Senior Prom Dress Code

The prom will be on May 4, 2024

The following is the dress code for GHNO Prom 2024. Guests of GHNO students are required to follow the same standard for their attire.



·      A formal tuxedo – i.e., “black tie attire” – is encouraged; dark suits are acceptable.

·      No colored tuxedos or suits are allowed.

·      Neckties or bowties are required.

·      Ties, vests, or cummerbunds may be colored.

·      Dress shoes are required and must remain on the feet the entire evening.

·      The GHNO Student Handbook rules regarding hair, jewelry, and any other details not mentioned above still apply.



·      Tea-length (mid-calf) or full-length gowns are required.

·      In front, gowns may be no lower than four closed-fingers below the collarbone; in back, gown must come up to the bottom of shoulder blades.*

·      Midriffs or backs below the bottom of the shoulder blades must be covered. Sheer fabric is not sufficient.**

·      Slits are permissible and must be no higher than 2 inches above the knee.

·      Dress shoes are required.

·      The GHNO Student Handbook rules regarding hair still apply.

·      Ladies may wear a nail polish color of their choice to the prom provided that when they return to school on Monday their nails follow handbook guidelines.


Note For Woman’s Dress code:

* Thin-strap, spaghetti-strap, and strapless gowns are permitted; however, gowns should not be ‘revealing’ or low-cut.

** Sheer or holes may be reinforced with other material.


Please address any additional questions to Miss Kunasz!

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