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President's Message

Thank you to everyone that attended the 2015 PNRC Conference and thank you to the conference planning committee for putting together an event that represented the theme of People, Purpose & Passion.

From the opening session with Motivational Humorist Sharon Lacey and remarks from NAHRO President, Preston Prince to the closing general session with a presentation from Thomas Ntuli about Public Housing in South Africa, this conference provided education, motivation and networking opportunities.


The 2016 Conference will be in the Greater Seattle area (date and location to be determined by the end of June). If you would like to be part of the Conference Planning Committee, please contact me or incoming PNRC President, Sunny Shaw.


Thank you for reading and I look forward to your feedback,

Lowel Krueger, President

Recording Breaking Conference!

The 2015 PNRC Conference in Seattle was the highest atte
nded conference in PNRC history with 310 registered attendees coming from all over the region as well as visitors from other states and our special guests from South Africa. 


Lowel Krueger

The conference began with a welcome from PNRC President, Lowel Krueger
and a video welcome f
rom Washington Senator Patty Murray. 
Senator Patty Murray
They were f ollowed by many great speakers including  NAHRO President, Preston Prince, NAHRO CEO,   Saul Ramirez, Candidate for NAHRO Senior VP position, Carl Richie and South African Delegate Thomas Ntuli. 

Preston Prince
Saul Ramirez
Carl Richie
Thomas Ntuli

The breakout sessions were engaging and informative with topics ranging from Board Meeting Best Practices to HUD talks FSS to Inventory Control Management to Education Programing and Affordable Housing.  There were speakers from many departments of our member agencies, HUD, Gates Foundation, NAHRO, Federal Home Loan Bank and more.
PNRC Leadership with the delegates from South Africa

NAHRO Awards 

The National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) Awards of Merit and Awards of Excellence recognize and promote the nation's best in housing and community development.  

The Pacific Northwest Region had 15 applications and we are pleased to announce that 14 of those have been entered into the NAHRO Merit Awards and will represent our region at the National level for the NAHRO National Awards of Excellence.  The NAHRO National Awards winners will be announced at the National Conference in Los Angeles in October.

Applications selected to represent the region for the National Awards of Excellence are:

Administrative Innovation
  • Whole Building Energy Usage Study by the King County Housing Authority
Innovation in Affordable Housing
  • NHA Computer Lab - Nampa Housing Authority
  • A Pivotal Point for Domestic Violence Survivors - Housing Authority of the City of Everett
  • A Very RED Financing Strategy - Housing Authority of the City of Everett
Innovation in Resident & Client Services
  • Mayor's Task Force to End Veteran Homelessness - Housing Authority of the City of Pocatello
  • Student and Family Stability Initiative - King County Housing Authority
  • Resource Development Plan - Seattle Housing Authority
  • Growing Food and Friendships, Community Garden - Housing Authority of the City of Everett
  • Landlord Incentive Program - Longview Housing Authority
Project Design
  • Deskin Commons - Housing Authority of Yamhill County
Applications selected to represent the region in the National Awards of Merit are:
  • Homeownership Program - Bremerton Housing Authority
  • Community Health Advocate Program of Spokane, WA - Foundation for Healthy Generations

PRAIS Awards

From these applications the winners of the 
Pacific NW Regional Awards for  I nnovative  S ervices (PRAIS) are chosen.

And the winners are......
Administrative Innovation
Whole Building Energy Usage Study - 
King County Housing Authority

Pictured: Lowel Krueger, PNRC President (left) presenting award to
Bill Cook, King County Housing Authority Director of Public Housing
Administrative Innovation
Whole Building Energy Usage Study - 
King County Housing Authority

Pictured: Lowel Krueger, PNRC President (left) presenting award to Bill Cook, King County Housing Authority Director of Public Housing

Affordable Housing Innovation
A Pivotal Point for Domestic Violence Survivors -
The Housing Authority of the City of Everett

Pictured: Lowel Krueger, PNRC President (left) presenting award to
Rick Dorris, Everett Housing Authority Director of Acquisition & Development

Program Innovation: Resident & Client Services
Landlord Incentive Program - 
Longview Housing Aut hority 

Project Design
Deskin Commons -
Housing Authority of Yamhill County

President's Award

PNRC's President selects an individual whose past dedication and commitment demonstrates outstanding performance to the field of affordable housing and/or community development and PNRC's mission.  
The 2015 President's Award Winner is
Sunny Shaw, Executive Director of the 
Housing Authority of the City of Pocatello

Sunny's involvement within PNRC, NAHRO and the affordable housing industry includes:
  • President - Idaho Chapter of NAHRO
  • Sunny Shaw receives President's Award from PNRC President, Lowel Krueger
    PNRC Conference Planning Committee
  • PNRC Strategic Planning Committee
  • NAHRO Regional Sr. Vice-present - PNRC elect to serve as President
  • NAHRO National Professional Development Committee
  • NAHRO National Legislative Network
  • National Board of Governors
  • Past co-chair and current member of the Southern Idaho Homeless and Housing Coalition
  • Member of the Mayor's committee to end Veteran Homelessness
  • Past Housing Chairperson for the NAACP - Pocatello Branch
  • Serve on the Bannock Transportation Planning Organization Oversight Committee
  • Presented Rental Preparedness Class to Work Experience seniors each semester at various high schools
  • Holds the Public Housing Manager (PHM) Credential and Certified Management Executive (CME) Credential through NAHRO
  • Professional Development currently working on:
    • Become a certified NAHRO trainer of Commissioner Ethics and Fundamentals (Pending)
    • Currently enrolled at Boise State University to work on obtaining Bachelor's Degree
Congratulations Sunny on this well deserved recognition!

PNRC Scholarship Fundraising 50/50 Raffle

This was our first year to have a 50/50 raffle and it was a HUGE success! O ver $2,000 in tickets were sold which means $1,000+ to the winner and $1,000+ to the scholarship fund.  The lucky winner was Paul Purcell of Beacon Development Group and he donated his winnings back to the scholarship fund.  Thank you so much for your generosity Paul!  And, thank you to everyone who bought tickets for your support in making a difference in the life of a student.

And the Survey Says.....

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the survey onsite or online. Your feedback will allow us to improve on next years conference.  Here are some highlights:
  • 83% gave the conference location a Very Good or Good 
  • 82% gave the accommodations a Very Good or Good
  • 85% gave General Session speakers Saul Ramirez and Carl Richie a Very Good or Good 
  • 89% gave the Scholarship Fundraising 50/50 Raffle  a Very Good or Good
  • 72% gave the Exhibitors a Very Good or Good
Comments included:
  • "Great agenda this year with current trends and relevant issues."
  • "Excellent conference coordination."
  • "Training sessions were well prepared and presented."
  • "The conference was great. I liked the pace and the breaks between sessions, it allows onto not feel rushed."
  • "This has been a great conference. Nice location, relevant topics, great presenters. I've learned a lot that I can take back to my PHA."
There is always room for improvement and that's why it is important to provide your feedback.

At previous conferences there has been a request for more time for networking so the conference planning committee incorporated larger breaks between sessions to allow for that.  However, based on the responses from this year's attendees, they would rather have less and shorter breaks to allow for an earlier end time each day. Only 62% gave the Conference Pace a Very Good or Good. 

In an effort to keep registration fees lower, the conference planning committee chose to provide a continental breakfast.  The feedback on the breakfast was that it needed to be more substantive.  30% gave the Food a Poor rating.

All of this feedback will be shared with the 2016 Conference Planning Committee and changes will be made to ensure that we are providing a quality conference experience.
Thank you Sponsors for your support of the PNRC Conference!
Your contributions allow us to keep the conference registration fee low to allow maximum participation from our members.
Me mbers - please make sure to thank the sponsors for their support!

Bronze Sponsors

Job Openings
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (Anchorage, AK)
Housing Kitsap (Bremerton, WA)
Kennewick Housing Authority (Kennewick, WA)
Spokane Housing Authority (Spokane, WA)
Vancouver Housing Authority (Vancouver, WA)
Professional Development


Ethics Training for Specialist Certifications - June 16, 2015


This ethics training is a requirement for professionals who seek to obtain any of NAHRO's Specialist Certifications. Newly employed agency staff will also benefit from an understanding of ethical issues in their positions. The Ethics Training program's purpose is to define the meaning of professional ethics, and to clarify how ethical behavior benefits professionals, agencies and the industry as a whole.


Instructor: Veronica Bukowski, M.S., PHM, CPBA, CPVA


Learn More and Register




Ethics Training for Operations Management Certifications - June 17-18, 2015


This ethics training is a requirement for professionals who seek to obtain any of NAHRO's Operations Management certificationsThe training is targeted to professionals with supervisory and/or managerial roles and responsibilities. Operations Management Certifications are offered in the areas of Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher, Maintenance, and Inspections. The purpose of the Ethics Training for Operations Management is to highlight the aspects of creating an ethical work environment from the perspective of those who act as stewards of the public trust.


