June-July 2022 NVC News & Events
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Unconscious Ancestral Contracts
Sun, June 19, 2022
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Join Nia Hampton and others as they share some recent learnings from the Sarah Peyton workshop here!

Contact Nia if you have any questions about this Black-only/Black-Centered event.

Chris Hartstein, Capital NVC Facilitator and Engagement Coach, successfully launched an Empathy Incubator earlier this week. Participants at the first session commented, “I didn’t want it to end.” and “That was awesome.” Visioned as a program for faith-based communities, it will evolve organically with ease and simplicity at it’s core. Chris says, “I’m super curious to see what will grow!”
Intensity Practice for Difficult Conversations
Offered by Hally Childs
Sun, June 26, 2022
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

“Intensity Practice”, which I learned in the Mediate Your Life program taught by John Kinyon and Ike Lasater, is my favorite tool for bringing NVC into my everyday life. I use it to connect to needs and act from choice when overwhelmed by feelings such as anger and frustration; it can help with sadness, grief, confusion, or any disconnection from one's self.

In this workshop, my aim is for each person to connect deeply with what is going on inside of her/himself in moments of intensity - and to honor and savor the needs that s/he finds. When we can connect with our needs, we can act with amazing strength, whether we choose to support or empathize with another person, or whether we choose to express our own needs.

After the explanation and demo, we will break into pairs to practice.
Please have an NVC needs list handy for this work. It is also helpful to bring have in mind a triggering statement to work with -- Some examples: "You're not a good team member," "Do you always have to bring politics into it?" We will use the triggering statements in role plays in our practice.

The workshop will be on Zoom and will be limited to 12 participants.
I am hoping to make a similar short offering monthly.

Although there is no fee, donations to Capital NVC are always welcome.
Self-Care Sundays: Embracing the Natural Healing Process
Presented by Morris H. Ervin Jr., Certified NVC Trainer

Sun, Jul 10, 2022, 10:00 AM –
Sun, Aug 14, 2022, 11:30 AM EDT

Embracing the Natural Healing Process during challenging times with reflection, rejuvenation, meditation, music, and fun!

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, overworked, and under appreciated?
Then, take a deep dive with Morris H. Ervin, Jr and Mansa into this six week journey with self-care, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and self-discovery. Each session is designed to increase self-awareness, reduce stress, celebrate life, mourn loss, and strengthen self-confidence. Mansa self-care retreats create the space for reflection, rejuvenation, meaningful conversation, meditation, and fun.

Dates/times: 6 consecutive Sundays: July 10th- August 14th, 10-11:30 AM.
Cost: Sliding scale $90- $120 per person.
In-Person events in our surrounding areas!

Clara Moisello, who you might have met at our recent Sarah Peyton workshop, Is offering:
Discovery Weekend in NYC | Foundational NVC Training
July 8-10 2022 — Brooklyn, NY

And our neighbors in Ohio are offering:
Lutheran Hills in southern Indiana! 
July 31-August 6, 2022
HEART = Harmony, Ease, Authenticity, Respect, and Trust, important family values that Nonviolent Communication supports us in living, both at camp and in the wider world. 
Come learn with us in a space where everyone’s needs matter.

Do you prefer local events that meet virtually or in-person?