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February 2016 

2016 Winter Webinar Series 
Our winter webinar series is underway, featuring Large Landscape Conservation as our theme. The first webinar of the series was an overwhelming success! Harvey Locke presented an informative session applying the theme of Large Landscape Conservation to private land assembly, public land management, highway crossing structures, and partnership building, related to the ranges from Yellowstone to Yukon. If you missed this first webinar of the series, you can view it from a link on our website by clicking here.  For those of you who attended this first webinar of the series, thank you for your attendance and feedback!
Our next three webinar sessions are expected to be just as amazing! Each webinar is FREE to participate in and is guaranteed to provide informative and educational aspects of varied topics surrounding Large Landscape Conservation. Below is a brief listing of the remaining webinars in our series. For more information on our webinar series, including a summary of discussion and biographies of our presenters, view our website by clicking here.
Webinar: The History of Community-based Conservation in the Blackfoot Watershed
Presenter: Gary Burnett, Executive Director of the Blackfoot Challenge
Date & Time:  February 11, 2016 at 11:00 am - 12:00 pm  (MST)
Registration information: Click here to register for this webinar
Webinar: Discussion from the Practitioner's Network for Large Landscape Conservation 
Presenter: Shawn Johnson, Coordinator for the Practitioner's Network for Large Landscape Conservation
Date & Time:  February 26, 2016 at 11:00 am - 12:00 pm  (MST)
Registration Information: Click here t
o register for this webinar

Webinar : The Great Eastern Ranges (GER) Initiative:  Linking the Landscapes and Landholders of Eastern Australia
Presenter: Gary Howling, Great Eastern Range's Conservation Manager, New South Wales, Australia.
Date & Time: March 9, 2016 at 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm  (MST)
Registration Information:  Click here to register for this webinar

2016 CVLCF (Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund) Funded Projects 
Results are in! The KCP has approved the projects for its 2016 CVLCF. To view a list of approved funded projects, click here,

**NEW**   KLLCF (Kootenay Lake Local Conservation Fund)
The Kootenay Conservation Program (KCP) and Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) are seeking proposals for projects that will benefit conservation in the rural areas around Kootenay Lake, specifically electoral areas A, D, and E within the RDCK. The purpose of the Fund is to provide local financial support for important projects that will contribute to the conservation of our valuable natural areas. KLLCF funding is available for conservation projects that result in the reduction to a known threat to biodiversity. The themes for the Fund are water conservation, wildlife and habitat conservation, and open space conservation.
The closing date for project submissions is 4:30 pm February 15, 2016. Application forms for the KLLCF can be found here.

The RDCK in partnership with the KCP is seeking Committee Members for their five-person Technical Review Committee to make recommendations on allocating annual funding for conservation projects for the KLLCF.  Closing date for applications is 4:30 pm February 15, 2016.  Applications can be emailed to info@kootenayconservation.ca  

For information on the KLLCF, visit our website by clicking here.   
We hope you enjoy your monthly conservation update. You can read our blog  at anytime during the month to check out current news and events. As always, please submit any news you'd like to share with our network by the 26th of each month to  info@kootenayconservation.ca.

George Wilson
President of the BC Wildlife Federation 
George has been involved in the organized hunting community for 40 years, seeing a lot of changes over that time. He has worn many hats along the way with involvement in the Fernie Rod and Gun Club, the East Kootenay Wildlife Association, and most recently with the the BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF). As the current President for the BCWF, George works with the regional associations working on political issues related to the hunting community, and supporting clubs to find resources for their specific issues and projects.
Click here for George's full story and photo.

Nature Conservancy Canada
Conservation project protects native grasslands on the Columbia Valley's oldest working cattle ranch
Owners of SRL-K2 Ranch, which is located on the west side of Windermere Lake, have partnered with the Nature Conservancy of Canada to protect the native grasslands on their 11,000+ acre ranch. The working cattle ranch, which dates back to 1898, is now protected from subdivision and development; the biggest ecological threats that valley-bottom lands in the East Kootenay face. The ranch owners have spent years restoring the native grasslands to their former vitality, efforts which have culminated in the establishment of a conservation covenant on a large portion of the ranchlands. To read more about this project, click here.
Columbia Basin Trust (CBT)
$9M in New Grants for Recreation Infrastructure
CBT has recently announced a new granting program that will provide financial help to groups and organizations wishing to construct new recreation infrastructure or upgrade existing infrastructure. Recreation Infrastructure Grants will offer $3 million per year over the next three years.  For more information, visit their website by clicking here
Blue Lake Centre 
Spring Break Programs and Special Rates 
Blue Lake is offering an outdoor youth leadership program, March 13-19 for 13 to 18 year olds.  This unique 7-day program challenges participants to develop leadership and outdoor skills in an amazing wilderness environment.  Special winter rates are being offered for mid-week bookings at Blue Lake's Lodge.  For more information on their spring break leadership program, and winter rate specials, visit their website here.