Instructor: Veronica Bukowski, M.S., PHM, CPBA, CPVA

Learn More and Register



Preparing for HAP Termination - June 24, 2015


This NAHRO e-learning session focuses on the termination of housing assistance benefits under the Housing Choice Voucher program. Attendees will identify steps to comply with federal regulations and agency policies governing the various elements of the process, including the termination letter, file documentation, agreements, statements, witness accounts, and reasonable accommodations.  The session will review the requirements for an informal hearing and preparation, but is not a training that provides instruction for hearing officers.  Discussion will center on best practices, and sharing methodologies is encouraged. (Legal advice and opinion will not be provided during the training.)


Instructor: Clif Martin, PHM, SPHM, and Real Estate License (Maryland)

Learn More and Register




Recording Now Available for Purchase

Anatomy of Bargining: NAHRO e-Briefing


The bargaining process can be confusing, disorganized and unnerving for those who don't negotiate for a living. This pre-recorded e-Briefing lays out a well-ordered road map that provides non-professional negotiators, such as senior administration and board members, with a system to navigate the entire process successfully. The webinar identifies each distinctive phase of negotiations, teaches participants the critical verbal skills required at each stage, and provides techniques to better manage the negotiations process. No matter which side of the table you're on, this e-Briefing will help non-professionals better understand - and employ - proven negotiation strategies and tactics within the context of collective bargaining.


For a limited time only, NAHRO members can stream the archived recording of this special e-briefing for just $49.


Instructor: Joseph Blanchette, Blanchette Associates


Learn More and Order



Preparing for the Lease Termination, Hearing, and Trial - July 15, 2015


This NAHRO e-Learning session focuses on how to best prepare to complete the lease termination for a client. Attendees will identify the steps to success that dramatically improve the agency's ability to build a successful case.  Learn the steps and protocol to guide you through an effective lease termination of a resident. Identify the requirements, elements and best practices used in the affordable housing industry during preparation for the eventual hearing and trial. Determine the documents, witnesses, staff and arguments that are most effective for your case. Discussion will center upon best practices and idea sharing is encouraged. (Legal advice and opinions will not be provided.)


Instructor: Clif Martin, PHM, SPHM, and Real Estate License (Maryland)

Learn More and Register




Section 3 e-Learning - August 5, 2015


Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Act of 1968 requires that recipients of certain HUD financial assistance, to the greatest extent possible, provide job training and employment opportunities for low- or very low-income residents in connection with certain HUD-funded projects and activities. This NAHRO e-learning session is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the Section 3 Regulation, along with the current monitoring and compliance environment. The session also explores best practices in developing and maintaining a local Section 3 program along with ensuring contractor compliance. 


Instructor: Dave Shaffer

Learn More and Register



Excellence in Customer Service - August 12, 2015


Customer service can be the deciding factor in whether an agency meets its bottom line every month. Effective communication improves relationships and delivers results not only with external agency clients, but also with internal agency staff. This NAHRO e-Learning session focuses on the new wave of customer service. Learn how to perfect the details of communication and make your agency's customer service truly excellent. Featuring continuous classroom interaction, this is one session you do not want to miss.


Instructor: Elizabeth A. Turner, PHM, SPHM


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Grant Writing for PHAs - August 25-27, 2015


Public Housing and Redevelopment Agencies have had to weather reduced subsidies from HUD.  As a result, these agencies must design and implement new strategies designed to replace lost resources while simultaneously creating new funding streams.


In response to these new fiscal realities, NAHRO Professional Development Systems developed its Grant Writing for PHAs series. These online, interactive sessions begin with Grant Writing Part I: Introduction to Grant Writing for PHAs, which focuses on how to get started from the perspective of identifying potential funding sources. The series continues with Grant Writing Part II: Self-Assessment, which focuses on developing a process designed to guide the writer/submitter through the planning, development, and construction of proposals that ultimately lead to funding. This session also includes information about the logic model and its importance. The series concludes with Grant Writing Part III: The Executive Summary, in which each class participant will develop and receive personal feedback on a Draft Executive Summary. 


Depending on your skill and experience as a proposal writer, you may wish to attend all three sessions (at a discounted rate).  We are also providing the opportunity to register for individual sessions on an a la carte basis. 


Instructor: Eugene Rudder, NAHRO Consultant and Faculty Member


Learn More and Register



Workshop for Executive Directors - September 23-24, 2015


This online workshop is geared toward executive directors and senior staff and focuses on strategies for maximizing your agency's limited resources, with an emphasis on staffing and fiscal management. The workshop provides an opportunity to share and explore best practices related to key aspects of operations, including maintenance, modernization, construction administration, occupancy, inspections, and procurement. This is an interactive workshop featuring exercises and active discussion. 


Instructor: Larry Loyd


Learn More and Register

Be sure to check the NPDS Seminar Calendar for the most up-to-date schedule of upcoming NAHRO Professional Development offerings, including live seminars.