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Dog Aggression Awareness and Prevention
(What to do if a dog attacks you/ your dog)

Saturday, June 13, 2015
Bridgeville Library



Shy, Fear, or Aggressive-Understanding Your Dogs Triggers

 (how to help prevent your dog from attacking)


Wed., June 24th,  2015
Bethel Park Library 


Although the classes are FREE, space is limited so  registration is required.  Please call Deb at 412/220-7800 to reserve your spot today.


I Found An Injured Wild Animal...What Should I Do? 
Baby birds
Baby rabbits
Baby squirrels
Baby raccoons 
The Animal Rescue League Wildlife Center is a fully licensed wildlife rehabilitation clinic.  If you find an injured animal, wear gloves and place the animal in a box and contact the folks at the Animal Rescue League. 
For more information contact the ARL at 
or call
   412-345-7300 ext. 500 

Canine Bloat
To help prevent families from prematurely needing my services, I try to create awareness of situations that could potentially be lethal.  Canine bloat is one of those conditions.


Canine bloat (also known as Gastric Torsion or Gastric Dilatation Volvulus - GDV) is an extremely serious and life-threatening problem. It usually appears suddenly and progresses very quickly, often with tragically fatal results.
Bloat tends to strike large and extra-large, deep-chested dogs, such as Rottweilers, Great Danes or Irish Wolfhounds more than it does medium or small breeds. However, no breed is 'immune'. Knowing how to recognize the symptoms of bloat (and knowing what to do next) could literally mean the difference between life and death for your dog!    

Signs and Symptoms of Bloat:
  • Know your dogMost of the symptoms are behavioral. Become familiar with your dog's abdomen and what it normally looks and feels like.
  • Pacing the floor, not being able to settle or to find a comfortable position to lie down.
  • Whimpers or make sounds like he/she is in pain 
  • The dog appears to be nauseated. He will unsuccessfully attempt to vomit and will retch and gag, but nothing comes up or very little.  He may also attempt to have a bowel movement, but again nothing comes out.
  • Excessive drooling

 If you suspect your dog is experiencing Bloat,

 RUSH THE DOG IMMEDIATELY to the vet or animal hospital


Primary Cause:  Although there are environmental and genetic factors that remain unknown, the chances of bloating are increased by overeating and excessive drinking. Allowing a dog to exercise or especially roll shortly after a meal can also cause problems. 


Care Required:  TAKE THE DOG TO THE VET IMMEDIATELY. There, he/she will be stabilized and likely undergo gastric decompression. Depending on the circumstances, you may need to treat the dog for shock on your way to the emergency hospital.


Prevention:  Providing the dog normal-sized food portions and allowing time to digest after a meal can prevent occurrences of bloating, at all ages.

This information is excerpted from the ASPCA.  For more information Visit ASPCA/Canine-Bloat  



   For a more visual demonstration of what bloat looks like,   This link was provided by Karen Sable, the instructor who teaches the pet first aid classes that I sponsor.  
Featured Urn:  Jewel Tone Urns
DId your dog love to run in the ocean or sleep under a berry bush?  Were their eyes a beautiful blue that reminded you of the soothing waters of the sea? If so, then these breathtaking sea blue and raspberry urns may be the perfect resting place for your beloved pet. .....memories of the essence of summer and all the magic and beauty you shared.

Classically designed, these urns are available in beautiful blue or rich magenta and have a hand-tooled antiqued pewter band.  The threaded lid allows secure closure and the felt-lined base is gentle on your furniture.  Available in small to large sizes, this urn is sure to remind you of the memories you had with your best friend.
To view more urns, please visit  and click on the urns tab.

Hoping you are enjoying the warm summer days,


Deb Chebatoris
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation