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Cigar Afficando's
Crave carries a wide selection of the best cigars in two humidors.  A one stop shop for the cigar lover in your family! 
We carry Arturo Fuente, Brick House, El Baton,  Diamond Crown,  and Quorum cigars.  Crave also has a great selection of cigar accessories such as, ash trays, cutters, lighters, humidors & supplies!

Robusto  Series No.4
Diamond Crown cigars are handmade with an exclusive Connecticut fermented wrapper selected from the highest grade of silky shaded leaves. The Diamond Crown Robusto Series #4 delivers a sweet, rich flavor every time you smoke it. There's no better way to celebrate with a fine cigar for Fathers Day!
Man Cave Tea

Adagio created the toughest loose leaf tea with guys in mind. Man Cave has an earthy whiff of leather and beer nuts combined with the slight aroma of Dad's favorite pipe. 

The dad or man in your life is sure
to savor this lionhearted blend!
Flame Friendly Grill Pan & Pot

The Companion Group created the Flame-Friendly  series of grilling accessories to conduct high, evenly
distributed heat to cook your food. 

This series is eco-friendly, fireproof and thermal shock resistant up to 700˚F. They are the perfect choices for both the oven and the grill!  Come see us at The Merry Peddler so we can assist your grilling needs!

Cast Iron Brie Baker

Whether you want to  melt some brie for a simple dip, or bake up a brie-based concoction, this Brie Baker will cook your wheel of cheese to gooey perfection.

 Place your cheese and toppings inside the baker and cook in your oven or on your grill! 

Vita Sana - Opening Soon!

Ingredients   ( Sold at Vita Sana )
1/4 cup VS Olive Wood Smoked Olive Oil
2" Sprig fresh rosemary, coarsely chopped
1 tablespoon medium course VS Himalayan Sea Salt
1 teaspoon fresh ground Hickory Smoked Pepper
2 medium fresh lemons quartered
2 pounds fresh halibut fillets about 8 oz. portions - (or your favorite fresh fish such as salmon, cod, squid, octopus. Not into fish? Use poultry such as chicken breasts or thighs. Not consuming animal products? No problem, get out your cauliflower or eggplant!) 

Place the rosemary, VS Himalayan sea salt, and pepper into a small zip bag. Close the bag and crush it a few times between your palms. This will season the salt with rosemary. 

In a large container with a lid, place the fillets. Sprinkle with the rosemary sea salt and gently massage to coat evenly. Add the VS Olive Wood Smoked Olive Oil and massage again to coat evenly. 

Marinate for about 30 minutes or up to 1 hour.

Grill the fish, skin side down, over medium, indirect flame, flipping after about 4 minutes. Pull the fish off the heat source just before it's done, allowing it to rest, loosely covered in foil for a two minutes before serving. This will allow your fish to cook through from the residual heat as opposed to becoming overdone on the exterior. 

Serve with lemon wedges and enjoy!
Irish Whiskey Cheese

Infused with a robust flavor of whiskey, this creamy Aged Cheddar has unique undertones of the smooth woody taste of pure whiskey. 

Irish Whiskey Cheese is perfect to add onto any sandwich or sneak into any recipe requiring cheese for that extra kick!
Come visit anytime and don't forget take a look
at our vast selection of gourmet cheeses!
Salt Plates
& Accessories
These salt plates can be safely heated or chilled to virtually  any extreme. The salt's crystal has a fairly high specific energy so it will tend to hold any temperature you bring it to for a good while! 
Charcoal Companion's Salt Plate Recipe Book explains how to use the salt plate for both cooking and serving,
as well as proper care
and maintenance. 
Includes over 20 recipes with photography, covering appetizers, mains, and desserts!