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The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), "Other Qualified Organizations (OQO) Program"
Deadline: February 1
NCC is pleased to announce Round 2 of the OQO Program.  Funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada, and administered by NCC, the program will provide up to $5 million in support of conservation in communities across Canada.
Click here for more information.
The Nature Trust Brink/McLean Grassland Conservation Fund
Deadline: February 12 
The objective of the Brink/McLean Grassland Conservation Fund is to promote research, habitat restoration and other stewardship activities that will assist in the management of the land, plants and animals of BC's native grasslands 
For more information contact Marian Adair at 604-969-3242 or email madair@naturetrust.bc.ca 

Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation GO Grant
Deadline: February 15
GO Grants provide field trip grants for K-12 classes and schools in BC toward transportation, project materials and program fees that support outdoor, hands-on learning in and about nature. 
Click here for more information.
RBC Blue Water Project - Community Action Grant
Deadline: February 18 
These grants range from $1,000 to $10,000, and are awarded to local or community-based organizations in Canada, the United States or the Caribbean.
Click here  

Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) 
Deadline: February 26    
CSJ provides funding to help employers create summer job opportunities for students. It is designed to focus on local priorities, while helping both students and their communities.
Click here for more information.
Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) - 2016 Partner Grants
Deadline: February 29 
The Y2Y Partner Grants Program has been extended to its 18th year with generous support from the Woodcock Foundation.  Grants for a maximum of $10,000 are available for eligible projects that align with Y2Y's strategic priorities.
Click here for more information. 
Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation Acquisition Grant
Deadline: March 31
The Acquisition Grant is designed for projects that acquire land or interests in land to secure the value of those areas for conservation of fish and wilflife habitats and populations. 
Click here for more information. 
CBT Manager of Communications
CBT is currently seeking a Manager of Communications to manage communication plans and projects, support engagement and outreach efforts, develop and recommend strategies for the Trust brand, foster relationships, and to monitor and maintain media relations.  This position is located in their Castlegar office.  Note: application deadline is not noted.
Click here for more information. 

Selkirk College Rural Development Institute, Applied Research - Faculty Assistant    
Deadline:  February 12
The Department of Applied Research and Innovation (ARI) and the Columbia Basin Rural Development Institute (CBRDI) are seeking a Faculty Assistant to support applied research. The RDI portion of the position (approximately 70%) will support the State of the Basin initiative, applied research projects and related outreach and extension activities under the supervision of the Manager of the RDI. The ARI portion of the position (the remainder of the 100% appointment) includes supporting the Selkirk College's Selkirk-SME Applied Research & Technology (SMART) Solutions project and Project Coordination team under the supervision of the Dean of Applied Research and Innovation.
Click here for more information. 

CBEEN RFP: Community Based Environmental Education (EE) Inventory and Assessment
Deadline:  February 15
CBEEN is requesting proposals for a qualified contractor to undertake a Community based EE Inventory and Assessment.
Click here for more information. 
Seasonal Wetland Naturalist
Deadline: March 4
Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area (CVWMA) is hiring a Seasonal Wetland Naturalist to be a member of their team dedicated to providing quality environmental education programs and front country excursions.
Click here for more information.

Clear Sky Food Forest and Farm Manager
Clear Sky Centre is seeking an individual with experience developing value-added products from farm produce. This position will be crafting products from their cold climate farm and food forest. Note: application deadline is not noted.
Click here for more information.  
CBEEN - Green Teacher Webinars
February 4 & 10 
CBEEN continues its series of webinars with the following topics and dates:
    • Collecting Field Data on Local Birds with Elementary Students. Presenters - Renee Bachman and Ted Watt.  Thursday, February 4, 2016, 7:30-8:30 pm EST;
    • Remote Cameras in Environmental Education. Presenters - Ryan Pennesi and Dawn Tanner.  Wednesday, February 10, 2016, 7:30-8:30 pm EST;
For more information and to register, click here.

Great Northern Landscape Cooperative Webinar - Completing the Loop: Combining Occupancy Modeling, Crowd-sourcing, and
eDNA Sampling to Inventory Bull Trout Across their U.S. range
February 10 
Presented by Mike Young, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station, this webinar will look at using environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling to monitor aquatic species, making it  possible to conduct rapid and cost-effective broad-scale species assessment and monitoring, particularly when informed by robust species distribution models. Preliminary results from an effort to identify habitats occupied by juvenile bull trout in all 4th-code basins constituting their historical U.S. range will be provided.
To register and for more information, click here.  

