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Industry Updates:

Electric Homes Are in Demand – Rewiring America - “Real estate agents are seeing increased demand for electric homes among buyers who believe these homes are not only more efficient and comfortable, but better long-term investments, commanding higher resale values. We recently chatted with a few of these electrifying Realtors.” Article link here.

Survey: “Geothermal” or “Ground Source”?Thermal Microgrid” or “Geothermal Network”? - IGSHPA, GeoExchange and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are collaborating on research into the community consensus of ground source heat pump terminology. The results will be included in a report published at the end of 2024. Survey web page link here.

Communicating the Need to Phase Out Gas – Meredith Herr – Climate Access – “The terminology of ‘natural gas’ has led to widespread misunderstanding of its threats to health, safety, and the climate. Americans widely view gas as being affordable and reliable, and the recent introduction of bans on gas in new construction has sparked a partisan debate. On June 15, Cara Pike (Executive Director, Climate Access) moderated a roundtable conversation with experts on how to communicate and engage Americans on phasing out gas. Panelists included: Phoebe Sweet (Managing Director, Campaigns and Strategies, Climate Nexus), Andrea Everett (Senior Director of Survey Research and Data Science, Climate Nexus), and Michelle Piñon (SAFE Cities Senior Distributed Organizer, Stand.earth)." For a summary blog of the conversation and a link to the recording, click here.

Con Edison Settlement Includes Savings Guarantee for Geo Friendly Electric Rate – On Thursday 7/20, the Public Service Commission adopted a joint proposal (JP) for Con Edison rates that includes a price guarantee for customers who take up an electric rate that is likely to save money for geothermal customers. The Select Pricing Plan rewards customers with lower and steadier electric demand, which is characteristic of geothermal systems. The rates are designed to ease stress on the electric grid from peak demand, and thus save ratepayers money that would otherwise be spent on underutilized grid infrastructure and peak electricity, which is very expensive and often from the most polluting power plants. Under the joint proposal, ratepayers who choose the rate will receive a credit on their bill if they exceed what would have been owed under Con Edison’s standard residential rate. Four customers in Westchester had chosen the rate as of December 2022 and Con Edison’s 2023 03 01 report on the rate shows those customers achieving significant savings. Select Pricing Plan Website link.  The Commission adoption of the Joint Proposal link is here (item # 219) with price guarantee language on page 56 of the JP (pdf page 250)

1 Java, in Greenport Brooklyn, is in the News Again – Tom Stabile – ENR New York - The geothermal drilling at 1 Java is almost complete and Lendlease, the project owner, plans to be recommending tenants in 2025. “Situated on a 2.6-acre waterfront site, the five complex buildings will be connected—including a 37-story showpiece on stilts—that will house 834 apartments, 13,000 sq ft of retail, 27,000 sq ft of amenities, 276 parking spaces, a waterfront esplanade and a host of sustainable features. Underneath it all will be geothermal technology allowing the complex to use solely electric power—two years ahead of a 2027 New York City mandate—and slash its carbon emissions profile… Zachary Fink, president of ZBF Geothermal, which is consulting on 1 Java’s system, (notes) ‘The fact that we have a well-known multinational developer installing geothermal on a building that will change the Brooklyn skyline … makes it easier for other developers to make the investment decision.’ ” Article link here.

PSC Order on Energy Efficiency and Electrification – The Public Service Commission completed its mid-term review of its 5-year New Energy New York initiative under which utilities have been providing incentives for heat pump installations and has ordered changes in the program, extending it to 2030. “The New York State Public Service Commission (Commission) today (7/20) adopted a strategic framework for the State's energy efficiency (EE) and building electrification (BE) portfolios. The revised strategic framework and associated policy direction will guide program administrators’ proposals to ensure the future EE/BE portfolios are in better alignment with the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act or Climate Act and current Commission clean energy policies. The order also directs the relevant electric and gas utilities and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to file proposals, responsive to the strategic framework, totaling $1 billion per year through the period 2026–2030, or $5 billion for the period.”  The strategic framework includes an end to lighting and gas appliance incentives starting in 2026 in favor of initiatives that are more effective at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This dense 102-page order includes numerous elements that will impact the geothermal industry moving forward. Readers desiring to contribute their insights on the order are encouraged to forward them to nygeoinfo@gmail.com and we may include them in future Just In! briefs on the order. PSC press release with instructions to access the order here.

