A Note from Scott and Marsha
September 24, 2020
We hope this finds you well and enjoying a beautiful fall season. We are having so much fun tossing pumpkins and taking pictures in the garden of all our favorites, including you!  

We wanted to give you an update on our friends, Dan and Sally, who live next door and lost everything in a house fire. They are finally settling in the rental house down the street. Also, we are seeing some activity with RestorePro as they are filling dumpsters and making plans for the rebuild.  We love you RestorePro!

I have to stop and brag for a minute. Lynn, our Director of all things Fun at FGS, has been incredibly supportive and just a good friend to Sally. It has been amazing to sit back and watch her in action. Her heart is to serve. "How can I help?" is pretty much her standard question every morning to those around her. She has single-handedly worked, organized and gathered things that Dan and Sally need.  

A few weeks ago, Scott and I had the privilege to attend her son's wedding. If you have used our Landscape Division for install projects, you might have met her husband, Dale. Dale worked with us and now that he has moved onto different projects like building houses, Lynn joined our team to help with events and pretty much everything she can get herself into! Cough .. pottery .. cough.  

The wedding was amazing of course - all planned by Lynn and her daughter/partner in crime, Jessica. Pictured is Dale and Lynn right before Dale gave the best man speech and Lynn danced with her son.  It was a beautiful evening celebrating a beautiful family.  

When you see Lynn, stop and let her know how she can help you! LOL! I promise you she will literally drop whatever she is doing and give you her undivided attention. It's amazing to be around so many wonderful people.  

You should come today! Who doesn't need some positive, happy and wonderful people in their life? We are willing to share, and we have the best. Be-leaf me. It's true.  BAHAHAHA!
The Garden Center will now open at 10AM on Sundays.
The Potting Shed will also open an hour earlier at 11 AM.
Get your green, pumpkins, mums, and mimosas an hour earlier!
See you Sunday!
Calathea are popular primarily for their beautiful foliage. There are many different varieties to choose from, but all of them have leaves that look as though they've been painted. We love that Calathea are pet-friendly (which in the houseplant world, can be hard to find.) While some Calathea can be more of a challenge to care for, we have shared best practices for keeping these natural pieces of art gorgeous.
Large shrub? Small tree? You pick! Whether tree or shrub is not what really matters, because you will love the white blooms in the late summer. They drop their petals only to reveal pink sepals that look as though it is blooming for a second time. Seven-Son Flower will grow 15-20 feet tall and 8-12 feet wide. You will enjoy aspects of this plant, from its bark to its foliage to its flowers, all year long.
Pansies are cool season annuals for fall, winter, and early spring that come in many colors- red, pink, purple, lavender, yellow, white, orange and more! Blooms size vary from violas, Penny and Sorbet, that are 1" to Majestic Giants and Colosses that are 3"+ , and sizes in between. You'll also find trailing pansies for containers and hanging baskets. Plant in the ground in mass or in containers, in sun to part shade.
If you haven't been to the Garden Center in the last few weeks, you are missing out on the opportunity to take some adorable pics with your family, friends, or yourself! :) From the "Grow With #fgsdurham" spot, to the Blue Truck decorated with pumpkins and mums, to the 753 pound pumpkin, and MORE, there are lots of places for a great photo opportunity! Don't miss out on all the fall fun! Come and see us this weekend, and bring your smiles!!
September 19-October 24
On Saturdays and some Sundays through October 24, we will have food trucks here for you to enjoy! Pair a yummy meal with a cold beverage or treat from The Potting Shed, and you have the perfect combination for a fun fall afternoon. Enjoy here, or pick up a meal to take home after picking out pumpkins, pansies and mums at the Garden Center! Who's ready for fall?? See the Food Truck schedule here. :)
Saturday, September 26, 10:00am-11:00am
Growing trees in containers is more and more popular here in North Carolina. Not much space is needed so if you have a porch, patio, deck or balcony, a potted tree is a great focal point. Join us as we teach you how to choose the right container, properly plant your tree as well as maintain it so your tree will stay healthy for years to come. There is no fee for this class.
Presenter: Aurora Cloutier/FGS Register here today!
Saturday, October 3, 10:00am-11:30am
Create a colorful Fall container garden that you can show off all season long. Learn simple techniques and unleash your creativity. The cost is $35 and includes everything you need to build a 12” container garden. Space is limited so register today!
Presenter: Debbi Barrett/FGS Register here today!
We know many of you will plant your pansies in your garden or containers in the next few weeks. Pansies are pretty low maintenance, but they are worth taking a few steps to make sure they live their best life this fall through next spring. Read this post for Pansy Care Tips from planting, to fertilizing to deadheading.

Fall is the time to put your perennials "to bed" so they overwinter well, and wake up happy in the spring. If you aren't sure where to start, or just need a refresher of what to do, check out these recommendations in our post, Good Night, Perennials. We love you!
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