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October 2015  
Thanks to everyone who participated in our KCP Fall Gathering and Annual General MeetingWe had an incredible two days focusing on Large Landscape Conservation, and are working on a Winter Webinar Series to follow-up on this theme. Click here for a photo of our field tour. 

We would like to thank Duncan Whittick, KCP's Operations Coordinator, for his contributions to the KCP. Duncan will be moving on to other opportunities in the region, and we look forward to working with him in other capacities. 

We are now hiring for an Administrative and Communications Coordinator. Deadline for applications is October 15, 2015. Please click here for application details and the full job description. 

We hope you enjoy your monthly conservation update. You can click here at anytime during the month to check out current news and events on our blog. As always, please submit any news you'd like to share with our network by the 26th of each month to  info@kootenayconservation.ca.

Rachel Darvill
Columbia Wetlands Waterbird Survey

Rachel Darvill's primary passion is biodiversity conservation. Most recently, Rachel developed a new 5-year citizen-science initiative entitled the Columbia Wetlands Waterbird Survey (CWWS).  During the first round of surveys (Spring 2015), the program got 133 kids outside to birdwatch and saw 38 participants go to 64 locations throughout the Columbia Wetlands, enabling for over 14,000 individual birds to be recorded over three days, which amounted to 9 hours total!  Rachel is hopeful that collecting bird baseline data will enable the Wetlands to acquire 'Important Bird Area' status; she also believes the CWWS will create additional long lasting benefits such as additional private land acquisition, educational opportunities and increased stewardship.

Click here for Rachel's full story and photo.  

Patagonia Presents: Jumbo Wild
This fall, all across North America, Patagonia will present Jumbo Wild, a Sweetgrass Productions documentary film capturing a true made-in-the-Kootenays story-a story about our decades-long struggle over the future of the Jumbo Valley. Exploring the epic 24 year tug of war between the Jumbo Glacier Resort and Kootenay residents, First Nations, and conservationists, the film documents a fiercely ideological battle about how we value lands and why we care so deeply about our wild backyards. From iconic archival footage of the initial resort meetings to the critical tide-turning government decision in 2015, Jumbo Wild features intimate access to key players on all sides, bringing our passionate local fight to protect Jumbo Valley's wilderness to life for a global audience for the first time. The North American tour kicks off in the Kootenays the first week of October. 
Click here for more information. 

New Program to Strengthen Non-profits
Columbia Basin Trust
Through our new Non-profit Advisors Program, non-profit organizations in the Basin can address a variety of organizational development needs. It offers non-profits a new approach to help increase capacity, become more sustainable and become more efficient. In addition to providing information resources, the program can connect a non-profit with an advisor who will assess the organization and provide recommendations. Where the advisor determines additional specialized consulting support is needed, the program may subsidize those services. 
Click here for more information.

New Website and Grant Application System
Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program
The Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program has just rolled out its web-based, online grant application. Use this new web-based application to apply for our fish and wildlife grants. All FWCP Columbia Region grant applications - including those under the Upper Kootenay Ecosystem Enhancement Plan (UKEEP) - must be submitted online by Friday, Nov. 13. And while you are acquainting yourselves with the new way to apply for funds, make sure you check out the rest of the new website at fwcp.ca.
Click here for more information.

Passionate Biologists were Guest Speakers at our 10th annual AGM & Field Tour
Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society
The day kicked off with a Drone demo from Nelson based company Harrier Aerial Surveys. Drones are quickly emerging as a valuable tool used in ecological research. In Spring 2015 drones were used to map the problematic swath of Yellow Flag Iris (YFI) that hugs waterways at CVWMA. The flower is an escaped garden ornamental that outcompetes and displaces native plants causing wildlife habitat degradation. Marc-Andre Beaucher, Head of Operations for CVWMA gave a presentation on the threats that American Bullfrogs can have to wetland biodiversity. The final presenter of the day was Leigh Anne Isaac PH.D., a senior biologist with VAST Resources Solutions who has been studying the Western Painted Turtles that reside at CVWMA.  
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Windermere Westside Legacy Trail
Columbia Valley Greenways Trail Alliance
The Westside Legacy Trail will be a multi-use, non-motorized, paved trail connecting the communities of Invermere and Fairmont Hot Springs. It will be located on the west side of Lake Windermere paralleling Westside Road, constructed primarily on private land, and within Ministry of Transportation right-of-ways. The Westside Trail will be a dynamic landmark that will have many positive effects on the area including community health, environmental awareness, economic development, and safety for the increasing numbers of non-motorized travellers along Westside Road.
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TD Friends of the Environment Foundation
Deadline: October 15
The Foundation supports a wide range of environmental initiatives, with a primary focus on environmental education, urban greening and enhancing biodiversity, and energy conservation.
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Columbia Basin Trust
Deadline: October 19
CBT's Environment Grants fund community-initiated and community-supported projects that advance environmental well-being in the areas of ecosystems, climate, water or environmental education
Click here  for more information. 

Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund
Deadline: October 31
The Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) provides funding for projects that benefit conservation in the area from Spillimacheen to Canal Flats through the Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund (CVLCF) which is administered by the Kootenay Conservation Program (KCP). The intent is to provide funding for conservation projects that are not the existing responsibility of the federal, provincial or local governments. Through the CVLCF, the Kootenay Conservation Program has financially supported over 50 stewardship projects including ecosystem restoration, invasive species control, lake management, water quality monitoring, and a pilot ecological services project.
Click here for more information. 

EcoAction Community Funding Program
Deadline: November 1
The Program encourages action focused projects that will protect, rehabilitate or enhance the natural environment, and build the capacity of communities to sustain these activities into the future.
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Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation
Deadline: November 2
These grants are provided to projects that:  focus on freshwater wild fish, native wildlife species and their habitats; have the potential to achieve a significant conservation outcome; best represent the interests of the Trust Foundations' contributors, and maintain or enhance opportunities for fishing, hunting, trapping, wildlife viewing and associated outdoor recreational activities.
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Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program
Deadline: November 13
If you have an idea for a project to conserve and enhance fish and wildlife, you may be eligible for an FWCP grant. The priority issues and recommended actions are reflected in the Columbia Basin Plan and a series of Action Plans. In addition to the priorities in the Action Plans, the FWCP's Columbia Regional Board is encouraging fall 2015 grant applicants to submit grant applications that result in on-the- ground or in-stream restoration and enhancement work
Click here for more information.

Waneta Terrestrial Compensation Project (WTCP)
Deadline: January 31
The WTCP provides up to $50,000/year for research or restoration projects in the Waneta/Trail, BC area. Preference is given to projects that focus on species at risk, or mitigating impacts related to the construction of the Waneta Expansion Project. Applications are now being accepted from non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, and individuals. 
Click here for more information. 

Columbia Basin Trust Grassland and Rangeland Enhancement Program
Deadline: Ongoing
Over $200,000 still available for projects in 2015 - 2016.  Ranchers and individuals with Crown range tenures, environmental groups and non-profit societies are encouraged to apply for funding to improve and enhance grasslands and rangelands. Ranchers, for example, can use the support to build fences, install cattle guards and do other improvements on Crown land--activities that permit better livestock management practices and therefore result in better stewardship of rangelands.
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Kootenay Conservation Program Professional Development Bursary Program
Deadline: Ongoing
The Kootenay Conservation Program (KCP) Professional Development Bursary Program provides financial assistance to our partner organizations to allow their staff and volunteers to attend professional development activities. It is funded by the generous support of the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) and delivered by the KCP.
Click here for more information.   

Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program Community Engagement Grant
Deadline: Ongoing
The goal of the Community Engagement Grant is to provide an opportunity for FWCP stakeholders (e.g. environmental groups, rod and gun clubs, non-profits, stewardship organizations, government, and First Nations), to apply for small amounts of funding to support their conservation and enhancement work.
Click here for more information. 
KCP Administrative and Communications Coordinator
Deadline: October 15
KCP is looking for a qualified contractor to provide administrative and communication support services. The primarily role of this position is to provide "behind-­-the-­-scenes" administrative support. The secondary role is to provide leadership in facilitating KCP communication activities.
Click here for more information.

Friends of Kootenay Lake Program Manager (to cover a 12 month maternity leave)
Deadline: October 16
As the Program Manager you be involved with improving the health and stewardship of Kootenay Lake through monitoring, habitat restoration, capacity building and the empowerment of local communities and stakeholders. 
Click here for more information. 

Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund Technical Review Committee Member (Alternate)
Deadline: October 16
The Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) in partnership with the Kootenay Conservation Program (KCP) is seeking to fill one vacancy for an Alternate (volunteer) position on a five person Technical Review Committee to make recommendations on allocating annual funding for conservation projects for the area from Canal Flats to Spillimacheen. 
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Shoreline Clean-up Event
October 3, Crawford Bay
The Eastshore Freshwater Habitat Society and Friends of Kootenay Lake are teaming up to organize a community shoreline clean-up event at Crawford Bay Beach on the Eastshore of Kootenay Lake. Take action against shoreline garbage by joining us on October 3rd for the Crawford Bay Shoreline Clean-Up event. This will be a great opportunity for community members to have fun, help the lake, and socialize. The plan is to meet at Crawford Bay Beach at 1:00pm and start cleaning up garbage along the shoreline. After the clean-up there will be campfire with free hotdogs and refreshments. Bring your boots and work gloves!
Click here for more information. 

