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Howdy Folks

Really appreciate all your nice comments on the last newsletter!! However, not all of you seem to see it alike. One nice lady asked to be removed from my mailing list because the newsletter 

 [in her words] was 'full of hatred and judgment'.

Her request was promptly granted and considered writing and congratulating her on her keen observance and detecting something that everyone else missed --including me.

 As a follow up to the May newsletter, let's continue with some more ways to empower ourselves. 

Suggestion # 4. Do not give anyone permission to cause you to feel bad about yourself. 

Everyone is probably entitled to their opinion, you have no obligation to agree with them.

Suggestion #5. Remove ‘I’m sorry rorm your vocabulary.

The ‘I’m sorry’ phrase seems to be tightly woven into the fabric of conversation.

If a person sneezes or stumps their toe, seems someone will say ‘I’m sorry.’

Its nice to be polite but this doesn’t help the person or solve the problem and you are telling your body that you are sorry. This is NOT a good idea.

Remember-Your body is listening while you mouth is talking. 

If you make a mistake, learn from it and don’t do it again. Don’t beat on yourself for no reason.

Remember that if you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting.

Suggestion # 6. Don’t argue with people-- allow them to be wrong.

It is nice to have the approval of friends — but it isn’t a necessity. And if they aren’t your friends, it doesn’t matter. 

Suggestion # 7. Do at least one act of kindness each day that not only helps another person but also causes you to feel good about yourself.

Remember—NO act of kindness, regardless of how small, is ever wasted.

Below is a note received from someone I only met in Skype conversations. 

It made my day better, try a random act of kindness and see how it works for you.

Enjoy July.


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  • Thank you for my sessions and all your help a few months ago. I just wanted to THANK YOU again because I am becoming a more positive thinker. You said that most of my problems stem from being a negative thinker in the past which I cop to. My whole family was raised in war and murder in Europe for the last multiple generations (similar to what is going on in Ukraine now) and raised me to be very fearful of everything because they, themselves, had lived through horrific events. But the reason I am writing is because I sense that being in your weekly group (the $25/mo program) is behind my improvement. I am less afraid and more hopeful. So I wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for that. I am really grateful. T——

  • April please tell your dad just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate his energy. My life has been on an upward trajectory since signing up for your clearing. S--- 

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One of my friends grew a field of hemp and VA Tech processed it into hemp oil [CBD oil]. I spoke with a knowledgable person in Switzerland who had researched it and found it among the best available anywhere and priced reasonably. 
If you are interested in this, here is the website.  www.clinchmountainhemp.com

Here is a comment from someone who was having severe problems with lack of sleep~~~~~ '9 weeks of sleeping through the night... 4 drops of delta 8 under my tongue before bed.'