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Summer College Prep
Honoria DaSilva-Kilgore
PCCI gets students on the right track and finds the right college fit. We take into consideration standardized testing (PSATs to SATs) and overall academics. Even sports and extra-curricular activities come into play. We help you through the application process and strive to maximize merit scholarship dollars and financial aid. 

Summer is the perfect time to begin working together to review potential colleges and determine if they are a good match! 

Looking ahead, August is when rising seniors should be drafting their college essays. Do one for the Common App. Then, be sure to check if any of the colleges that students plan on applying to require a separate essay, or if they need to prepare one to be considered for any specific scholarships for those colleges. Note that colleges often have scholarships for the Arts but may need something (essay, portfolio etc.) submitted separately to be considered and by a certain deadline.

Need assistance? The earlier you start, the better. Call or email today!

Best regards,
Honoria DaSilva-Kilgore, Esq.
“I took researching and applying to colleges very seriously. There was just so much to do and a lot to keep track of. Honoria was so efficient that I was able to get everything done. She set up guidelines so I could follow specific steps, which made a huge difference. Working with PCCI was definitely worth it. As I explored schools in New England, Rhode Island became my favorite area. University of Rhode Island’s program was amazing and just what I was looking for. Plus, the cost was competitive. Overall, I had a great first year at URI.”

- Jordan Cuoto, Undergraduate at University of Rhode Island (Fall 2021).
Major: Computer Science. Minor: Business
PCCI Tour Schedule
PCCI has visited schools all across the nation. On the tour schedule this year:

Spotlight on Florida Gulf Coast University
Here are a few takeaways from our recent visit to this relatively young school:

  • Good mix of Nursing, Engineering and Entrepreneurship programs
  • There are more internships for Business majors than there are students in the major.
  • Impressive, updated dorms, where every student gets their own bedroom - even Freshmen
  • With pools right outside the dorm, residential life has resort style living vibe.
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