ACE-NY Releases New Energy New York The Alliance for Clean Energy has released its “periodic publication for ACE NY friends, interested stakeholders, and the public about NY's clean energy transition and ACE's work on behalf of the clean energy industries that will help New York achieve its climate action goals. Top stories:

- Offshore Wind Energy

- The Whale's Tale

- Legislative Wrap Up

- What's in NY's Climate Action Plan?

- Defining Disadvantaged Communities

- NY Cap-and-Invest

- Racing to 70% by 2030"

Publication link here.

NY HEAT Act Ad in City and State – The NY League of Conservation Voters and the NY Building Decarbonization Coalition have run a pithy full-page ad backing the NY HEAT Act that was distributed to “City & State Partners”. Some of the text from the ad: “The fossil fuels we burn in our buildings are driving an affordability crisis for New Yorkers across the state. Not only are gas customers facing double-digit rate hikes to pay for expensive pipeline replacement programs today, New Yorkers left on the gas system could see their monthly bills reach more than $8,000 per month by 2050 if state leaders do not intervene. The NY HEAT Act jumpstarts an equitable transition to a more affordable, more reliable, clean energy future with zero-emissions heating and cooling for all New Yorkers."  Ad link here.

Will New York Meet its Climate Goals? - Special Report from City and State – This report consists of a series of articles and interviews released July 17th along with an earlier article on NY’s Cap & Invest (NYCI) program that questioned whether NY’s progressive methane emission accounting standard would survive the process of establishing NYCI. The articles also include ones on the major clean energy bills that the Legislature passed this year as well as the reliability of the electric grid as it decarbonizes. The short, 3 to 4 question interviews include those laid out in the graphic below as well as with John O’Leary, NY’s Deputy Secretary of Energy and Lauren Popa, NY City’s Deputy Commissioner for Sustainability. Report link here.

More on the Con Edison Rate Case Settlement – The Public Service Commission issued a press release on the settlement, noting they had cut 60 percent from the utility’s electric and gas rate request and that the new efficiency and electrification initiatives will reduce the need for natural gas. The press release notes “a residential electric customer using 600 kWh per month would see an average total monthly bill increase of $14.44 or 9.1 percent in August of this year, $7.20 or 4.2 percent starting January 2024, and $2.43 or 1.4 percent starting January 2025. A residential gas heating customer using an average of 100 therms per month would see an average monthly bill increase of $17.28 in August of this year, or 8.4 percent, an $14.90 increase in the second year, or 6.7 percent, and a $15.61 increase in the third year, or 6.6 percent.” Many of the clean energy organizations that participated in the rate case negotiations declined to endorse the settlement. NY-GEO signed on to the electric provisions and not the gas provisions, citing excessive funds dedicated gas infrastructure, lack of a gas sales reduction commitment, and depreciation terms that will require gas customers to be paying off infrastructure long after it is likely to be actively used if the NY is to meet its climate goals. PSC press release here (item 218). Letters of support, opposition and neutrality are items 156-180 here. NY-GEO’s statement is item #177.


Federal Court Denies Bid to Block Washington State’s Building Electrification Codes – Elizabeth Manning - Earthjustice – “A federal court ruling today (7/18) allows Washington state to continue updating its statewide building codes to incentivize the use of electric appliances over those that use methane gas, thereby improving public health, saving energy and costs, reducing air pollution, and helping the state meet its statutory climate targets. ‘Washington is committed to addressing climate change and the court will stay out of its way,’ Chief Judge Stanley Bastian, U.S. District Court in Eastern Washington, said in his ruling. Judge Bastian said he did not want the further delay of an update to Washington State’s statewide building codes to have a ‘chilling effect’ on other states and local communities wrestling with the important issue of climate change. The new codes promote electric heat pumps over polluting methane gas in nearly all new commercial and residential buildings and are currently set to take effect in late October." Article link here.

Chief Judge Stanley Bastian, U.S. District Court in Eastern Washington


NYISO Releases Short-Term Report on Grid Reliability – The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), which manages New York’s electric grid, has released a 169-page report that assesses the reliability of the grid “for the five-year study period of April 15, 2023, through April 15, 2028, considering forecasts of peak power demand, planned upgrades to the transmission system, and changes to the generation mix …” The report projects a potential temporary shortfall of supply downstate during the summer in 2025, before Quebec hydropower becomes available through the Champlain Hudson Power Express transmission project in 2026, and after NYC area peaker plants are closed to protect the health of residents. Thanks to Marie J. French of POLITICO for this tip. Report link here.

Open Letter to the Department of Energy Calls Gas Certification a Dangerous Diversion - 148 climate and environmental justice organizations have sent a letter calling on the Biden administration to abandon efforts to set a standard for what constitutes “certified” or “responsibly sourced” methane gas. Gas Leaks, Earthworks and Oil Change International are also launching the Certified Disasters campaign to allow the public to weigh in against “certified” gas, a corporate strategy designed to enable the expansion of fossil fuels. Thanks to Caleb Hearing of Gas leaks for this tip. Letter link here.

Congressional Republicans Ramp Up Attacks on Climate Spending – Kristoffer Tigue – Inside Climate News - “Congress is once again fighting over cuts to the federal budget, putting the government at risk of a shutdown in October. Many Republican proposals target funds for clean energy and climate change… Last week, the Clean Budget Coalition—a watchdog group composed of environmental advocacy nonprofits, including the Environmental Defense Fund, the Center for Biological Diversity and the Union of Concerned Scientists—said it found at least 17 ‘poison pill’ amendments to appropriations bills that would block clean energy funding and impede federal efforts to address global warming.”  Article link here.

Op Ed - Employ Vulnerable Communities to Build New York’s Clean Energy TransitionDavon Lomax, Political Director at District Council 9 of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) in New York – City & State First Read – “Here in New York, we have already laid the groundwork to connect high-quality union jobs to the growing green economy. The Cornell University Climate Jobs Institute delivers training for union members on climate change and clean energy, and connects policymakers with labor, environmental and industry leaders to navigate this historic transition. The Climate Jobs New York coalition brings together unions to advocate for a clean energy economy at the scale climate science demands, with good union jobs to build it."  Article link here.

Montpelier, VT – Rebuild After the Flood Without Fossil Fuels? - Kate Stephenson - Partner at Helm Construction Solutions – “Our little downtown of Montpelier, VT completely flooded last week. As a member of the volunteer Energy Advisory Committee, we are trying to pull together resources around resilience and electrification that we can share with residents and businesses as they start to figure out how to replace their heating systems, hot water heaters, electrical panels, appliances, etc. Anyone have resources/links around rebuilding after a flood without fossil fuels, moving your mechanicals out of our basement, what to consider when replacing your electrical panel, etc?...  Winter is not that far away, so everyone’s scrambling to find HVAC contractors, plumbers, electricians and they are unlikely to have a lot of time to research options but we want to provide as many resources as we can.” Contact netzeromontpelier@gmail.com.

New Website on Grid Reliability – Resource Media - “When extreme summer heat waves hit, everyone needs the power grid to keep on powering. So how do we get to a day when electricity service is always there when we need it, without the risk of blackouts?  How do we end the injustice of households with the least means being hit hardest by spiking power prices, outages and pollution from energy generation? It starts with some real talk on electricity reliability, and undoing a few myths.” Thanks to Brynn Fuller-Becker of New Yorkers for Clean Power for this tip. Website link here.

Will the US Get Green Hydrogen Right ?Factor This! Podcast from Renewable Energy World - "Green hydrogen could be a key tool to meet climate goals. It could also make things a lot worse, if we get this one critical step wrong. The Biden administration faces pressure from developers, trade groups, and environmentalists over how to phase-in zero carbon requirements for green hydrogen production, and new research suggests the direction it chooses could have a major impact on the climate. Episode 53 of the Factor This! Podcast features Jesse Jenkins, assistant professor and ZERO Lab lead at Princeton University, who is calling out a leading clean energy trade group for a piece of its green hydrogen agenda. Jenkins shares how one recommendation from the American Clean Power Association could result in $200 BILLION in taxpayer subsidies responsible for 700 million metric tons of CO2 emissions." 40-minute podcast link here.

Off-Shore Wind Farm Work for U.S. Companies and Labor? – Jennifer McDermott – Renewable Energy World – The Jones Act requires that the transport of merchandise between U.S. points be reserved for U.S.-built, owned, and documented vessels. The Offshore Marine Service Association has been monitoring wind farm construction off of Rhode Island and NY to see if foreign-flagged vessels are in use instead of U.S.-made ships with American crews. Although the U.S. does not yet have the massive ships specialized to install foundations and turbines, Danish company Ørsted stated that 75% of the vessels supporting South Fork Wind’s offshore construction are U.S.-flagged. Article link here.

Home Depot Planning Shift To Battery Operated Outdoor Equipment – Jordan Wolman – Politico – Last month, Home Depot announced a plan to have more than 85 percent of its sales of lawn mowers, leaf blowers and trimmers run on rechargeable batteries instead of gas by the end of fiscal year 2028 — a move it estimates will reduce more than 2 million metric tons of greenhouse gases annually. Article link here.

Sustainable Jet Fuel from CO2 – Maria Gallucci – Canary Media – Startup Twelve has broken ground on a commercial-scale facility in Moses Lake, Washington to make alternative jet fuel (E-Jet) from CO2 and grid power. Although burning E-Jet in engines will still emit CO2, the goal is to ​“recycle” CO2 — from the waste streams of ethanol refineries, pulp and paper mills, or directly from the sky. The Chieg Commercial Officer (CCO) of Twelve stated that the challenge facing Twelve going forward is getting renewable power and CO2 in a scalable fashion. The company is currently eyeing locations for its next plant in the U.S. Corn Belt, where wind farms and CO2-producing ethanol facilities are still widely available. Article link here

Contractor's Corner

Clean Energy Apprenticeship Program – “NYSERDA has launched Request for Information (RFI) 5488 to solicit stakeholder input on a preliminary outline of a new Program Opportunity Notice (PON) for clean energy apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship training. Through this PON, and in working with union and registered pre-apprenticeship programs across the State, NYSERDA seeks to grow a diverse, equitable, and inclusive pipeline of skilled talent for the clean energy labor market.” RFI webpage with link to July 26th webinar here.


DOE Proposes New Water Heater Standards – Ben Somberg - American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) – “Residential water heater standards—last updated in 2010—set separate minimum efficiency levels for different classes of models, including electric tank water heaters, gas-fired tank water heaters, and gas-fired instantaneous (“tankless”) models. The proposed DOE standards would strengthen the separate efficiency levels for these types and several less common types. The single-largest impact would come from the strengthened standards for electric tank models; most such models would use less than half as much energy as most of today’s by using proven heat pump technology. By law, the standards would take effect five years after DOE finalizes them.”  If anyone develops an analysis of how this standard impacts desuperheaters and geothermal heat pump storage tanks, please let us know at nygeoinfo@gmail.com.  Press release link here.

Climate Updates:

Heat Index: Heat, Humidity and Heat Strokes – Michael Coren – Washington Post Climate Coach - "Searing heat is pummeling the globe this week. China reached an all-time high above 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Phoenix endured its second week at or above 110 degrees. At least 86 million people were at risk of dangerous heat in the United States this week.  But these numbers don’t tell the whole story. A different scale is needed to convey the impact of these sweltering conditions on the human body: the heat index.  It measures how hot it feels by factoring in humidity in addition to air temperature. Humidity matters because your body can’t cool itself well when sweat stops evaporating."  Article link here

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and Summer Storms - Janno Lieber - MTA Acting Chair & CEO - “…Mother Nature dumped eight inches of rain on the Hudson Valley, just in time for the 40th anniversary of MTA’s Metro-North Railroad. That crush of water caused major flash flooding, severely damaging rail infrastructure. In some locations, it swept most of the track bed into the Hudson River and left some rails completely submerged for miles. There were boulders and fallen trees blocking the right of way. As a result, service was temporarily suspended on northern portions of the Hudson and Upper Harlem Lines. We had to bring in buses to fill in the gaps.” (from 2023 07 17 – City & State First Read) Article link here.

“I told you so” Are the Four Least Satisfying Words in the English Language - Bill McKibben – The Crucial Years - Climate scientist “Jim Hansen made a quite reasonable case Friday (7/14) that it is already or soon will be hotter than it’s been for a million years, which is to say before the evolution of homo sapiens. In other words, this is what climate change feels like—still in the earlier stages since we’re less than halfway to the temperature our current trajectory will produce. But more than enough to, all of a sudden, start understanding that it’s entirely intolerable. Here’s the New York Times yesterday, reporting on the heat in Laredo where the current hellish spell has killed at least ten people…’But this was a different kind of heat. This is magnifying-the-sun-on-top-of-ants kind of heat. This is beyond anything we’ve had before.’ ” Article link here.

Drones to Announce Weather Emergencies in NYC? – Ben Brachfeld – AMNY – “The NYPD is testing new drones capable of making public addresses over city neighborhoods, which they say will enable effective messaging to the public during weather emergencies." Article link here.

In Texas, Dead Fish and Red-Faced Desperation Are Signs of Things to Come – Jeff Goodell – NY Times – “If you are lucky enough and well-off enough, perhaps there is no sense that a life-threatening force has invaded your world. This past week, records were set or tied on four consecutive days as the hottest days ever recorded on Earth… In my neighborhood, where a couple tore down a modest house, cut down big shady trees and erected a McMansion with a black roof that sucks up heat, massive compressors for the air-conditioning hang off the side of the house like tactical weapons in the climate war.”  Thanks to author Bill McKibben for this tip. Article link here.

Climate Reality Project on Wildfires – “This summer, the wildfires ravaging parts of Canada have been a major news story – not just because of their record-breaking size and scope, but because smoke and soot from them has blanketed parts of the eastern and midwestern United States... But it’s not just Canada. All around the world the climate crisis is making wildfires more extreme in terms of their size, frequency, and severity. And this is having a devastating impact on forests, communities, and economies.” The Climate Reality Project has identified four climate connected factors that are “creating a perfect storm for wildfires.”  Article link here.

1950’s = Bomb Shelters; 2020s = Clean Air Shelters – Samantha Maldonado – The City “The Bay Area Air Quality Management District in California launched the state’s first official clean air center in San Francisco last year. The effort includes 331 locations across the region, which are activated when the air quality index exceeds 151, denoting unhealthy air. The centers are located in libraries, senior centers and recreation centers — and in homeless shelters for the unhoused, and in schools for students. One of the centers underwent a $500,000 HVAC upgrade, but the majority were equipped with portable air cleaners certified by the California Air Resources Board with HEPA filters, which cost about $2,000 each, according to a spokesperson.” Article link here.

TESLA Bioweapon Defense Mode and Wildfire Smoke – Kevin Armstrong – not a tesla app - In the midst of the wildfires in Canada, some Tesla drivers are relying on the “Bioweapon Defense Mode” that comes with certain models and serves as an additional air pressure buffer on top of the models' normal HEPA filtration. “Bioweapon Defense Mode is a state-of-the-art air filtration system designed to protect vehicle occupants from various air pollutants, including exhaust fumes, smoke, allergens, airborne pathogens, and other potentially hazardous particles. This feature uses a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, capable of capturing 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 micrometers in diameter, and a secondary filtration system with activated carbon filters to remove odors, gases, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and mold spores.” Article link here.

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*2023 07 26 – Changing the Minds of Climate Skeptics Using Novel Methods– 11:00 am ET – “Changing minds is difficult. This is especially true in domains where one’s viewpoint is tied to their identity and echo chamber rather than information and facts. Attempts to change minds using data, persuasion, or interventions have largely failed. So how can we successfully change minds? Join us for a webinar to hear new findings from Professor Moran Cerf on novel ways to shift the views of climate skeptics toward support for climate science.” Register here.


*2023 07 27 – Kitchen Confidential: Electric Kitchens are Here – 3:30-4:00 pm ET – Most architects and engineers struggle with how to get Chefs on board with the idea of an All-Electric Kitchen. Join EarthKind Energy Consulting in a live interactive webinar with leading expert and renowned Chef Chris Galarza as he breaks down the culinary revolution in "Kitchen Confidential: Electric Kitchens are Here." Learn about what technologies exist to help create healthier culinary ecosystems and how the kitchen of the future compares to the old fossil gas version.  Email Michael Murphy to register:michael@murphybrothers.com


2023 07 28 Dig Deeper Webinar with Daniel Booy – 11:30 am ET – Speaker: Daniel Booy from Altum Engineering, Ltd, Topic: Modern Controls and Commissioning for Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems.  Register here.


*2023 08 02 and 03 – New Jersey Looks to Set Gas Policy - The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities is hosting a Technical Conference on Executive Order 317 at the Trenton War Memorial or via YouTube live stream. This conference is designed to bring together stakeholders to discuss Governor Murphy’s vision to reduce emissions in the natural gas industry as New Jersey moves toward its Clean Heat future. NJBPU Staff is hoping to develop recommendations on how the natural gas industry can reimagine its investments and infrastructure, and achieve the goals outlined in EO 317. Join us to help shape New Jersey Energy Policy and tell the ground source heat pump story. Public notice here.

2023 08 09 – IGSHPA Town Hall with Terry Proffer – 11:30 am ET – Speaker: Terry Proffer of Major Geothermal, Topic: Forensics & Redesign of 200,000 ft² Colorado High School. Register here.

2023 08 16 – Dandelion’s Kathy Hannun on Drilling Lessons from Sweden – California GEO - 3:00 pm ET – Hannun will present “a high-level understanding of how the Swedes approach residential geothermal drilling and what has translated to the Northeast US (and what has not).” $10 fee for non-members. Register here.


2023 10 17-19 – IGSHPA Accredited Installer Training with WaterFurnce – Hampton Inn and Suites – Poughkeepsie – “Learning to install Ground-Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems will keep you competitive in a market forced to deal with rising energy costs and resource depletion. Installer accreditation enables you to open new markets and offers customers a low-maintenance, economical, and environmentally friendly alternative for their space conditioning needs. With more than 35 years of experience teaching these workshops, accrediting thousands of installers, and developing the industry standards, IGSHPA has pioneered training in GSHP installation.” Register here.


2023 12 05 to 07 - IGSHPA Annual Conference – The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) will be holding its annual conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center. IGSHPA is partnering again this year with NGWA (National Ground Water Association). Keynote speaker will be Alejandro Moreno, the Acting Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the Department of Energy. Early bird registration is open now, along with exhibitor, sponsorship, and advertising opportunities.   For more information, check out the conference page.


2024 05 28 to 30IGSHPA Research Conference - The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) is pleased to announce that the next IGSHPA Research Conference will be held at Polytechnique Montréal. This is the fourth in a series of research conferences held in Denver (2017), Stockholm (2018), and Las Vegas (2022). Like the previous three conferences, papers will undergo peer-review to ensure quality. Details will follow, but it is anticipated that abstracts will be due on September 18, 2023 and papers due around November 20, 2023. Conference website - https://igshpa.org/researchtrack/

JOBS !                                                                    * = new listing

*New Yorkers for Clean Power is proud to lead the charge for green jobs through Clean Energy Careers NY, a collaborative initiative to create equitable clean energy careers pathways in New York to help achieve the state’s climate and clean energy goals…”We're excited to launch the Clean Energy Careers New York Newsletter! The newsletter is chock-full of Clean Energy Careers NY resources, event information, job opportunities, and more. If you're a job seeker, a trainer, an employer, or a clean energy advocate, this newsletter is for you! (listed 2023 07 22) Read the newsletter here.

Alliance for a Green Economy (AGREE) seeks an Energy Advisor for EnergySmart CNY. The Energy Advisor role involves collaborating on outreach development, executing activities, assisting community members with accessing programs and pursuing energy-saving measures. The position allows for remote work, but regular attendance at meetings and local events is required in Central New York. Compensation ranges from $40,000 to $50,000 per year, with benefits including health and dental insurance, paid leave, and vacation time. Bilingual fluency in English with Spanish or other

language strongly preferred. (listed 2023 01 14) The posting is available here.

Climate Nexus - Campaign Associate – Methane Accountability, Campaigns & Strategies - Climate Nexus “is expanding our Methane Team. Our new campaign associate will help hold the oil and gas industry accountable for reducing methane pollution, and pressure governmental entities to stand up to the industry and craft policies that prioritize communities and the planet over corporate profits. Simply put, we want to humanize the fight against methane polluters. This is a remote position and we have team members across the country.  Listing here.