Columbia Basin Watershed Network Webinar - The BC Water Sustainability Act and Community Water Systems
February 16 
Rosie Simms and Natasha Overduin of the University of Victoria, POLIS Water Sustainability Project, present an update on the new Water Sustainability Act for community water systems. With a basic introduction to some of the major features of the new Act, the presentation will focus on opportunities for watershed planning in the new Act.
For more information and to register, click here.

Ground Water at Risk of Containing Pathogens (GARP) Seminar
February 18
The Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEG) presents this seminar in Kelowna BC, designed to enhance the competencies of qualified professionals and improve the uptake of Ministry guidance on assessing ground water for pathogenic risks, this seminar focuses on the appropriate application of the GARP assessment document and the subsurface treatment credits in the Ground Water Supplies in British Columbia (GWTO).
For registration and more information click here.  
Wildsight Kimberley/Cranbrook - Net-zero Speaker Series
February 19 and March 4
On Friday, February 19th, Dave Spencer, founder of EchoHaven, a sustainable development in Calgary and builder of his own net-zero home, will present in this Net-zero series. March 4th wraps up the series with Shafraaz Kaba of Manasc Isaac Architects in Edmonton.
For more information click here.
Environmental & Social Assessment Forum
February 23 and 24     
Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology presents this forum at the College of the Rockies, Cranbrook BC. Recent changes in environmental assessment legislation, policy and process will be addressed. This will be a unique two day modular event where participants can learn how to work through the process from either a stakeholder or proponent position. Registration closes February 5th.
For more information click here .
Climate Change in the North Columbia Mountains
March 11
T he Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology presents this climate change workshop at the Revelstoke Community Centre, Revelstoke BC.
Greg Utzig of Kutenai Nature Investigations Inc. will explain how changes might impact forestry, tourism, recreation and other land-based activities.
This workshop is comprised of a series of presentations and interactive sessions whereby participants will apply new information about climate change in the North Columbia mountain area to their responsibilities and interests.
For more information click here.
Crown Managers Partnership Annual Forum
March 15 - 17  
The Crown Managers Partnership will be holding it's 16th annual forum in Fernie, British Columbia on March 15 - 17, 2016. The topic of the Forum is " We Need the Needles: Coordinating Action to Conserve 5-Needle Pine Forests in the Crown of the Continent"
Click here for more information.

16th Annual Fly Fishing Symposium 
March 19 - 20 
The place to be for all fly-fishing enthusiasts is the 16th Annual Fly Fishing Symposium taking place on March 19 - 20, 2016 at the Castlegar Complex. Admission is free! Come out for a chance to win great door prizes, attend free seminars and find out about some sweet Kootenay fishing spots. Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society (CKISS) will be there to promote the CLEAN, DRAIN, DRY campaign.
Click here for more information.
Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent 
October 13 - 14 
Save the dates!  The Roundtable is coming to the northwest part of the Crown of the Continent for its fall gathering in Fernie, BC.
Click here for more information.
19th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count 
Join in the 19th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), a four-day global event that creates a snap shot of where birds are around the world. This event runs from February 12 to 15. For more information, or to participate in the event, click here.
Commission for Environmental Cooperation's (CEC) Submissions on Enforcement Matters Process
The CEC recently released a short video that describes the Submissions on Enforcement Matters (SEM) process established under Articles 14 and 15 of the
North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC). The SEM process allows residents of Canada, Mexico and the United States to submit their environmental enforcement concerns to the CEC by making an assertion that one or more of those three countries is failing to effectively enforce its environmental law. The animated video highlights the main components of the SEM process, a non-adversarial mechanism that promotes public participation, information-sharing between governments and the public, and transparency and openness in the effective enforcement of environmental law in North America. To learn more about the CEC's SEM process, view their video here.

Practitioners Network for Large Landscape Conservation
An alliance for professionals and citizens engaged in leading, managing, researching, advocating, funding, educating or setting policy to advance large landscape conservation initiatives. Shawn Johnson is the Coordinator for the Practitioners Network and will be presenting in KCP's upcoming webinar series on February 25 at 11 am MST. To view the Practitioners Network for Large Landscape Conservation's website, click here.

Blackfoot Challenge
The Mission of The Blackfoot Challenge is to coordinate efforts that will enhance, conserve and protect the natural resources and rural lifestyles of the Blackfoot River Valley for present and future generations. Blackfoot Challenge supports environmentally responsible resource stewardship through cooperation of private and public interests. Gary Burnett has served as the Blackfoot Challenge's Executive Director for close to nine years and will be presenting in the KCP's upcoming winter webinar series on February 11.  To view the Blackfoot Challenge website click here .


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