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Standing Out
Here's an important question that we ask all of our students at the outset:

What makes you stand out? 

Remember that the idea of "best fit" goes both ways. Just because a student has a similar profile to many of the students at a particular school, doesn't mean that acceptance is guaranteed. Think about why else that college would want you.

At PCCI, we really get to know our students and tailor our search to what is best for them from start to finish based on their strengths, accomplishments, individuality and desires. Unlike most high school guidance counselors who only have time to meet with each student for a few minutes once or twice a year, we collaborate with the students throughout their high school career, usually meeting monthly for as long as needed, until we find the best options for them. Then, we work on narrowing that list and map out what needs to get done. We work with students through all the steps, evaluate all data regarding financial and merit aid opportunities and ultimately determine where to apply and finally enroll.

We help our students find opportunities that make them stand out. 

Think outside the box. Perhaps there's a hobby that the student really enjoys and is good at. For example, an avid chess player who applies to a college with a competitive chess team will stand out from the other applicants that have the same grades, GPA and test scores.

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Student Tips
Before & During Summer Break
Juniors, ask 2-3 teachers for recommendations
before summer break. Let them know in advance
that you will need their recommendation by October 31st of senior year as you plan to be an early action applicant.

Most students won't ask for recommendations until that fall, so get ahead of the rush.

Be sure to get your weighted GPA from your guidance counselor once all of your grades are in. Find out how to get it and who to contact over the summer. If you cannot obtain your weighted GPA over the summer, be sure to get it first thing when school starts in the fall.
Finalize your list of which colleges you will be applying to in the fall. Cap it at 10 or less. Use the summer to write your common app essay and any supplemental essays that may be required by the schools to which you're applying. This way, you'll be ready for any early action deadlines that come up in the fall.
International Campuses
While in Italy, Honoria DaSilva-Kilgore found the study abroad campuses of Gonzaga, Kent State & Webster University, which are just a few blocks away from the Duomo and the historic center of Florence. In our July newsletter, we'll review what types of study abroad programs are available.
Florence's cathedral -
The Duomo
Kent State University &
Webster University share the same location.
PCCI has visited 56 campuses to date in 13 states so far, in addition to researching several hundred universities and colleges throughout the U.S., to bring you as much in-depth insight as possible. Keep an eye out for our October newsletter for insights into colleges in the Pacific Northwest!
Testimonials / Reviews
"Highly recommend PCCI! We hired PCCI during my daughter’s sophomore year of HS. To me the college process seemed very overwhelming, and I didn’t know where to start. Over the past 3 years, Nod has worked with our daughter to narrow down her choices, schedule tours, reach out to admissions and coaches, schedule interviews, review essays and applications and then guided her on when to apply. I didn’t realize how important the timing of all of these steps were. I cannot say enough great things on how amazing Nod and PCCI’s services have been to our family. My daughter was accepted to all the schools she applied and she was recruited and signed at her top choice. Thank you Nod for all you have done to help Samantha with this process."
~ Tara. C.
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