class I medical device for general hospital and personal use. Great for high touch items such as keys, pens and electronic devices.
We use hypochlorous acid to fog the air, which is an EPA Registered disinfectant with no toxic chemicals. It is approved for use against 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including COVID-19.
All rooms are fogged in between patients in addition to wiping down frequently touched surfaces such as counter tops and treatment chair with a hospital-grade sanitizer.
Call me at (203) 210-5626 or respond to this email to schedule your free consultation!
Christine Zarb, APRN-BC
Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist