2022 Risk Management Conference
July 11th - 15th
This year’s Risk Management Conference will be a virtual event held from July 11th to 15th. Participants will enjoy a one-hour session each day, typically at 2:00pm ET via Zoom. Be sure to sign up for any (or all) of the sessions individually and then pass along the links to others in your company who may be interested. The more the merrier! Once you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email with specific details about how to join each session.

Presidential Matters
Together Today, Stronger Tomorrow 
Peter Elliott, TIG President & CEO
There’s no shortage of quotes and motivational sayings to communicate a simple fact: life is a journey best made together. We’ve heard time and time again that “there’s strength in numbers.” Athletes huddle up, shouting “All for one and one for all!” – and there are many mantras that include some version of “United we stand, divided we fall.”

We even abide by one of these adages here at Telcom Insurance Group, reminding both our team and our clients that we are indeed “Stronger together.” The companies we serve, however, know that this is more than a motto. It’s truly a way of life.

While this principle holds true in nearly all areas of life, it is particularly significant when it comes to insurance. A comprehensive policy won’t prevent damage from occurring, but it can provide peace of mind that you won’t have to recover alone. This gives our clients confidence to face the future, knowing that Telcom Insurance Group will be there to help in the aftermath – whether it’s a devastating storm or a cyber attack.

Plus, by choosing an insurer that also serves others in the telecom industry, you will enjoy benefits that only come from extensive experience. Here at Telcom Insurance Group, we know the telecom industry inside and out – and can provide a quicker, stronger claim settlement than a general insurer. We can also help choose coverage and limits that are sustainable, always keeping your company’s unique needs in mind.

The Federated Rural Exchange, an electric insurer, embodies the “stronger together” principle like none other. They insure 90% of the electric market, learning every facet of the industry and using their valuable insight to serve each client well. We applaud Federated and ask those of you that have not joined our insurance program to imagine what everyone can gain by reaching their level of penetration of the telecom industry. It is a case of stronger together.

By building a strong base as well, Telcom Insurance Group remains focused on the future – one defined by even better service and more satisfied clients. Join the telecom companies we serve nationwide as we all grow “Stronger together!”

Risk Management Matters
Business Continuity Planning
Marilyn A. Blake, AU, CRM
Most companies would agree that it’s important to have a preparedness plan in place. But do they have a comprehensive one that includes Disaster Recovery, Business Resumption/continuity, and Emergency Preparedness?
Fun Facts: July Edition
July is the perfect time to enjoy fun in the sun – and to celebrate summertime! Whether you’re planning a family vacation, hosting an Independence Day picnic, or adding an extra scoop in honor of National Ice Cream Month, there’s no shortage of fun to be had!

Account Executive Matters
Understanding Replacement Costs
Jordan Roberts, Account Executive
With inflation continually driving up costs, it is critical to understand the value of replacement cost coverage on your insurance policy. When we look at building valuations and contractors/mobile equipment costs in today’s climate, it’s easy to see how valuable that coverage valuation truly can be.

Risk Management Matters
Wildfire Preparation Tips
Craig Rapp, Risk Manager
Wildfire season is upon us. Did you know that 45 million homes and 72,000 communities are at risk for wildfires each year? Currently, 23 states have active wildfires, with 1,920,314 acres at risk.

Claims Matters
Hurricane Losses
Rebecca (Beckie) Menard, AU, CISR
Ready or not, hurricane season is officially upon us. As many of our families wrap up the school year and transition into vacation mode, it’s important to make hurricane preparation a priority.
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