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-April Grace

Past Newsletters

A Note From Raymon

Howdy Folks.
My friend Tom McCarthy, author of' The Breakthrough Code' invited me on two of his Global Energy Healing Summits.
Tom is an excellent person for an interview, He asks 'down to earth questions' and understands the answers. 
His 'Global Energy Healing Summit’ has a ton of FREE information. 
Here is one of his headlines that caught my attention. 
'Scientific research has proven ‘The brain cannot determine the difference in reality and imagination.’
I have suggested this for years but had no proof. Am thankful Tom supported this idea.
So now that we know, what can we do with it? It is probably unlimited. Have said for a long time that the mind is limited to the limitations we accept. 
What happens when we refuse to accept limitations? MIRACLES !!!
There is a short video on Raymon Grace You Tube Channel of how I built a new knee. After three years it is still working fine. 
I could have asked many thousands of people if I could do this and most or all would have thought I was insane.
 So I didn’t ask. I just did it.
The problem with talking with closed minded people is~~they have nothing useful to offer. 
You will always succeed better by believing you can ~than believing you can’t. 
So let me ask you. What could you accomplish if you didn’t know you couldn’t?
Now if the brain can’t tell the difference in reality and imagination, why can we not imagine the things we want in life and have them manifest? WE CAN.
I imagined the place I wanted to live when I was around five years old. Have lived here for 48 years. 
This is how I have been able to help people have good drinking water on six continents. 
If you work or live with troublesome people~~and you continue to complain about them, do you really think they will improve?
How about IMAGINING them being kind and friendly. It doesn’t cost anything and you will feel better imagining them that way and there is a good chance it will work. WHY?
Because 'Energy Follows Thought ' This was confirmed by Einstein and Willie Nelson ~~who has a song by that title.
April has rounded up my past newsletters and made them available at
Feel free to share with your friends. 
THANK YOU for your nice comments concerning our Energy Clearing Project. 
I am very THANKFUL to be of help to you.
Here is the film of the interview. I have a tendency to close my eyes when thinking and the camera was higher than where I was looking. This make it look like my eyes were closed. Hopefully it didn’t affect the information.

New Knee Video Below
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Comments From Our Friends Around The World

  • Dear April and Raymon, Thank you so much for this kind energy clearing opportunity.  Since the start of the subscription last week my water is great and tastes better. After a week I see great changes in the way I am thinking and doing and being.  I am receiving great value and way more than I expected from this subscription.  Thank you. I will write more with concrete examples of what has been happening later.. - P.

Raymon Grace Foundation
One of my friends grew hemp and VA. Tech processed it into hemp oil [CBD oil]. I spoke with a knowledgable person in Switzerland who had researched it and found it among the best available anywhere and priced reasonably. 
If you are interested in this, here is the website.