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Industry Updates:

NYSERDA Releases Carbon Neutral Buildings Roadmap – “… the Carbon Neutral Buildings Roadmap (the “Roadmap”), is the first report in a new series, NYSERDA’s Future of Buildings. The Roadmap lays out a guiding framework and general solution set for the critical work that must be undertaken to modernize New York State’s building stock while reducing their use of fossil fuels. The Roadmap provides a longterm vision of the built environment in 2050, including recommendations on key policies, potential focus areas for technology advancement and programmatic needs, while also highlighting the near-term actions that are technologically ready, economically viable, and are being adopted in the market today.”  Thanks to Anshul Gupta of the Climate Reality Project for this tip.  Roadmap website and link to 188 page report and 20 page summary here.

Busloads of Renewable Heat Advocates Travel to Albany for Lobby Day – 24 New York State Legislators attended, and many of them spoke, at a rally on the NY State Capitol’s Million Dollar Staircase on Tuesday, January 24th. The rally was focused on ridding New York’s buildings of fossil fuels, starting with legislation to require combustion free new construction. Following the rally, over 200 attendees visited the offices of legislators, advocating for funding for the transition to renewable heat to be included in this year’s state budget.  Read Renewable Heat Now’s coverage of the event here, including several quotes from legislators

It was wall to wall with renewable heat advocates at the State Capitol on January 24th

Gas Heating System Fails During Buffalo Power Outage, Damages Medical Practice – the UBMD Otolaryngology Clinic in Buffalo lost power for a day and a half during the December storm. The clinic uses a gas boiler for heating, but due to the power outage it failed, and a radiator pipe burst, flooding 3 stories of the building and causing ceilings to collapse. As Dr. Jens Ponikau explained “Gas heating systems do not work without electric power. Our gas boiler depends on electricity for an igniter, a thermostat, electric zone controls, and a circulation pump moving the hot water through the radiators. None of them worked during the power outage, leaving the entire building without heat and causing radiator pipes to freeze and burst, collapsing ceilings and flooding the Clinic. We expect the damage to be more than $100K." 

Venture Capital  Firm Fifth Wall To Bankroll Deployment Of Carbon-Free Building Tech – “Despite the building sector’s massive emissions, little investment has flowed into real-estate decarbonization so far.  Fifth Wall wants to change that. Full article here.

A Behind the Scenes View of a Geothermal Mechanical Room – “Join Dan Weber, Project Manager at Diverso Energy, as he documents the equipment needed to support a (large) building's heat storage and extraction processes. A simple and clean alternative to messy, noisy and costly cooling towers and heating boilers!” 55-second video here.

Hochul, Lawmakers, Activists Agree: It’s Time For All-Electric Buildings In NY - Rebecca C. Lewis – City & State - “ A bill to ban new gas hook-ups is getting a renewed push in Albany… The governor has already included her own version of the “all-electric building act” in her State of the State address earlier this month” New York Policy Advocate at Earthjustice, Liz “Moran said she felt confident that with a finalized scoping plan from the Climate Action Council… – electric buildings will get through this year.  ‘We already know this is technologically feasible,’ Moran said.” Another goal of advocates is passage of the NY HEAT Act, which would further incentivize electric retrofits and remove subsidies for new gas hookups.  (from 2023 01 24 – City & State First Read)  Full article here..

Front Group Ad Tracker – “The Energy and Policy Institute’s (EPI) new tool shows that (some) utilities continue to stall and limit climate action by funding front groups to spread climate misinformation and false solutions to solve the crisis through advertising on social media networks. Using data from the Meta Ad Library API and existing code from Brown University, EPI’s tool exposes the amount each utility front group is spending, between the beginning of 2018 to present, and the specific regions the advertisements target.” Thanks to Caleb Heeringa of Gas Leaks for this tip. Link to the EPI website and their report that analyzes front group advertisements.

