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Wool Socks
Photos from Darn Tough and Smartwool Factory Videos
Our Darn Tough rep was in the store a week ago to give us a clinic about Darn Tough Socks. This 40-year old, family owned company has such an endearing story, that is hard to not just jump on the Darn Tough bandwagon. So here is a comparison of the top two brands (Darn Tough and Smartwool) that NAO has carried for awhile and an introduction to our newest sock brand - Farm-to-Feet.
All three of these brands use a combination of wool and synthetic fibers such as Nylon, Spandex, Lycra and Elastane to create their socks. The amount of wool will vary, depending on sock use. For example, hiking and skiing socks tend to have more wool than the running or lifestyle socks. A higher percentage of wool means more thermal and cushioning qualities, the synthetic fibers give you a more stretch, lighter weight and also allows for the introduction of brighter and more varied colors.
Although wool socks tend to be more expensive than their cotton counterparts, wool has many redeeming characteristics:
  • Unlike cotton, wool is a great insulator even when wet
  • A natural temperature regulator, keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Wool can absorb and hold moisture away from your foot
  • Wool dries much more quickly than cotton
  • Wool fibers have a natural anti-bacterial property and are therefore, odor resistant
  • The fibers are durable, and stretchy allowing for natural elasticity
  • Unlike synthetic fibers, wool is biodegradable
  • And naturally provides SPF protection
Photos from Smartwool Website
All three brands are manufactured right here in the U.S.A., however, Farm-to-Feet is the only brand that gets all of its wool, synthetic fibers and packing materials only from the USA. Before researching this article, I didn't know about the practice of mulesing, and I am sorry I can't erase the images of this practice from my mind. Mulesing was developed in 1927 in Australia, to prevent flystrike and to keep wool cleaner by creating a patch of scar tissue around the tail, thereby prohibiting wool growth in this area. All three brands work closely with suppliers to guarantee that the sheep are treated well and require them to be non-mulesed. Do they Shrink? The answer to that is definitely, yes. All wool socks will shrink a bit, especially if you wash in too warm of water or throw them into a hot dryer. All three brands can be machine washed in cold to warm water and dried on very low heat (although Farm-to-Feet suggests air drying). If you really don't want your socks to shrink, then wash them in cold and lay them flat to dry. Most socks cover a range of sizes, for example a Men's size large Darn Tough will fit a size 10-12 foot. If your foot is size 12 you will definitely notice the shrink in the sock when washed, but you probably won't notice it at all if your foot is size 10. Another recommendation is to turn them inside out for washing. This will protect the colors from fading and cut down on sock fuzz sticking to your feet, or at least that's the theory.
All three brands have amazing guarantees. Darn Tough and Farm-to-Feet guarantees the comfort and durability of their socks for the life of the product, while the Smartwool guarantee covers the first two years after purchase. Farm-to-Feet also recycles all of the socks that get returned to them.
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Please print coupon out or show it to us on your phone to receive these great deals. Usual limits apply, 1 coupon per household, limit of 1 pair/item, limited to stock on hand.
Results from the Register Polls
You might have noticed our Copper Comment (AKA a penny for your thoughts) survey questions at our registers. We have been asking customers an array of questions from silly to serious. Here are the questions so far and the results...
  Have a question that you would like us to use? Go ahead and send it our way.
New Items
We just started carrying Farm-to-Feet socks, Ultra-Sil 25L reusable shopping bags by Sea to SummitDryGuy Travel sized boot dryers, Proof sunglasses and Earth friendly Bambu dinnerware.

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