Food Forest Workshop
October 3 - 4, Clear Sky Centre
Have fun and develop hands-on experience with one of Canada's most experienced forest gardeners in our one-acre cold climate food forest, just 35 minutes from Cranbrook, and 50 minutes from Fernie, BC.
Click here for more information. 

Rally 2015: The National Land Conservation Conference
October 8 - 10, Sacramento
Rally is packed with diverse topics, colleagues and friends to learn and share with, and the resources you need to take your conservation skills further. No matter what conservation hat you wear, Rally covers the topics that are most important to you with more than 100 workshops on a diverse array of subjects, full and half-day seminars to dive deeper on issues.
Click here for more information. 

3rd Annual Kootenay Lake Summit
October 24, Nelson
For more information email info@friendsofkootenaylake.ca

An Introduction to Bayesian Methods for Ecologists
October 27 - 29, Revelstoke
Bayesian methods supplement the standard analysis methods such as regression, ANOVA, and generalized linear models. They are helpful in two general situations. First, when information from a number of studies is to be merged together. Second, there are certain problems that are "hard" to do using standard methods. For example, dealing with censored data in regression, or random effects in logistic regression. This course will present an overview of the use of Bayesian methods in ecology.
Click here for more information. 

6th Annual Northwest Climate Conference
November 3 - 5, Coeur d'Alene
The NW Climate Conference annually brings together more than 250 researchers and practitioners from around the region to discuss scientific results, challenges, and solutions related to the impacts of climate on people, natural resources, and infrastructure in the Northwest. It is the region's premier opportunity for a cross-disciplinary exchange of knowledge and ideas about regional climate, climate impacts, and climate adaptation science and practice.
Click here for more information. 

CBEEN Project WET Workshop
November 7, Rossland
This Project WET workshop will provide participants an opportunity to try a variety of activities in the Project WET Activity Guide and learn about water as a vital shared resource. This workshop will also identify ways to integrate water education using the new BC Education Plan. Facilitators Monica Nissen and Lee-Anne Walker are highly skilled water educators and WildBC facilitators who lead Know Your Watershed in the Columbia Basin. 
Click here for more information. 

CBWN Fall Member Meeting
November 6 - 8, Blue Lake Centre
Catch up with watershed groups, learn from others, have a great time! We will meet jointly with the Columbia Basin Water Quality Monitoring Program Fall Meeting.
Email cbwn.coordinator@gmail.com for more information. 
Check out the following organizations which were in attendance at our KCP Fall Gathering & AGM:

Center for Large Landscape Conservation
Since large landscape conservation involves great geographical scales and touches many lives, it requires a collaborative effort-not something one organization can fully shoulder alone. We see ourselves as the "hub" for large landscape conservation, connecting people, organizations and resources to foster powerful solutions that respect diverse stakeholders.
Click here for more information. 

Canadian Intermountain Joint Venture
The CIJV partnership provides opportunities for the efficient use of resources and expertise. Individuals can support the CIJV by joining
or contributing to one of our many partner conservation organizations and/or by taking part in local initiatives. These efforts are critical to conserving the region's wealth of natural habitat and wildlife diversity.
Click here for more information. 

Heart of the Rockies Initiative
The Heart of the Rockies Initiative is a land trust partnership that works to conserve both continentally significant ecological values at the landscape scale and community values that are prized locally. This partnership provides strategic vision, the latest science, and international cooperation to the strong collaborative work being done by 23 land trusts, protecting critical habitats and private ranch, farm and timberlands in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia and Alberta.
Click here for more information.

Great Northern Landscape Conservation Coorperative
The GNLCC partnership is network of U.S. federal, Canadian provincial and federal, Tribal Nations, state, academic, and conservation organizations. Working to achieve a collective landscape vision, the partnership implements a regional approach to address conservation issues across boundaries and jurisdictions by sharing data, science, and capacity.
Click here for more information.

Montana Institute  on Ecosystems
The Institute on Ecosystems (IoE) is a Montana community of scholars and partners with a shared vision to advance integrated environmental sciences and related fields. We draw on the extraordinary landscapes of Montana and beyond to understand complex ecosystems including the interconnectedness of people and nature.
Click here for more information. 


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