PWGC Environmental Engineers, Bohemia, NY - Geothermal Engineer – PWGC, a multi-year award-winning environmental engineering firm seeks an experienced professional engineer for closed loop geothermal projects in the downstate New York area. Expert knowledge of commercial building sciences, mechanical system design, conventional HVAC, heat pump technologies, building automation and energy modeling applications. This position requires 5-10 years related experience, bachelor’s degree in civil, mechanical or chemical engineering and a PE License. Advanced knowledge of CAD 3D and 4D software and REVIT. Interested? Send your resume to hr@pwgrosser.com or apply on our website at pwgrosser.com/careers 


Sustainable Westchester - Clean Energy Associate, EnergySmart Homes. (Location: Mount Kisco, NY) - The Community Energy Advisor (CEA) is a full time position at Sustainable Westchester. This position will provide assistance, direction, organization, coordination of programs that work to inform residents, multifamily building owners, and small businesses, with an emphasis in low-to-moderate income and priority communities, of the options for adopting clean energy strategies in their homes and businesses. $50k-$60k/year. (listed 2022 08 06) The posting is available here


Sustainable Westchester - Marketing, Communications and Outreach Director. (Location: Mount Kisco, NY) The Director of Marketing, Communications and Outreach will be responsible for developing and implementing Sustainable Westchester’s marketing, communication and outreach plans & strategies including public relations, digital communications, key messaging, storytelling and brand experience. $75k-$80k/year.  (listed 2022 08 06) The posting is available here


Cornell Cooperative Extension, Dutchess County Energy Advisor - The CCE Dutchess Environment & Energy Program currently has an open job posting for five (5) Energy Advisor positions to join our team. These positions will continue and expand on the work that we have been doing to assist residents, small businesses, and non-profits in the Mid-Hudson region to access energy efficiency and clean energy programs. We are looking for locally based candidates with a passion for educating and empowering individuals within their community to make informed energy decisions. Fluency in Spanish, and/or other locally relevant languages, is a plus and will be needed for at least 2 of the candidates hired (if not more). We encourage applications from candidates who have related skill sets but may lack direct experience with delivering programing around energy topics. On the job training will be provided, therefore a candidate with a related skill set and a strong desire to learn more about these topics could excel in a position such as these. (listed 2022 08 06) The posting is available here


Clean Energy Associate (PAID INTERNSHIP) - Sustainable Westchester aims to educate and train the next generation of leaders in sustainability in Westchester. We hire students and recent graduates who have the skills, passion, intelligence and maturity to take on significant responsibility to help bring clean energy solutions to our residents. Throughout the duration of the position, associates may work with elected officials, municipal leaders, community members, subject matter experts, and consultants to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. We are committed to providing these valuable work opportunities to people from communities that have been underrepresented in the environmental field. (listed 2022 08 06) See Sustainable Westchester website for more.


Rewiring America – Federal Senior Policy Manager – The FSPM will own and drive critical efforts to influence federal policy initiatives. This role will manage the Federal policy team and lobbyists, lead the strategy and execution of federal policy, oversee targeted research and the drafting of key content, and provide critical perspectives in support of the multi-pronged policy strategy for Rewiring. This important work will continue and grow Rewiring America’s ability to affect federal policy, removing key barriers for electrification. (listed 2022 07 09) The posting is available here


Rewiring America – Local Policy Director - With a clear vision, smart strategies, and significant and sustained financial support, Rewiring America is growing rapidly. As the Local Policy Manager on the Policy team you will lead on efforts to influence local policy initiatives around the country, particularly in public schools. This role will drive policy strategy, targeted research, support the drafting of policy and campaign documents, and provide input into the policy team’s public school electrification work. (listed 2022 07 09) The posting is available here


The Climate Solutions Accelerator of the Genesee Finger Lakes Region – Is looking to hire two staff members: 

·    The Manager of Organizational Programs will lead our efforts to educate, inspire, and support businesses and nonprofits that want to take action on climate.

·    The Program Director will be in charge of developing an exciting new program that we're not allowed to talk about until our contract with the funder is fully executed (which makes the hiring process a bit complicated). (listed 2022 05 28). The posting is available here


Energy Department Will Recruit 1,000 Additional Staffers For New Corps To Tackle The Climate Crisis • The DOE is starting up a Clean Energy Corps to help implement the bipartisan infrastructure law and develop clean-energy solutions to the climate crisis, the agency said. It will hire 1,000 new employees through a newly launched hiring portal.” (from 2022 01 14 Green Energy News) [CNN]


Citizens for Local Power Executive Director - CLP’s mission is to help communities in the Mid-Hudson Region transition to a locally-based, clean energy economy. Combining research, education, advocacy, and project coordination, CLP supports community and municipal engagement in energy decision-making, transforming energy policy and practice to strengthen local economies, mitigate climate change and increase resilience…persons with strong community organizing experience are welcome to apply; training in energy policy areas can be provided. (listed 2021 12 27) See more here 


HVAC Project Manager – Aztech Geothermal, Ballston Spa, NY – Aztech Geothermal, a well-respected Geothermal Heat Pump design-build contractor, is seeking an experienced HVAC Project Manager responsible for estimating project costs, purchasing/sourcing materials & equipment, project planning including management of technicians and subcontractors. This position requires 3-5+ years' experience in Residential &/or Commercial HVAC, including AC/heat pump equipment, power and control wiring, HVAC plumbing, and sheetmetal/air distribution systems. Strong candidates must be comfortable with computers and common Microsoft programs with ability to learn industry specific analysis software. Interested? Send your resume to info@aztechgeo.com. (listed 2021 12 20)


AVANGRID, Inc. Engineer, Non-Wires Alternatives – AVANGRID, Inc. is seeking a full-time Engineer to support Non-Wires Alternatives (“NWA”) efforts in NYSEG and RG&E territory in New York. The Engineer will be responsible for providing engineering expertise to support the development and analysis of Distributed Energy Resources (“DER”) which are part of the innovative and growing NWA program in New York. This position is based out of any AVANGRID location including offices in NY, ME, and CT. Interested candidates should apply directly on the AVANGRID Career site here.


Campaign Director - Building Electrification – “Supervises: 2-6 core campaign staff, Salary: $120,000 non-negotiable. Scope: The Campaign Director for Building Electrification leads the Sierra Club’s national campaign work to end fossil fuel use in our homes and buildings, and implements just and equitable solutions in the buildings sector. The Campaign Director works alongside a team of Directors as part of Sierra Club’s Energy Campaigns to address climate disruption, transform the energy economy and protect communities from pollution.” See the job posting here.


Sierra Club Seeks Expert on “Renewable Natural Gas” - Sierra Club is looking for a new expert for PUC proceedings across the U.S. on "renewable natural gas" (including biomethane), synthetic gas and hydrogen. Experience with utility regulation and gas utility business models is a plus. If you have any recommendations, please email: Amneh Minkara (amneh.minkara@sierraclub.org)


UHAB is Hiring -UHAB (Urban Homesteading Assistance Board ) is hiring a Project Associate focusing on Energy Services, including Co-ops Go Solar, Clean Heat for Co-ops, and other energy efficiency and energy-reducing renewable technology partnerships... We also have a few other positions posted, for a part-time Affordable Housing Loan Officer, and a full-time Project Associate on the Co-op Improvement Program who’ll provide services to distressed affordable buildings. All of the job postings are viewable on our website here.


Aztech Geothermal is Hiring- Seeking an Experienced Heat Pump Technician in NY's Capital District - Aztech Geothermal is looking for an Experienced Residential HVAC Technician in the Capital Region to join our growing installation and service business based in Ballston Spa. Geothermal heat pump experience a plus. but not required; we are willing to train the right individual. Our company is based in Ballston Spa and principally serves the Capital District, Hudson Valley and Western Massachusetts. Contact info@aztechgeo.com for more information.

“Dandelion Energy is growing its Drilling Department and we are looking for Senior/Master Drillers to operate our new rigs and lead our on-site drilling efforts for residential geothermal projects.In this role, you will make a significant impact in redefining how residential ground heat exchangers are installed which will lay the groundwork for Dandelion’s future growth and success. The Senior Driller will be directly responsible for the production rate of geothermal boreholes, the operation, and maintenance of equipment, the safety of on-site workers, and delivering feedback to both the Operations and Engineering team on how to optimize the overall process. For more information about the Senior Driller opening please apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/dandelionenergy/jobs/4879245002

Not a Senior Driller? check out our other exciting opportunities on our career site: https://dandelionenergy.com/jobs


Ongoing – NYSERDA is hiring! The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has ongoing recruitment opportunities. Join our email list or check this page periodically to learn about new career opportunities. All qualified individuals will be evaluated for each relevant position for which they apply. Opportunities include:

NYSERDA Career Opportunities

NY Green Bank Career Opportunities

Paid Fellowship Opportunities

Paid Internship Opportunities

To learn more about NYSERDA, please visit our social media channels.


NY-GEO is not necessarily notified when jobs are filled. If you find one of these jobs are no longer available, please let us know.