We Chose to Be on the Earth at This Time!

I believe this is true. If only everyone knew a few things about "who we are," I think the world would not be in such chaos. I think it helps to understand that we each chose to be here. We are not victims of anything in life! We participated in the pre-planning.

Esther Hicks ( www.abraham-hicks.com ) states in her workshops that we were so excited to be able to undertake this adventure of a life on Earth! We chose our parents and planned our lives so carefully! We arranged opportunities for learning and for accomplishing the purposes we gave ourselves.

Dr. Brian Weiss (see above) wrote in Messages From the Masters , p. 55, "The surest way to reincarnate in a particular race or religion is to be manifestly prejudiced against that group. Hate is the express train carrying you to that group. Sometimes a soul learns to love by becoming what it most despised."

According to Carolyn Myss ( www.myss.com ) in her book Sacred Contracts , we contracted with our closest soul mates to be together as family members, friends, acquaintances, and even enemies in order to work out karmic debts and to experience growth and joy. The closest people in our lives have been with us in other lives before this one. But right now, this life is our golden opportunity. It is what we wanted so much!