I hope this finds you well and enjoying the beginning fall weather. It's starting to cool a bit in Michigan as we went from high 80s/low 90s last week to mid 70s during the day and mid 50s at night this week. Much more pleasant, of course. But it also hints at winter coming in a few months! Enjoy these pleasant days!

As you can see, I have restructured this newsletter a bit in order to highlight the three basic ideas that I enjoy and like to share with others who may be interested. They are described in the introduction above: past life stories, the power of our thoughts, and what happens when we die. I plan to emphasize one of the topics in each issue going forward and include brief ideas or quotes about the other two. I feel that the more we read information about documented stories and information from various authors, the more validity is given to the topics.

Today, my subject is an interesting past life story that I have not written about previously. It's a well documented story of a couple in England, John and Florence Pollock, who lost their two daughters, 11 and 6 years old, to a tragic accident in 1957. A year and a half later, Florence became pregnant, and on October 4, 1958, she gave birth to twin girls.

Their story below describes the events that led the family and Dr. Ian Stevenson, of the University of Virginia, who researched it, to believe that their daughters who died were reincarnated as twin sisters. Dr. Stevenson researched the story in 1964 and stayed in touch with the family until 1985. Their story is included in Dr. Stevenson's book, Children Who Remember Previous Lives, and it is documented on at least ten websites that I discovered. I will list the ones from which I gathered information.

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