I hope that you are having a great summer so far! I'm enjoying being able to go to stores and restaurants and to do some traveling--activities we've been unable to do for too long! I hope you are feeling a bit "back to normal."

In this issue, I am using an earlier topic from the archives of Just Who Do We Think We Are? that was originally published in April of 2020.

I have been collecting past life stories much of my adult life. I am excited to retell here one of my favorites about Robert Snow who remembered a life as Carroll Beckwith.

I feel almost like I know Robert Snow personally since he is from the Indianapolis area where I lived for fifty-three years. I did not ever meet him in person even though he did speak publicly several times at my Unitarian Church when I was not able to attend.

My notes, which are included below, were written for a book club discussion, and they highlight the main events of Snow's story. Hopefully, the details included in the notes and the description below will spark your interest in reading the book!