All-Electric New Building Sponsor on Capitol Pressroom – In this 12 minute slot on the Capitol Pressroom, Brooklyn Assembly Member Emily Gallagher shared her support of phasing out fossil fuel hookups in new construction as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the state.

Assembly Member Emily Gallagher


DOE Releases New National Requirements for Zero Energy Ready Single-Family Homes – “DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) program in EERE’s Building Technologies Office (BTO) has released Version 2 of its national program requirements for single-family homes (ZERH V2)...”  This rating index provides a set of standards for buildings nationwide to include, or be ready for all-electric heating. Full article here... DOE Video: What is a Zero Energy Ready Home?


Small Nuclear Reactor Design Approved - Eric Wesoff – Canary Media - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has certified the design of NuScale’s 50 MW nuclear power module.  The design theoretically lowers total project costs.  NuScale has an agreement to build a 462 MW project in Idaho for a consortium of Western municipal power utilities, using 6 uprated 77 MW modules.  However, the larger size of the modules will entail more regulatory review and the project is already more than 50% over budget before construction has begun. A geothermal power generating project in Utah has been mentioned as an alternative. Full article here.

Gas Stove History – Sandra Steingraber – Science & Environmental Health Network – In this essay Steingraber draws parallels between the gas industry’s stake in gas stoves and the pesticide industry’s promotion of DDT and the eventual demise of that pesticide. “Gas stoves were first developed commercially in the 1880s…. gas stoves drove the slow road to popularity, with consumer acceptance extending only as far as the natural gas distribution system itself.  In the 1930s, keen to further expand that infrastructure, the fossil fuel industry, and, most notably, the American Gas Association, began a hearts-and-minds campaign to promote gas stoves. As documented by environmental journalist Rebecca Leber, the industry embraced ‘natural gas’ as the name of its fuel and coined the advertising jingle ‘Now we’re cooking with gas!’  That slogan was then placed in the mouths of cartoon characters (Daffy Duck) and comedians (Bob Hope, Jack Benny) and entered the public lexicon, becoming a metaphor for making progress.” Thanks to Brian Eden for this tip. Full article here.

Singer Bing Crosby in an ad for gas appliances

Wind: How the American Heartland Saved ChristmasBy Natalie McIntire, Clean Grid Alliance and Ric O’Connell, Grid Lab – Renewable Energy World – “ during Christmas week…the storm brought blizzard conditions, high winds, and deep-freezing temperatures just as families gathered to celebrate the holidays…Coal and gas power plants failed in the East and Southeast during the storm… Inter-Regional transfers helped keep the lights on for PJM (an Eastern grid)a nd the Southeast… (the Midcontinent Independent System Operator) MISO was exporting as much as 8 GW of power to PJM, TVA, and points south, even while keeping its own load served... The ability of MISO to import and export power exemplifies the importance of a well-planned, region-wide transmission system...Wind also performed well in this storm. At one point wind supplied…20 percent of the generation in MISO. In fact, with more transmission availability to deliver Midwest wind, MISO would have been able to supply even more wind power to the southeast when it was needed most. Full article here.

Op Ed on NY’s All-Electric Future – Jon Pope – NY Daily News “Electric buildings are the future for New York. I would know — I help build them. New York City’s move to ban fossil fuels in new buildings last December kick-started a tidal shift in the building industry that will soon see all New Yorkers benefiting from all-electric construction. New York City is at the forefront of a nationwide movement to eliminate fossil fuels from new buildings. After our law passed in 2021, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles followed suit. Now it’s time to take the benefits of all-electric construction statewide. The All-Electric Building Act is the path to get us there…. The benefits will be enormous." Pope is the principal contractor at Brooklyn-based Jon Pope Construction, and a volunteer with the national environmental advocacy group Food & Water Watch. Thanks to Alex Beauchamp of Food & Water Watch for this tip. Full article here.



EV Charging for Renters - Jeff St. John - Canary Media - Lack of EV charging options for rental households in the U.S limits the growth of electric car ownership. One solution to the problem is third-party companies that pay for, maintain, and manage EV chargers at rental locations. The solutions include: combinations of dedicated-user and shared chargers; monitoring usage; and minimizing infrastructure and electric utility costs. Some states, such as New York, have initiated programs incentivizing EV chargers for lower to middle income rental communities. Full article here.

2023 RHN Legislative Agenda - The Renewable Heat Now Campaign is organizing to win funding and policies that will get fossil fuels out of our buildings affordably and equitably. The legislative package includes the All-Electric New Building Act (S6843c/A8431b)- Kavanaugh/Gallagher) that would sunset fossil fuels in new construction starting January 1, 2024 . It also includes the Gas Transition and Affordable Energy Act – (S8198/A9329) - Krueger/Fahey) and the Energy Efficiency, Equity and Jobs Act (S3126c/A3996c) – Parker/Hunter).


Contractor’s Corner:

NYSERDA Co-op Advertising and Training Program Revision – from a NYSERDA email – This program provides cost-sharing incentives to support advertising, special promotions and/or events, including training, for eligible clean energy technologies including cold-climate air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, and energy efficiency (i.e. air sealing and insulation). The co-op advertising and training funds can be used to promote industry focused advertising and manufacturer-led sales, design and/or installation training. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis dependent on funding availability through December 31, 2024 or until all funds are committed.” See the program webpage, including the revised 23-page program manual, here

Con Edison Clean Heat Program – from a Clean heat program email - “…in Con Edison’s service territory: the Clean Heat Program is now accepting applications for incentives for air source heat pumps and will process applications for GSHP under a revised incentive structure for projects in Con Edison’s service territory. To participate, contractors operating in Con Edison’s service territory must complete a new Contractor Participation Agreement …before submitting their first application for incentives after January 17, 2023, available here: New York Statewide Contractor Management Program (programprocessing.com).”


NY-GEO Member Map-Here's the map we refer folks to when we get requests for services or interest in a geothermal install.

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Climate Updates:

According to the Buffalo News, the Western New York death toll from the Christmas Bomb Cyclone has risen to 47. 


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2023 02 02 - Budget 101: How It Works & What We Can Do – 6:00 pm ET – “Every year the state drafts a budget with real consequences for everyday New Yorkers. Join the Energy Democracy Alliance (EDA) for a discussion on how the budget process works, ways to get plugged into EDA campaigns and our budget fights, and how we can build power to ensure the budget actually serves disadvantaged communities. We’ll be talking through a variety of energy democracy and economic justice budget priorities, including: Utility Debt Cancellation, Energy Efficiency for Disadvantaged Communities and Public Power.” Register here


*2023 02 08 - Delivering a Geo Solution in Dense Urban Areas- 11:30 am ET – Tony Amis of Endurant – “This presentation will discuss how energy foundations were successfully used on a commercial building as part of delivering an all-electric building in lower Manhattan, New York, and will provide some lessons learned and guidance on future projects.” Register here.


*2023 02 09 Renewable Heat Now Power Hour – 7:00-8:00 pm ET – Renewable Heat Now (RHN) is organizing intensively for a package of NY legislature bills designed to aid NY’s transition to clean, fossil-fuel free heating. Join RHN for its monthly strategy meeting designed to inspire and inform. Register here.


2023 02 16 - Networked Geothermal Heat Pump Systems as an Alternative to Natural Gas - 11:00 am -12:00 pm ET John P. Ciovacco, CGD, the President of Aztech Geothermal will be giving a virtual presentation the rapidly emerging topic of Networked Geothermal Heat Pump Systems. The seminar will cover the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), expanding and extending federal tax incentives, the Utility Thermal Energy & Jobs Act (UTENJA) requiring all major utilities to file their plans for networked geothermal pilot projects and NYSERDA’s Community Heat Pump Systems program. This seminar is only one session in the larger two-day Capital District Engineers Week designed to give engineers the opportunity to earn up to 10 PDH credits over two days (5 sessions/day), February 16th & 17th for a flat $150 registration fee. Information and registration.

*2023 03 09 – Clean Heat Program Stakeholders Meeting – 9:00-10:00 am ET - The NYS Clean Heat Utility Joint Management Committee (JMC) will host the next quarterly meeting of the Working Group Series for Participating Contractors and Industry PartnersThis series is billed as an ongoing platform for contractors and industry partners affiliated with NYS Clean Heat to discuss program improvements and address questions related to the program. Registration link here.


2023 04 26-27 Conference Registration Is OPEN - NY-GEO’s annual conference brings together the best of the best in the geothermal heat pump industry. The conference will be hosted at the Albany Marriott April 26-27 and will include dynamic Main Stage presenters, educational breakout sessions, dynamic exhibitors showcasing equipment and information, along with plenty of time to mix, mingle and connect. To register and learn more, click hereThe intro overview details the early bird and member discounts. To learn more about sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities click hereTo reserve a room at the Albany Marriott at the NY-GEO 2023 rate (which expires April 14th) click here.

Can You Find Your Picture from NY-GEO 2022? – Over 1,000 pictures from NY-GEO’s annual conference have made it to the web. See if you can find yourself among the 450 who took part in this groundbreaking event that annually celebrates and advances the most efficient and economical way to heat and cool our homes and places of work. Check out these pictures shot by Rachel Collett and John Ciovacco. Here’s Day 1 and here’s Day 2

JOBS !                                                                    * = new listing

List of Climate Tech Job Boards - Elaine Reddy – Ad Hoc Group – The Ad Hoc Group has put together a list of 27 climate tech related job boards.

Alliance for a Green Economy (AGREE) seeks:

- an Outreach Manager to develop outreach strategies for the newly created Central New York Clean Energy Hub, which will connect people to the clean energy economy and its benefits, including clean energy careers, improved energy affordability, home improvements, and rebates for businesses and transportation. The Outreach Manager will be managing a 4-person outreach team and coordinating all aspects of outreach to community members throughout the Central New York Region.

- four Energy Advisors for the CNY Clean Energy Hub to reach diverse communities throughout CNY with Hub materials, workshops, and energy affordability/clean energy opportunities.

- a Regulatory Attorney/Regulatory Advocate to spearhead our work in utility rate cases and regulatory proceedings in New York State advancing building electrification, ending our dependence on methane gas, increasing energy efficiency, energy affordability, and renewable energy generation, and preventing false solutions from capturing public funding.

- a Communications Director to build a public face for AGREE in our local Central New York community as well as across the state in order to support ongoing campaigns, respond to real-time developments and policy emergencies, and strategically raise AGREE’s profile and increase our constituent base.

(listed January 14, 2023) The postings are available here.

PWGC Environmental Engineers, Bohemia, NY - Geothermal Engineer – PWGC, a multi-year award-winning environmental engineering firm seeks an experienced professional engineer for closed loop geothermal projects in the downstate New York area. Expert knowledge of commercial building sciences, mechanical system design, conventional HVAC, heat pump technologies, building automation and energy modeling applications. This position requires 5-10 years related experience, bachelor’s degree in civil, mechanical or chemical engineering and a PE License. Advanced knowledge of CAD 3D and 4D software and REVIT. Interested? Send your resume to hr@pwgrosser.com or apply on our website at pwgrosser.com/careers 

PUSH Policy Coordinator - People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH Buffalo) seeks a Policy Coordinator to support the work of the Policy & Strategy department, with a focus on local, state, and regional climate and environmental justice policies in the areas of transportation electrification, power generation, building decarbonization, and equitable investment. (listed 2022 08 27) The posting is available here

Sustainable Westchester - Clean Energy Associate, EnergySmart Homes. (Location: Mount Kisco, NY) - The Community Energy Advisor (CEA) is a full time position at Sustainable Westchester. This position will provide assistance, direction, organization, coordination of programs that work to inform residents, multifamily building owners, and small businesses, with an emphasis in low-to-moderate income and priority communities, of the options for adopting clean energy strategies in their homes and businesses. $50k-$60k/year. (listed 2022 08 06) The posting is available here


Sustainable Westchester - Marketing, Communications and Outreach Director. (Location: Mount Kisco, NY) The Director of Marketing, Communications and Outreach will be responsible for developing and implementing Sustainable Westchester’s marketing, communication and outreach plans & strategies including public relations, digital communications, key messaging, storytelling and brand experience. $75k-$80k/year.  (listed 2022 08 06) The posting is available here


Clean Energy Associate (PAID INTERNSHIP) - Sustainable Westchester aims to educate and train the next generation of leaders in sustainability in Westchester. We hire students and recent graduates who have the skills, passion, intelligence and maturity to take on significant responsibility to help bring clean energy solutions to our residents. Throughout the duration of the position, associates may work with elected officials, municipal leaders, community members, subject matter experts, and consultants to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. We are committed to providing these valuable work opportunities to people from communities that have been underrepresented in the environmental field. (listed 2022 08 06) See Sustainable Westchester website for more.

Rewiring America – Federal Senior Policy Manager – The FSPM will own and drive critical efforts to influence federal policy initiatives. This role will manage the Federal policy team and lobbyists, lead the strategy and execution of federal policy, oversee targeted research and the drafting of key content, and provide critical perspectives in support of the multi-pronged policy strategy for Rewiring. This important work will continue and grow Rewiring America’s ability to affect federal policy, removing key barriers for electrification. (listed 2022 07 09) The posting is available here.


Rewiring America – Local Policy Director - With a clear vision, smart strategies, and significant and sustained financial support, Rewiring America is growing rapidly. As the Local Policy Manager on the Policy team you will lead on efforts to influence local policy initiatives around the country, particularly in public schools. This role will drive policy strategy, targeted research, support the drafting of policy and campaign documents, and provide input into the policy team’s public school electrification work. (listed 2022 07 09) The posting is available here.

Sierra Club Campaign Representative - Building Electrification (Location: MA/CT) - The Sierra Club seeks a strategic, collaborative, and equity-focused Campaign Representative to advance initiatives to end fossil fuel use in homes and buildings across Massachusetts and Connecticut. In this newly created position, the Campaign Representative will join a regional team that is working to address the climate crisis by moving the Northeast from dirty to clean energy… They represent Sierra Club to government officials, the media, business and community leaders, allies and other organizations, and the public. (listed 2022 07 09) The posting is available here. 


 The Climate Solutions Accelerator of the Genesee Finger Lakes Region – Is looking to hire two staff members: 

·    The Manager of Organizational Programs will lead our efforts to educate, inspire, and support businesses and nonprofits that want to take action on climate.

·    The Program Director will be in charge of developing an exciting new program that we're not allowed to talk about until our contract with the funder is fully executed (which makes the hiring process a bit complicated). (listed 2022 05 28). The posting is available here


Hudson Valley Climate Leadership Coordinator-The Hudson Valley Regional Council is hiring for a full-time Climate Leadership Coordinator. The successful applicant will carry out tasks related to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s Climate Leadership Support Services Program for the seven-county Mid-Hudson Region. The Regional Council is looking forward to welcoming another collaborative, passionate, and motivated member to the team!  (listed 2022 05 14) The posting is available here.

Alliance for a Green Economy (AGREE)is excited to announce that our organization is growing, and we are looking to fill the key position of Research Fellow. We seek passionate, intelligent, and kind people who work well both independently and as part of a team, and who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get stuff done.” (listed 2022 04 09).

Acadia Center is Hiring - for an energy efficiency and building energy justice manager, a senior energy attorney and a climate and energy policy analyst (listed 2022 03 05)  Click here for more information.


