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Dear Friends of Anderson's La Costa,

Happy June!

Mark Twain said that the coldest winter he ever experienced was a summer in San Francisco. Well, we are not in SF, but we have been living under a blanket of cool clouds at the coast while the rest of the country is in a full summer heatwave. That being said, we are not complaining for one second.

We are thrilled to bring you our June sale:

20% Off

All Berries &

Fruit Trees

The perfect start to summer sale is here!

All Berries with a huge selection of blueberries are now on sale.

All Fruit Trees including apples, avocado, figs, pomegranates, persimmons, Asian pears, peaches, plums, nectarines, and limited citrus are also on sale.

Think about all the pies and baked goods that can be made and snacking on delicious, sweet fruit as we head into the summer season.

Our annual Midsummer Night's Dream Sip, Paint & Plant event is coming up on Wednesday, June 26 from 6-8 pm. Please join us at the nursery and enjoy a magical evening under twinkling lights while we paint and plant Terra Cotta pots and enjoy sips and snacks with our friends. It is always a magical and memorable night that you will not want to miss!

The cost to attend is $40 per person or $75 for two, and all instructions, supplies, and snacks are included. This fun Sip & Paint event is hosted by Kathleen of and Aloha Art and will be held under the shade section at our nursery. For more details and to sign up please visit

In the next section, Steven knocks it out if the ball bark with great plants and updates. Then, you'll find June Gardening Tips next.

Wishing you a wonderful Father’s Day weekend coming up. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Best wishes,

Your Anderson's La Costa Team ~ Marc, Mariah, Steven, Manny, Hanna, Jen, Madeline, Courtney, June, Cypress & Julie

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What's New at the Nursery Steven Froess

Happy June everyone! 

By the end of this month the year will be half over! In the summer, time always seems to slow down a bit for me, which is good because in spring it can be a blur. The longest daylight hours are still ahead of us so enjoy them while they are here. If all went well with your March/April vegetable and herb gardens, your plants should be established and beginning to flower and fruit.

I'm excited to try my Carmen sweet peppers, Black beauty tomato, and an abundance of tomatillos to make salsa with, plus blueberries and mulberries galore. The cucumbers are growing well but no fruit yet (I will probably have tons in about three weeks). Next up will be picking ripe peaches! 

Back at the nursery, the edible section fills up and empties out regularly with warm season herbs and veggies. There are so many good summer-gardening options right now.

This spring has been very mild weather wise, with a thick marine layer here at the coast. Warmer weather plants are just starting to wake up. Bougainvillea are now in bud and bloom (so many colors and very vibrant), hummingbirds love Tecoma hybrids, and Tecomas love the heat and bloom all summer, Salvia 'Mystic spires' continues to be a favorite due to its durability and long lasting bloom cycle, and Mandevillea come in whites, reds, apricot, and yellow this season!

Then, we have quite a few varieties of Plectranthus (great blooms for lower light areas - more arriving such as 'Mona lavender'), Pentas and Buddleja (just in time for the butterflies!), Hydrangeas (usually in May but this cool weather has delayed them until now), Fuchsia (still in the prime of their bloom), and Agapanthus (so many varieties). Our climate never ceases to deliver an endless supply of flowering annuals and perennials. 

Summer will definitely bring butterflies, especially monarchs. I've just started seeing a few flying around the nursery as well as some swallowtails. We will have plenty of milkweed (Asclepias) to feed our hungry caterpillars as we move into the height of the season.

There will be several varieties to choose from as some people swear their butterflies only eat certain types, so we must make sure to accommodate the discerning caterpillars. One of my favorites is a plant called Gomphocarpus, aka hairy balls. This plant is in the milkweed family and will host monarch caterpillars. The plant itself is fast growing and can reach up to six feet. The leaves are large and thick, making for lots of food for large hungry caterpillars. Unfortunately, they do still get those pesky yellow aphids that seem to love asclepias as much as the monarch caterpillars do. 

Our sale for this month includes berries and fruit trees. Be sure to take advantage if you're going to include some of these in your garden this year. We have a great selection of both right now. For fruit trees we have everything from apples, figs, pomegranate, Asian pears, peaches, plums, nectarines, and avocado, although we are still low on citrus until the quarantines get lifted.

Blueberries in one gallon and five gallon look very nice and grow well in our mild spring/warm summer climate. The keys to success are low pH soil (acidic) which can be achieved with adding acidic planting mix/fertilizer and even occasional diluted white vinegar (one tablespoon to one gallon of water - thanks Mia!) and it usually helps to have at least two varieties. Yes, blueberries will self pollinate but the berry yield is so much higher if you have more than one bush.

I am harvesting blueberries everyday, as well as mulberries from my weeping tree, both of which I recently made into bran muffins with my mom.

A few notable plants I'd like to mention are a limited selection of Channel Island natives: Dendromecon harfordii in five gallon (seems like a dream that we even have Channel Island Bush Poppy), Senecio palmeri (love the silvery white foliage and bright yellow flowers), and Contancea nevenii (lacey white foliage is very dramatic).

Other goodies include: our first round of Mimulus (monkey flower- last pic above) with lots more colors coming this summer, Cercis mexicana (Mexican redbud tree), Leucadendron 'Jester' (so colorful!), and basil 'Magic blue' (aka purple flowering African basil). We also have a great assortment of unusual indoor plants such as varieties of Philodendron (tortum, splendid, white and pink princess, sodiroi, ring of fire, and gloriosum), and many types of specialty orchids as well.

Fortunately throughout the summertime, cactus and succulents continue to do their thing.

We’ve got lots of hanging baskets in time for Father's Day, graduation and a multitude of summer soirees and visiting family and guests.

That's all for now, I hope to see you all at the nursery soon!

Your Local Horticulturalist,


June Gardening Tips

rake and tools website.png

We usually experience mild weather in the San Diego area in June and the temperate conditions are just right for getting plants off to a good start. Many flowers and vegetables should be planted from bedding plants this month rather than seeds because time is slipping for warm weather plants to fully mature. Here is a brief overview of when traditional Southern California and Mediterranean-climate plants begin to bloom...

Salvias/Sage: Strong, ornamental, easy to grow, drought tolerant and pest resistant. We have many varieties of salvias including Sunset Western Collection, Mexican, Autumn, Cleveland, Purple, White, and so many more. Hummingbirds love them! 

Plumeria will just be coming into bloom in June. To bloom, plumerias require a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of direct light each day - preferably full sun. Very easy to grow but they don't like to be over-watered. Water about once a week when the soil is dry - soak thoroughly. Make sure soil is well-draining. Plumerias like acidic conditions, mix in an acidic soil to your succulent cactus mix. 

To continue reading June Gardening Tips, click here.

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20% Off

All Berries & Fruit Trees

Offer good through June 30, 2024

And again!

Thank you, thank you Andy Davis.

We love our new mural soooooo much!

Visit Andy's Instagram to view his awesome Mural-in-the-Making short video reel.

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