Junior Blazers

Dear 10th Grade Families,

Our sophomore class will soon become our junior class, thereby earning the distinction of being called "upperclassmen". 

Traditionally, Great Hearts schools require junior and senior students to own a school blazer. They may wear the blazer with the traditional uniform and will be required to wear it on important occasions, such as the High School Symposium or while giving significant presentations in their classes. 

Great Hearts Northern Oaks will subsidize the cost of the blazers so that they may be purchased for $70 each.

Fittings for Junior Blazers (for the current Sophmore class) will be on Thursday, May 9th during Morning Break. Please try to make sure that your child is present that day.

Payment for blazers can be made here!

If you have a GHNO blazer from an older child or other alumni, please let Mrs. Wilkinson know as soon as possible. Blazers will be ordered over the summer, so we need to know before the end of this school year if you already have a blazer and do not need to order.

If you anticipate this being a financial burden for your family, please reach out to Ms. Rossanna Diaz for assistance.

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