Energy Department Will Recruit 1,000 Additional Staffers For New Corps To Tackle The Climate Crisis • The DOE is starting up a Clean Energy Corps to help implement the bipartisan infrastructure law and develop clean-energy solutions to the climate crisis, the agency said. It will hire 1,000 new employees through a newly launched hiring portal.” (from 2022 01 14 Green Energy News) [CNN]


HVAC Project Manager – Aztech Geothermal, Ballston Spa, NY – Aztech Geothermal, a well-respected Geothermal Heat Pump design-build contractor, is seeking an experienced HVAC Project Manager responsible for estimating project costs, purchasing/sourcing materials & equipment, project planning including management of technicians and subcontractors. This position requires 3-5+ years' experience in Residential &/or Commercial HVAC, including AC/heat pump equipment, power and control wiring, HVAC plumbing, and sheetmetal/air distribution systems. Strong candidates must be comfortable with computers and common Microsoft programs with ability to learn industry specific analysis software. Interested? Send your resume to info@aztechgeo.com.


Mechanical Design Engineer – Geothermal Focus – CHA Consulting - CHA Consulting, Inc. is an innovative, full-service engineering consulting and construction management firm working to responsibly improve the world we live in. Currently seeking a PE mechanical engineer with experience in the design of geothermal systems to support building scale and district geothermal project development, feasibility, design and construction. CGD certification preferred. Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Northern NJ or Boston based. More here (Listed 2021 10 04)

Sierra Club Seeks Expert on “Renewable Natural Gas” - Sierra Club is looking for a new expert for PUC proceedings across the U.S. on "renewable natural gas" (including biomethane), synthetic gas and hydrogen. Experience with utility regulation and gas utility business models is a plus. If you have any recommendations, please email: Amneh Minkara (amneh.minkara@sierraclub.org)

UHAB is Hiring -UHAB (Urban Homesteading Assistance Board ) is hiring a Project Associate focusing on Energy Services, including Co-ops Go Solar, Clean Heat for Co-ops, and other energy efficiency and energy-reducing renewable technology partnerships... We also have a few other positions posted, for a part-time Affordable Housing Loan Officer, and a full-time Project Associate on the Co-op Improvement Program who’ll provide services to distressed affordable buildings. All of the job postings are viewable on our website here. I appreciate your help to get the word out within your networks!” From email from Emily Ng.

Aztech Geothermal is Hiring- Seeking an Experienced Heat Pump Technician in NY's Capital District - Aztech Geothermal is looking for an Experienced Residential HVAC Technician in the Capital Region to join our growing installation and service business based in Ballston Spa. Geothermal heat pump experience a plus. but not required; we are willing to train the right individual. Our company is based in Ballston Spa and principally serves the Capital District, Hudson Valley and Western Massachusetts. More Information

“Dandelion Energy is growing its Drilling Department and we are looking for Senior/Master Drillers to operate our new rigs and lead our on-site drilling efforts for residential geothermal projects.In this role, you will make a significant impact in redefining how residential ground heat exchangers are installed which will lay the groundwork for Dandelion’s future growth and success. The Senior Driller will be directly responsible for the production rate of geothermal boreholes, the operation, and maintenance of equipment, the safety of on-site workers, and delivering feedback to both the Operations and Engineering team on how to optimize the overall process. For more information about the Senior Driller opening please apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/dandelionenergy/jobs/4879245002

Not a Senior Driller? check out our other exciting opportunities on our career site: https://dandelionenergy.com/jobs


Ongoing – NYSERDA is hiring! The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has ongoing recruitment opportunities. Join our email list or check this page periodically to learn about new career opportunities. All qualified individuals will be evaluated for each relevant position for which they apply. Opportunities include:

NYSERDA Career Opportunities

NY Green Bank Career Opportunities

Paid Fellowship Opportunities

Paid Internship Opportunities

To learn more about NYSERDA, please visit our social media channels.


NY-GEO is not necessarily notified when jobs are filled. If you find one of these jobs are no longer available, please let us know.