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Families Move into Saint John’s Square!
"Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams."

Women and children are starting to move into the homes at Saint John’s Square, a new transitional housing program located on our Saint John’s campus.

Allow us to introduce you to a few of these new residents:
Sabrina and her eleven-year-old son, Caleb moved into a home at Saint John’s Square on May 24. Sabrina earned a BA and MA in Classical Voice and sang and toured the world with the San Francisco State Chamber Choir for years. How, then, did she find herself an alcoholic and homeless? It was, as it often is, that she had a long-term boyfriend who was a master manipulator and whose emotional abuse eventually became physical.

Sabrina graduated from our employment training program last fall and is now gainfully employed and taking the next step towards self-sustainability. Sabrina is currently working full-time at Corti Brothers preparing food in their kitchen. She said the best part of living independently is being able to have her own kitchen and to be cooking again. Caleb chimed in that he too is enjoying his mom’s cooking, especially when she prepares his favorite meals, spaghetti and meatloaf. Sabrina is thankful to Saint John’s for helping her to feel safe, for the career opportunities she's received, and for the counseling that is helping her to be open with her feelings and to “be present” in each moment. We wish the very best for Sabrina and Caleb as they enter this next stage of their journey!

To read more about Sabrina and Caleb, please click here.
This time last year, Phoebe was struggling with drug addiction and was living in her car. She had lost custody of her one-year old son, Legend, and was starting to lose all hope. Phoebe entered Saint John’s through our Respite Program in June of 2020. After two weeks of respite, Phoebe started our full program in earnest. As she reflected on her early experience at Saint John’s she said, “I had one motivation – to get my son back. Everything I did to complete the program was to accomplish that goal. I came to Saint John’s and I got my life together!” She regained custody of Legend in December and her CPS case closed May 27, 2021. Phoebe says the positive atmosphere at Saint John’s has helped her to become stable, get her medication under control and get a job.
Phoebe was hired by Taco Bell last November, and because of her good attendance and strong work ethic, was invited to become a manager. When asked what she was most proud of, Phoebe didn’t hesitate to say, “Getting my son back, getting clean and sober, living in my own home and having a bank account. Saint John’s taught me how to save money and now I have my own money in my own bank account!” Phoebe will be graduating from Saint John’s on June 17, and is ready to keep charging ahead on her own road to success. 

Click here to learn more about Saint John's Square and our in-kind needs and sponsorship opportunities. 
Roebbelen Contracting, Inc. is a true partner in every sense of the word. As our contracting partner for Saint John’s Square they have consistently gone above and beyond the project scope and helped with all of our needs—discounting and absorbing construction costs, helping us move furniture and anything else that we may need on campus.

In May, Roebbelen pledged $25,000 to our Big Day of Giving Campaign to sponsor a modular home for two families. Thank you, Roebbelen, for your extensive support and generosity! It means the world to us.

Check out the video below to learn more about Roebbelen’s remarkable partnership.
After more than a year, we are thrilled to announce our celebrated Guest Chef Dinner Series is back! Starting July 1, please join us and experience a true meal-with-a-meaning as the women in our employment training program work under the expertise of a local and renowned guest chef. Surround yourself with friends, supporters, delicious food and drinks, live music and stories of Real Change.

We are excited to welcome back Thai Basil as our first Guest Chef Dinner. Join us Thursday, July 1 for an unforgettable night that includes a four course Thai dinner prepared by Chef Suleka Sun-Lindley, a complimentary wine tasting by Boisett Collection and live music from Darbytown.

Visit the link below to purchase tickets today!
Party for Change is our only major fundraising event this year and is not-to-be-missed! This elegant black tie soiree will feature fabulous cuisine and wine, music by Las Vegas DJ E-Noc, dance and aerialist performances by the Sacramento Contemporary Dance Theatre, a fantastic live auction and more! For sponsorship opportunities, reach out to Sasha Wirth or Bethany Knudsen at
2021 1st and 2nd QUARTER GRANT REPORT
We are incredibly grateful to the following community partners who awarded Saint John’s a grant to help support the women and children in our program on their journeys to creating Real Change. With much appreciation, we thank you!
Allstate Foundation - $150,000
American River Bank Foundation - $5,000
Ameriprise Financial - $10,000
Bank of America Charitable Foundation - $15,000
Beneto Foundation - $10,000
Drysdale Community Foundation - $4000
Help a Child Foundation - $25,000
Kaiser Permanente - $10,000
Kikkoman Foundation - $2,500
Maximus Foundation - $7,000
Nationwide Foundation - $30,000
Reynen Foundation - $2,500
Sacramento Association of Realtors - $18,000
Sacramento County TOT Program-$7,500
Swinerton Foundation - $12,000
Teichert Foundation - $5,000
MUFG Union Bank Foundation - $5,000
Emergency Shelter & Food Program - $49,510
Today is the perfect day to support Real Change.
I am an avid runner. I took up long-distance running about 15 years ago as a way to meditate. Recently, I had the great fortune to travel to Clearwater, Florida, and run a marathon. Much to the boredom of both staff and clients, I tend to make tons of running analogies.
When women first enter Saint John’s, I alongside other staff, host a welcome orientation. The purpose it to let the women know that every single person at Saint John’s is here for them. I also tell them how hard the program can get. One of the hardest parts of the program is being with the mind - it will tell women to give up. Marathoners call this point of wanting to give up, “hitting the wall.”
I urge our women, when they “hit the wall,” to let us know as soon as they are willing. All of us at Saint John’s will come together to help them-we will walk with them, we will run with them. Whatever it is they need, we will help them cross the finish line.
In my “race” (I’m hardly racing-just aiming to finish), I “hit the wall” quite early-at the 14-mile marker. It was hot and humid- conditions I’m not at all familiar or comfortable with. And, I realized, if only for a second, not a single woman is familiar or comfortable when they are beginning the program at Saint John’s. 
While I continued to doubt my ability to finish my run, by mile 16, I was literally in tears. How could I stop now, while I encourage our women to stay strong for 12 or more months in a very difficult program? Running a marathon is hardly as difficult as lifelong transformation and I felt so foolish to be ready to call it quits after a mere 3.5 hours of running. At that very moment, I realized why I needed to finish the run. It was for the women and children at Saint John’s-hundreds of them work through the struggles in their minds every single day. Though the thought didn’t make my run any easier, it made it so much more motivating. And with that, the women and children at Saint John’s helped me cross the finish line after the most memorable 26.2 miles of my life.

With greatest gratitude,
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