June 2014 eNews


Lots of great news to share this month. The National Conservation Plan, Digital Basin Portal and several funding announcements are just a few of our top stories. 


We're very pleased to showcase Dave White's Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep work in our Faces and Places feature. Click here to read Dave's story. Also, click here for some great news from the Northern Leopard Frog Recovery Team whose work has been supported by the Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund. 


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This spring has been very busy for KCP staff with meetings, field tours and presentations with the common goal of enhancing conservation across the Kootenays. KCP is also very pleased to announced that it has received a 5-year funding agreement from Environment Canada which will add to our capacity to continue to serve our partners.


Please note that we have changed the location of the upcoming Steering Committee meeting. This meeting will now take place in Invermere at the Nature Conservancy of Canada Office from 1:00pm - 3:00pm Mountain Time. Call-in information will be emailed out to the Steering Committee prior to the meeting.


We have also changed the date of our KCP Gathering and AGM in Creston to September 26-27. Included in this will be a tour of Darkwoods - the largest private land conservation project in Canadian history. Click here to read more about this amazing conservation property.


With all of the conservation projects in the works, we are pleased to announce that we have now opened nominations for KCP's annual Conservation Leadership Award!   Do you know of someone that should be nominated for this award? If so, please click here for the announcement and details on how to nominate someone for this award.


Dave White

BC's Wild/Domestic Sheep Separation Program


Over the past 30+ years Dave's passion towards conservation of the natural environment has been unwavering. While very difficult to pull out a particular initiative that stands above the rest, one theme that emerges is the conservation of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.

Dave is currently the volunteer coordinator of the Domestic Wild Sheep Separation Program which has secured funding for immediate separation for the most imminent threats. Through this role, Dave is looking at getting regional support for re-zoning that would require the separation of domestic sheep from wild sheep habitat.
Despite all of his work, there are still hurdles to overcome in order to eliminate the major threats to bighorn sheep in this region. 

Click here to read more about Dave and what he is doing to tackle this issue. 


Draft Watershed Action Plan ready for public review

Columbia Basin Trust

A draft plan that identifies actions to help conserve and enhance fish and wildlife in the upper Kootenay River, including Koocanusa Reservoir, is ready for final public review. The Watershed Action Plan will guide fish and wildlife projects delivered through the East Kootenay Koocanusa Fish and Wildlife Program. The deadline for public input on the draft is June 12, 2014. 

Click here to view the plan.


Endangered frog takes a leap forward

Northern Leopard Frog Recovery Team

The endangered Northern Leopard Frog (Lithobates pipiens), the most at-risk amphibian in British Columbia, is taking a leap forward on its path to recovery, largely due to the coordinated work of the Northern Leopard Frog Recovery Team. On May 26th two thousand captive bred and hatched tadpoles were released into the Columbia Marshes. 

The funding for the extensive survey, assessment and monitoring work that went into starting a reintroduced population was provided by the Regional District of East Kootenay's Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund (CVLCF) which the Kootenay Conservation Program administers. The next step will be to monitor the reintroduction program to determine its long term success. 
Click here to read the full story.

National Conservation Plan Launched
Government of Canada

On May 15, 2014, Prime Minister Stephen Harper launched the National Conservation Plan (NCP), which will provide a more coordinated approach to conservation efforts across the country with an emphasis on enabling Canadians to conserve and restore lands and waters in and around their communities, and making it easier for citizens living in cities to connect with nature. The NCP will include significant additional investments over five years to secure ecologically sensitive lands, support voluntary conservation and restoration actions, and strengthen marine and coastal conservation. In addition, it will contain new initiatives designed to restore wetlands and to encourage Canadians to connect with nature close to home through protected areas and green spaces located in or near urban areas. The Plan will expand opportunities for partners, including municipalities, environmental interest groups, hunters and anglers, landowners and community groups, to take practical actions to safeguard the land and water around them in three following priority areas.

Click here to read the full story. 

Announcement of Funding Awards
Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative

The Great Northern LCC is pleased to announce the commitment of $720,000 to ecological research, information management, and capacity support for the fiscal year 2014. With GNLCC funds, we are supporting a diverse range of science, capacity and organizational projects through leveraging of ongoing work. This is part of our strategy to move towards a shared information base to inform our collective vision for landscape conservation among conservation partners. We encourage leveraged dollars and programs to support common priorities. Through these projects, we are leveraging our dollars ten fold while strategically targeting our partners priority work and supporting mutual goals for landscape conservation. 

Click here to see the full list of funded projects.


Local Youth Raise Awareness to Prevent Pollution entering Kootenay Lake
Friends of Kootenay Lake

Columbia Basin Trust's Know Your Watershed Program and Friends of Kootenay Lake teamed up with Nelson youth to paint yellow fish by storm drains in the Rosemont area. Claire de la Salle from Friends of Kootenay Lake said "By preventing pollution from entering storm drains students are helping to keep Kootenay Lake healthy. Many people don't know that the storm drain system empties directly into the lake. Painting yellow fish by storm drains is done across the country and can really have a positive impact to reduce pollutants entering our waterways." The Trafalgar Leadership class helped to organize the event with support from teacher Kelly Anast and Monica Nissen, from Know Your Watershed. The goal was to teach fellow students about the importance of keeping "only rain in the drain". In total, there were 67 students from Trafalgar, South Nelson, and Rosemont schools, 5 teachers, and 11 volunteers, a total of 83 people that painted 99 storm drains.

Click here to read the full story.

Soiree shines light on environmental education
Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network (CBEEN)

CBEEN hosted a 'Soiree and Expo' wine and cheese event in Nelson on May 22. This event showcased the amazing environmental education programs on offer in the local area while underlining the incredible value this plays in developing a healthy community. Twenty-two local environmental educators were on hand to share their programs with invited guests as part of the Environmental Education Expo. Local groups represented included Wildsafe BC, Wildsight, the Kootenay Community Bat Project, Kootenay Native Plant Society, Friends of Kootenay Lake, Seniors Economic Environment Development Society, Selkirk College, Columbia River Basin Biodiversity Atlas, Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Living Lakes Canada, Crawford Bay School, GreenLearning Canada Foundation and the Tipi Camp Nature Retreat. 

Click here to read the full story.  

Nature Conservancy of Canada - Rocky Mountains Program

Stewardship Coordinator

The Stewardship Coordinator, Canadian Rocky Mountains Program assumes a lead role in the coordination and delivery of stewardship activities on all NCC lands within the Canadian Rocky Mountains Ecoregion. Stewardship activities include but are not limited to: pre-securement site inspections and evaluations, project budget and fundraising, biological resources inventory, management planning, ecosystem restoration and maintenance, management of tenures, licenses and leases, partnership and stakeholder liaison, coordination and review of research, implementation monitoring, compliance monitoring, effectiveness monitoring and recruitment and supervision of Canadian Rockies contractors and seasonal staff.

Application Deadline: June 11, 2014

Click here to find out more.


Columbia Basin Trust

Request For Proposals: Koocanusa Land Use Area Analysis
Columbia Basin Trust is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to prepare a situational analysis and recommended actions with respect to land and water based recreation activities that have impacts on the provincial Crown land portion of the Koocanusa reservoir area in Southeastern British Columbia.

Proposal Submission Deadline: June 20, 2014

Click here to find out more.


Lake Windermere Ambassadors

Watershed Stewardship Program Assistant

The Watershed Stewardship Program Assistant will conduct research pertinent to the program (including on-water field work), provide educational materials to community members and tourists through community outreach, and promote our initiatives at various community events.

Application Deadline: ASAP

Click here to find out more. 


Regional District of Central Kootenay 

Environmental Services Coordinator

The Environmental Service Coordinator acts as the public liaison on Waste Reduction and Recycling Services and is responsible for the delivery of various Environmental Services Department programs and initiatives. This position will also have some overlapping job functions with the Water Services Liaison (Utilities), the Resource Recovery Operations Supervisor, and the Environmental Technologist (Resource Recovery). 

Application Deadline: June 4, 2014

Click here to find out more.


Columbia Basin Trust

Special Initiatives Intern

The Special Initiatives Intern provides confidential support services for the Trust's Special Initiatives department on a range of communications, media, event planning, research and report writing and office administration activities related to Special Initiatives projects. Special Initiatives addresses the research and development of priority issues, areas and projects across the organization. This position reports to the Director, Special Initiatives. This position is a one-year term position based out of our Golden office.

Application Deadline: June 6, 2014

Click here to find out more.


Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment

Request for Proposals: Guidance Document for the Groundwater Sustainability Assessment Approach

The Contractor will develop a guidance document to support jurisdictional use of the Groundwater Sustainability Assessment Approach, which is an approach for assessing the sustainability of groundwater resources at a local, regional or Canada-wide scale.

Proposal Deadline: June 19, 2014

Click here to find out more.


Canon's Take Root Program

Deadline: June 6

Canon and Evergreen have partnered to offer the Take Root Grant Program, which provides funding for stewardship and restoration activities across Canada.

Click here to find out more.   

Real Estate Foundation of BC 
Deadline: June 12 
Grants (request up to $20,000) supporting sustainable food systems, freshwater sustainability or the sustainable built environment. 
Click here to find out more.

BC Park Enhancement Fund

Deadline: June 15

The Park Enhancement Fund supports projects that engage the local volunteer community, to a maximum of $5,000 per project.  There are two categories of projects, Visitor Experience and Recreation and Conservation.

Click here to find out more.  


TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

Deadline: July 15

The program supports Environmental education, schoolyard and urban naturalization projects, community gardening programs, habitat restoration, endangered species/wildlife protection and environmental research. 

Click here to find out more.


TD Leadership Grants

Deadline: July 15

Up to $5000 is awarded to enhance organizational capacity of environmental charities by providing funding for both formal and informal training and development opportunities for leaders within these organizations. Must have been a TD FEF recipient in the past. 

Click here to find out more. 


Patagonia Environmental Grants

Deadline: August 31

Supports local groups working to protect local habitat (biodiversity and ecosystem protection). Priority areas: to protect and restore native fish populations and the habitat on which they depend. 

Click here to find out more.

Lake Enid Restoration Event

June 7, Invermere

Join Professional Forester, Randy Harris, on a walk and talk at Lake Enid, and then get your hands in the dirt and help plant shrub cuttings.

Click here for more information.


North America Congress for Conservation Biology (NACCB)

July 13 - 16, Missoula

The NACCB provides a forum for presenting and discussing research and developments in conservation science and practice for addressing today's conservation challenges. 

Click here for more information.  


BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF) Wetland Keepers Workshop

July 25 - 27, near Kimberley

BCWF's Wetlandkeepers Courses are two 1/2 day workshops that educate participants about wetland conservation. This is a hands-on fieldwork course that provides participants will technical skills to steward their own wetland.  Participants are provided with a copy of the Wetlandkeepers Handbook. 

Click here for more information and to register.

Summer Outdoor Leadership and Development Initiatives for Youth (SOLIDIFY)

August 18 - 28, Kootenay Lake

This 11 day program is an opportunity for young adults (aged 16-18) to build confidence through problem solving skills; to work more effectively in teams, and to develop communication skills. The program runs August 18th-28th, 2014. Applications accepted until July 15th. 

Click here for more information.  


Exploring Public Participation in Scientific Research

September 9 - 10, Calgary

This conference will explore the diverse and growing field of citizen science with sessions on program design, evaluation, policy implications, technology and applications in parks and protected areas.

For more information email events@rockies.ca


5th Annual Conference of the Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent

September 10 - 12, Waterton

More information coming soon here.    

Columbia Salmon Festival

September 13, Invermere, BC

The 4th annual Columbia Salmon Festival will celebrate the history of the salmon that once migrated to the headwaters of the River. Learn about the cultural significance, the challenges and the prospects of restoring salmon to the Columbia Basin. 

More event information will be available soon here.  

Kootenay Conservation Program Annual Gathering and AGM
September 26 - 27, Creston
More information coming soon here

Solving Wicked Problems: Using human dimensions to inform natural resource management

October 1 - 3, Kimberley

During this Columbia Mountains Institute (CMI) conference, participants will examine how to use human dimensions research and methods to help resource practitioners resolve "wicked problems" in southeastern BC. Call for presentations closes on June 27. 

Click here for more information.  


Public Participation for Natural Resource and Environmental Assessment Managers 

October 2 - 3, Kimberley  
This Columbia Mountains Institute facilitated course is designed as an introduction to public participation basic concepts and skills. Despite the demonstrated benefits of effective public participation, few resource and environmental assessment managers have formal training or professional development in planning for and implementing participatory processes. Call for presentations closes on June 27.
Click here for more information and course registration.

Voices for Sustainability Symposium
October 17 - 19, Golden
The Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network's (CBEEN) popular annual gathering of environmental educators will take place at Quantum Leaps Lodge in Golden. Registration to open in August.  
Click here for more information.

Real Estate Foundation of BC Land Awards Gala
October 17, Vancouver
The Land Awards will be presented in the categories of Public Sector, Private Sector and Non-profit Sector as well as the individual Land Champion Award.
Click here for more information.  

Columbia River Basin International Conference
October 21 - 23, Spokane
Conference Theme: Learning from Our Past to Shape Our Future. 
Click here for more information.

Columbia Basin Rural Development Institute

Digital Basin Portal

You can now access the RDI State of the Basin data and analysis through the Digital Basin, an online interactive mapping tool. Users can interact with data related to the economic, social, cultural and environmental indicators. There are 21 environmental layers including information on protected areas that shows that public parks are underrepresented in low elevation areas and private conservation organizations are working to address this issue. Other layers show that there are many more endangered species and invasive plants in these same low elevation zones. To join RDI's mailing list please click here

Click here for more information. 


Conservation Innovation - Investing in Resiliency


New science on climate resiliency promises to help land trusts identify places that will continue to host biodiversity even as the climate changes. Working with a grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Open Space Institute has launched a set of 'catalyst' grants to test the application of this science to conservation planning. This recorded webinar reviews the science and applications, the catalyst grant program, and offer a preview of the findings from the upcoming edition of Losing Ground.

Click here to watch this recorded webinar.


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